What are the productive Habits that change Boys into Men?

1. Fitness:

Fitness, hygiene, healthy foods, active lifestyle should be in your everyday. Men do it but Boys don’t care.

2. Have A Passion:

Pursue it. Don’t leave it.

3. Save Some Money For Yourself:

Save at least 10-20% of the money you make for yourself apart from other commitments.

4. Don’t be Narcissistic:

Nobody likes a self-centered, narcissistic character. It’s not cool as shown in movies or portrayed by heroes.

Real men make people feel important as them.

5. Power Dressing:

Power dressing is not about branded wears. Power dressing is about how you dress sensibly and confidently. Dress confidently. Practice confident body language.

6. Travel. Seek Adventure:

“Great Things are done when men and mountains meet.” – William Blake

Save some money for yourself. Make time to Travel.

7. Friendship:

Men look for friendship that expects nothing in return.

8. Commitment:

Fulfill your commitments by giving your best. It’s all it takes.

9. Don’t Back-Bite:

Don’t bury others so you can grow. These belittling traits will strip you down to a weak boy form a real man.

10. Be Real.

Stay true to yourself. Be yourself.

11. Responsible. Not Reckless:

Be responsible to yourself, to your family/friends, to your surroundings, to your locality, and your country. Don’t be reckless and cause damage to any of the above. Also, recklessness in ‘character’ is the ultimate form of self-sabotage. Being reckless, and not caring, is not “Cool”.

12. Do what you say. Say what you do.

Promise & Trust are two impeccable habits that change a boy to a man.

13. Make people around you happy.

Make people feel safe around you and make people happy.

14. Accept when you are wrong:

Boys pretend and think themselves high all the time.

Men accept their faults no matter who says it.

15. Boys are obsessed with Success.

Men Prefer Content and Happiness.