6rules of success as per as A.P.J Abdul Kalam

One of the great achievers of success, who had several times and situations in life where things went wrong. But nothing could stop him from getting succeed, here are the 6 rule of success of A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

1. Whatever you do, do it with courage, it will help you discover the impossible.

2. Don’t try to be like everybody else, be unique, and that distinctiveness is to be you.

3. Try to be excellent in everything and not accidentally, but have a culture of excellence.

4. Gain knowledge, learn something new every day. Knowledge makes you great.

5. Have a vision, and imagine the outcome. Think something different than the crowd.

Learn how to manage your failure. Accept failure; you are strong, and you can make things better. The problem should not become the captain of the individual’s; life.

Four Most Effective Night Rituals to Be Followed

It sounds very new that how can someone follow night rituals after a very long tiring day but it is true. Every successful person follows it, here are the four effective night rituals to be followed at night.

Stop all your work: Make sure you have your fix time to sleep, but if not it is fine but don’t just sleep whenever you want. Stop everything that tells your subconscious mind you are done.

Have your meal: Never quit your meal at night make sure you eat something before you go to sleep.

Plan for the next day: It is one of the most important things every successful person has in their habit list for the night. So plan your next day’s schedule before you sleep.

Pray and thank: One of the most important things you need to be successful in prayer. A wise person always starts and ends the day with thanksgiving. Thank the almighty for the day and ask for another chance to live before you sleep.

Night Rituals of Every Highly Successful People


We all do so many things throughout our days and just wait for all our works to get completed and rest. The night is a very good gift from God for all the living things on earth.

But do you know that there are rules that we must follow at night as well? To be a successful person in life it is very much important to have particular night rituals as well.

Want to be a successful person in the future, never ever go to sleep with a much-unplanned manner. Make sure your brain gets prepared, it exactly learns that all the works are finished and it’s the time to sleep.

Don’t live things around you untidy and misplaced. Tell your subconscious mind that you are about to sleep in a few minutes or so. You can’t find even a single successful person on earth who doesn’t follow the night rituals.

Most Effective Morning Rituals to Be Followed

Morning rituals mean to get something into your habits that you do every morning. The most important thing a successful people do is wake up early in the morning, thank God for one more opportunity, and start the day.

1.start the day with an exercise: to be successful, you need a healthy lifestyle for that daily exercise is a must. Start your day with the morning exercise. It will keep you whole fresh day long.

2. Read your favorite book: reading a book doesn’t mean just reading it will be beneficial if the book is on self-improvement.it is the most impactful thing in the life of a person, someone who starts his day with a good thought ends up with success.

3. Think you are lucky to have this life: whenever we are awake after a long break of the night, there are several who end up. You are lucky and successful people think of doing something new and unique to be grateful to the lord almighty.

Success comes to those who use their time wisely, so be wise and start your day with the things mentioned above. Every successful people had applied them in their lifestyle, so can you.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

You Are the one To Lead Yourself to Success


Success is always defined by YOU. No one else in this world can tell you what exactly success should mean to your life. You have to decide what you want; then work on it. Don't think before that whether you will get success in your dream or failure. Be confident in what you do. You are the one to decide what you want in your life and go after it and achieve it.

What I meant to say is that be brave enough to go after what you love to do. Take people's advice as much as you can, but don't make-believe someone who gave up on their dreams and tells you that it is unrealistic or you can’t make it happen either.

No one knows you better than you, so never give up just because of a few small failures in life. Learn from them and do not repeat the mistake again in the future. Well if you have a dream, then you can make it come to be an inspiration for many and let people follow you to make their dream come true.

Success & Dreams!

First of all, when you go for your desired goal, you will have to overcome all the obstacles.

You will get to know the things, and then when you reach your goal, millions of other people will be inspired by you, and they will follow their dream the same as you followed.

When people start to follow you, when people will start to listen to you, it means you are one step closer to being successful.

You have to sacrifice and pay the price today with hard work & brave decisions.

The crazy truth in today's generation is that most people are waiting for others to make them successful or for some talent agent to discover them or explode their business. Still, You can't put your dreams in someone else's hands.

Don't expect others to believe in you.

Don't expect your friends to get behind your dreams.

Don't expect your family to support you with what you love. If they do, then that's great, but if they don't, then you can't go back and blame them for your failure.

