15 warning signs you are burned out at work


Burnout is becoming a growing problem in the workplace, costing 15.4 million working days a year and it has even been identified as a medical condition.

Research by HSE said that 23% of full-time employees felt burned out at work all the time – while collectively, this group of burned-out staff is 63% more likely to be off sick.

Accounting is an especially stressful industry and it’s essential to know the early signs of burnout to evade kicking rock bottom. Stress and exhaustion at work impact employees of all ages around the world, and at every level of the career ladder.

Have a look at 15 warning signs

1. Exhaustion

2. Lack of Motivation

3. Frustration, Cynicism and Other Negative Emotions

4. Cognitive Problems

5. Slipping Job Performance

6. Interpersonal Problems at Home and at Work

7. Not Taking Care of Yourself

8. Being Preoccupied With Work ... At the point when You're Not at Work

9. For the most part, Decreased Satisfaction

10. Health Problems

11. You Can’t Get Excited About Work Anymore

12. You’ve Stopped Putting in the Effort

13. You are not performing well

14. You’re Totally Exhausted

15. You’re Dealing With Physical Ailments