What are Higher Order Thinking Skills?

Higher-Order Thinking skills are above the basic level of thinking skills. They are beyond basic abilities like listening, memorizing, reading, comprehensions, etc.

In simple terms, higher-order thinking is, finding out deeper meaning than basic interpretations. You will explore unique perspectives. You do detailed understandings and deep data analysis.

Higher Order Thinking Skills:

Higher-order thinking skill is about creating original work. We take in several approaches like logical, reflective, cognitive, and creative thinking to determine problems and solutions.

Your critical thinking ability starts with lower-order thinking skills (ability to grasp basics) and gets enhanced with higher-order thinking skills.

We can summarize higher Order thinking in ten steps as:

  1. You observe what is happening?
  2. From your observations, you understand what the problem is.
  3. You figure out further details through questions like why the problem occurred, when it happened, How to categorize this problem, Etc.
  4. You interpret the data.
  5. You break down those data into different categories and ask the “what if” questions.
  6. You will compare the background data.
  7. You will distinguish or subdivide the problems based on patterns and connections. You make your predictions and inferences from all angles.
  8. You evaluate your inferences. You will distinguish what is relevant and what is the ambiguity.
  9. You validate the answers for questions like How to justify this solution, what is other people’s opinion in this, why the solution should be taken, how to prove things right, how to assess the solution, how to defend, etc.
  10. You implement the solution. You will look for unique ways to implement, adopt, and execute the solutions.

Your Higher Order Thinking Skills starts from steps “E to J”.

To Conclude:

Everyone can do a basic level of thinking. What makes critical thinkers stand out is, they implement high order thinking abilities in all their approaches.