10 Habit That People should do to be successful.

Are you ready to up-level your personal growth? This is the best time to start. No one is going to tell you that what you should do and what not. If you want to be a success in your life and want to achieve your dreams than you have to start from today.

i) Don’t only learn from the successful stories, Learn from the failure stories.

ii) Don’t Follow the Crowd, follow your way. Do what you love to do.

iii) Chase your vision & Dreams. Success will start chasing you.

iv) Act like you are confident whatever you are doing & can handle everything

v) Be A better listener and try to meet new people every day so that you can get good things from others.

vi) Love the way you are taking care of yourself. Don’t try to copy others.

vii) Be curious and ask questions All the time.

viii) To learn something new, Teach others how to do it.

ix) Always come to school/office at the time.

x) When you are doing something, Use your Smartphone only for calling and nothing else.

Successful people do!


Sharing quality helps people get the name and fame that require them to spread the ideology behind their work. Helping people in need gives them a platform to be seen in society on behalf of the charity and donation function. Unprivileged people give them the large sympathy they need to expand their industry or work. Most successful people open up the orphanage, schools, hospitals, old age homes,etc to make their name become a brand ambassador.

But these all sharing habits develop due to the regular sharing of small things before becoming successful. Regularly we develop it as from our childhood things.

Breaking own limit

You are your record-breaker. Remember you must be focused on the results of the job given to you either you are an employee or student. Chase your dream to overcome the previous outcome of your work. Be persistence about the things you do daily which will tend you to break the challenge of your limit.

Successful people have a habit of being comparing the outcomes of theirs with others. So if you follow these things and implement them in your life you surely going to be a successful person.

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The Most Important Rules of Success

There are rules in everything to be followed, so is it needed to get success. If I am not wrong, every successful person is very strict about following rules. Few essential rules of success, and believe me, nothing on the earth can stop you from being a successful person if you follow these rules.

Improve yourself and keep on moving, this is the first most important rule to follow. Whatever happens in life, whether it is good or bad, don’t get stick to it; keep on moving. Learn from your mistakes and improve yourself next time.

Try adapting things quickly. Someone who knows accepting things as it is and changes things quickly gets successful. No matter where you will have to stay, what kind of people you will be staying with, whatever the situation is, learn to adapt them quickly. You definitely are successful in achieving whatever your goal is.

Be happy in whatever the situation is, the key to success is your smile. Your mindset plays a significant role in your way to success, so be happy in every situation. A person with negativity ends up failing in most cases, so be happy and positive in every situation.

Top Three Rules for Success

Have you ever thought about why this life is given to you? We all have been given this life for a purpose, but what a matter is; how many would even try to be other than what they were born into? Have you heard that it is not our fault if we are born to a poor family, but it matters a lot when we die as a poor So, don’t be someone who dies without success?

The three topmost rules for success:

1. Time matters: Don’t waste your time ever sitting doing nothing. Someone who wants success will always find some work to learn something new from every moment of his life.

2. Keep moving: we’ll have to live in the present and steadily work your way into the future. There are ups and downs in life, but move forward and win over that difficult period. Want to be successful in life for real keep moving towards your goal and make your future bright.

3. Have faith in yourself: We might end up meeting such people who discourage us but have faith. Believe the talents you are blessed with and use them as much as you can.

What is success?

Success is "To laugh often and love much".

Says the first line of the poem written by Ralph Waldo Emerson, a known poet, essayist and philosopher entitled "What is success?" Reading by the line, success then is anyone can have.

True enough, though. If you love someone, without doubt, give your faith to that someone and believes that person with all your heart, would you be able to laugh carefree? Of course, you can and you will, Loving a person wholeheartedly can help you create a sound, harmonious relationship with him or them. It will make you comfortable that laughing often will come naturally.

If you love without limits, you'll be able to find friends easily. Friends you can trust and friends you can laugh hard without worrying about what will they think of you after. If you love without expectations, then you can accept things openly hence be able to resolve conflicts critically.

As long as you can love, you can laugh at every storm cast upon your way. Success then means a life without worry.

Success is being able to overcome life. And after each struggle, you can still love and laugh with all your heart.

Sail through Tough Times!

A good life's also about Tough times. You can't learn, can't see what life is and will never be able to see past your own view unless you are being put in the toughest spot you could ever be. Tough Times will bring in the beautiful blooms in you!

Start Small-Accept: It has happened, take it slow, accept it and please don't resist. The more you make it difficult to accept the situation, the bad it gets to overcome.

Take your Time: Your mind and body need its own time, pace and a sense-of-calmness to overcome distress and tough times. Take your time. Heal slowly. Let it go.

The Burning-Question: In tough times, the one thing that never leaves our mind would be 'Why Me?/What did i do to deserve this'. It hinders optimism. It's not the right approach to move forward especially during your tough period.

Wheels Turn Quick: Life's Wheel turns very quick in a jiffy. Tough times never last forever.

Make Simple Lifestyle Changes: Mind and Body can work wonders even if senses a small change when we're going through some tough time. It can be as simple as a nice walk.

Find Things you love.

Do what you like.

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