Best examples of Creative Thinking

What are some of the best examples of Creative Thinking?

To understand creative thinking better, here are a few examples that will give you interesting ideas.

Example 1 Situation:

What is the social structure of the Mayan Civilization?

Creative Ideas:

  1. You can create or express how the Mayans were the first to bring brew beverages out of cocoa.
  2. You can do role-play enacting Mayan Civilization
  3. You can make a model of the Mayan calendar
  4. Use Mayan words to write assignments
  5. You can use Mayan Numerical System etc.

Example 2: Situation:

Write an assignment about Recent Space Inventions?

Creative Ideas:

  1. Include images of recent science trends and innovations
  2. Include top science minds speeches related to your assignments.
  3. You can make bookmarks/page separators as a ‘print and cut version of science people or science-project figures’.
  4. You can do presentations with more graphic elements and live clips of launching that space invention.
  5. Use reverse-thinking to write assignments differently than the usual format. But make it meaningful.
  6. Add artworks in your assignments

Example 3: Situation:

Creativity in the workplace

Creative ideas:

  1. Maintain a positive workspace.
  2. Add positive elements to your desk
  3. Note down meeting points diagrammatically
  4. Do artworks or drawings to represent your tasks to do.
  5. You can keep motivation flyers stuck in a pinboard.

Example 4: Situation:

To showcase your skills and talents

Creative ideas:

  1. Build a nice Portfolio
  2. Prepare a creative, crisp and minimalistic resume
  3. Develop a blog to showcase your work
  4. You can include testimonials of people whom you have worked
  5. You can develop a viewbook

Example 5 Situation:

How to analyze this problem?

Creative ideas:

  1. Draw doodles to represent problem factors
  2. Develop a mapping system to connect with the problems
  3. Use flowcharts, diagrams, analogies, etc. to represent a problem.


Many things increase our creativity, but it’s hard to put them into habits. So, here are some easy, simple habits which you should in-built in yourself.

• WAKE UP EARLY. Your brain is at its peak level when you wake up early. You get more hours to work when you wake up early. Basically, your health becomes good, and so that your brain starts to work more efficiently.

• BE ACTIVE. According to a Stanford study, your brain becomes more creative after physical activities. Try exercises, dancing, etc.

• EAT HEALTHY. A healthy meal is what you need to keep your brain healthy. A healthy brain is always beneficial for every requirement.

• CELEBRATE. Try to celebrate after every achievement. It gives the reward to your brain so that you increase excitement too. Have some breaks, and try to celebrate for no reason as continuous work can decrease your creativity.


Creativity is a skill and it requires some basic techniques to develop this skill. We have brought some simple techniques for you which will develop your creative skills.

Here are some:

• Do something you love. The things we love lead us to think. The curiosity helps to think something different. The ideas flow through our minds when we do love doing our favorite work. When we do something we love then it seems to be just fun for us.

• Walk. Research of Stanford University had proved that daily walk is a terrible way to increase our creative thinking.

• Find inspiration. Just look that what has attracted you the most in their works. Try to apply it to your work in your style to look at how creative it seems to be.

• Unplug. Sometimes no work can give us many creative ideas than working on it.


Creativity is an act in which we picture the world into our imaginations. It’s about the new ideas that we bring out to the world. Creativity can be seen through any form like singing, writing, drawing, cooking, problem-solving ways and many more. It’s also about bringing an output that has unrealistic connections with the real world. It’s also about looking at the world in a new way.

Creativity is an important aspect of today’s world. It is important in any kind of business and job. Nowadays many corporate sectors are in need of creative people. Even the need for a degree is less than the need of the creative people in the world. It’s on you! Choose to be different and people will recognize you.

It’s been wrongly said that creativity comes from birth. It requires regular practice and high thinking ability to increase your creativity. If you choose to be different and creative; chances are that you can be hired or you can create a new world for you.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis


1. Mind Maps

The key to mind mapping is to take note of every idea that comes up. Generate as many ideas as possible

2. The checklist

there are six universal questions that can be asked:

  • Why?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Who?
  • What?
  • How?

Ask yourself these questions (in some form) every time you create content, and chances are you’ll come up with some pretty interesting answers.

3. Six thinking hats

Each hat represents a different direction of thinking.

White Hat - Facts

Red Hat - Emotions

Black hat: trial, caution

Yellow Hat - Logic

Green Hat - Creativity

Blue Hat - Control

4. Lateral Thinking

We take a step by step approach to finding our answers. De Bono encouraged others to look at their situation differently, to step sideways for a second if you will. This allows people to re-examine their predicament from a much more creative point of view.

5. Random word generation

Simply pick two random words and try and tie your content to it in the most imaginative way possible. Simple as that.
6. Picture Association

If you’re truly stuck for ideas, perform an image search on your topic of choice, pick a random photo. Work backward from the picture, developing a story around how the photo was taken.

7. Change perspective

Try putting yourself in other people's shoes.