What are the causes of Procrastination? 5 Real Reasons

1. “Instant-Gratification Monkey” Concept:

“Instant-Gratification Monkey” is the topper among all other real reasons behind procrastination.

The Concept is “To let go of the future benefits and look for less-rewarding immediate benefit”.

Ex: You prefer to go out with friends instead of finishing your homework. Here, ‘going out’ gives instant gratification, and happiness even though you know completing your homework is beneficial too.

2. Starting Trouble:

Most of us fall under this category. The lack of willpower to the start is the common reason behind people telling “I shall do it later”. The starting trouble can be because of reasons like; to work in an unknown area, if none of the peers have started the work, if there is more time, Self-Doubt, etc.

3. Initial Interest to Disinterest:

Initially, I will begin working enthusiastically. But, somewhere on the journey I become lost. And, I lose interest. You can quote many reasons for it like ‘if my work gets bored’, or ‘they give no proper recognition’, or ‘if I see nothing of value’ etc. This 'Initial Interest to Disinterest' is another real reason behind procrastination we experience.

4. Pressure:

The pressure to perform well, to prove themselves, to give the desired results, to perform under uncomfortable work environment, to adjust with a troubling colleague, poor team, lack of understanding are all some of the examples of external pressure. Eventually, it causes procrastination.

5. Urgent to Highly Urgent:

People know they have important tasks waiting. Still, they procrastinate until the task goes from urgent to some dire emergency. Then, they act fast and complete it. It could be because of over-confidence, ability to work last-minute, etc. There is not much explanation of why people do this, but they do. It’s another actual reason behind procrastination.