Want to stop being average?


1. Pick yourself Up:

Ever wonder what is so special about high performers or successful people around you? The answer is right here. They pick themselves up every time they fall. Staying there is an average trait. When you stand up, dust the troubles off your shoulder and walk, you stop being an average person right there.

2. Don’t be afraid to face life:

There’s a line we all have heard that says ‘You can run but you can’t hide’. It’s true when it comes to life. I hope you agree with me. At some point, you have to face life straight up. Don’t be afraid when it happens.

Don’t let the fear of like take you. Never be afraid to face what life throws at you. By becoming unafraid of life’s challenges, you become an achiever. By that, it means you have stopped being average.

3. Don’t be afraid of Failures:

You get things right after you did it the wrong way. Only after life’s failure, we understand what’s right, what’s true and what’s wrong. So, don’t be afraid of failures.

What we shared via these ten points will help you stop from being average. Remember, being average is not a standard. Being Average is like a mindset that is hindering you from doing what you want in life.

3 Ways How to Stop being Average From Now On


1. Stop finding faults with people:

Finding faults with people will stress you out. If we keep finding faults with people, it only shows a lack of character in ourselves. Genuine mistakes should be pointed out. In the end, it depends on people to take it or not take it. Instead, if we keep looking for faults or blames, we become a very average character here. Let’s be above that.

2. Always put in your best efforts:

Putting the Efforts is where an average person and a successful person differ. A successful person was also an average person first. With constant efforts and the idea to improve themselves, they became who they are now. If you have a meeting, give your best. If faced with troubles, give your best in solving it. If you are into education, give in your best in studying and performing. Day by day enhance yourself. This is how you can stop being average.

3. Enjoy what you Do:

High performers and average performers have a slight difference in just one thing. Best Performers and successful people only do what they like and what they love without any compromises. To put it another way, performers enjoy their work. Every time you do something you love you go a level up with happiness and inspiration.

Let the work you choose gives you positivity. Let all your dreams and goals be something that you love, like and enjoy to do. Ultimately, there’s no place for being average here.

4 Ways to Stop Being Average Now

4 ways to stop being average now.jpg

1. Be an original:

You will never be an average if you are an original. Be yourself. Show people who you are. Instead, don’t fake it. The moment you begin pretending to be someone else, you start looking for approval and validation. It will always make you feel invaluable. It makes you think that being average is bad for life. Avoid becoming someone when you have a beautiful ‘You’. Be original. Nothing beats life than this.

2. Keep trying:

It’s easier said than done and I agree. Life is not a fairytale for everyone. It’s filled with disappointments and failures as well as success and happiness. If failed, don’t worry. Every successful person in life goes through failures first. Take a break. Analyze what went wrong. Keep trying again.

3. Be proud of what you have done so far in life:

It’s not easy to live a happy sunshine-filled life every day. It takes a lot of effort. Same way, your work, studies, business, family, and everything will take efforts from your side. I appreciate all the good things you have done to sustain life so far. This will give a good vibe to move forward. Always, be proud of what you have done so far. If you appreciate your life, you will feel good about yourself and stop being average.

4. Retrospect:

Forget the past but don’t forget the lesson. Same way, retrospect your life to know the good and the bad you have. Yet, don’t stay there. To retrospect yourself in terms of character, your strength, your distractions, work, personal life, and everything is essential. by retrospecting, you stop becoming mediocre. You will see where you have gone wrong if you flip the pages back.

How can I stop being Average?


Being average is not a bad thing. Don’t fall under the so-called ‘perfection standards’ that are being portrayed around us. The comparisons and criteria will hinder your progress in everything. Stop being average when it comes to character.

Be a better person than you were yesterday. Stop being average when it comes to giving your best efforts. Life becomes wonderful when you accept who you are. Measure your life in healthier ways like friendship, helping, and having good people around.

Here are a few ideas that will help you from stop being average in life and get going.

10 things that will help you Stop Being Average

    1. Be an original:

      2. Keep trying:

        3. Be proud of what you have done so far in life:

          4. Stop finding faults with people:

            5. Always put in your best efforts:

              6. Retrospect:

                7. Enjoy what you Do:

                  8. Pick yourself Up:

                    9. Don’t be afraid to face life:

                      10. Don’t be afraid of Failures:

                      "The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

                      Is it good to be average?


                        A successful sportsperson could be a ‘below average’ in studies. A path-breaking scientist could be average or below average regarding other fields of sciences. We can see the success story of many average people becoming successful business magnates. The list goes on.

                        It’s remarkably true that most of the people in this world are pretty average in most of the things in life. That’s the nature of life. In reality, remarkable performers or very poor performers are only around 10-20% of the population. The rest majority is all average people.

                        1.) Being average is good. It gives no lofty expectations, no judgments or looks for validations and approval from around.

                        2.) Most importantly, with no such burdens, one can easily pursue what they like and what they want in life.

                        3.) The thought of knowing everything brings a big ego of sorts. It yields nothing fruitful. There’s no denying it. In reality, not everyone knows everything.

                        On the contrary,

                        4.) If you feel like you are average, you build a mind space where you keep looking for improvements and enhancements. This tendency will grow further upon seeing even a little success on the way. It always ends in progress.

                        Most of all, one important emphasis here is, it’s okay to be mediocre or average. It’s as a result. Let’s take it. Let’s keep working on it. On the contrary, don’t fix ‘average or mediocre or being average’ as a goal for you in life. Life is all about ‘keep moving’ forward and keep improving.

                        The Best Advantage of Being Average: Embracing Mediocrity

                        Explore the benefits of being average and embracing mediocrity. Discover how striving for balance and contentment can lead to greater happiness and fulfillment.


                        It is wrong to conclude that life is only worthy when one becomes great or notable or highly successful. Being average is a great advantage as it opens possibilities for constant improvements in life.

                        1.) People who think themselves as average will keep looking for ways to improve themselves. They even become obsessed with doing better every day and every time. Eventually, this is how ‘up-and-coming’ positive people are made.

                        2.) The person who feels average will not have stress about feeling insufficient and irrelevant.

                        3.) Once you accept that you are average or mediocre, you will be free from the constant pressure to surpass everything.

                        4.) There is no such thing as perfection. Even a highly successful person, could only be exceptional in a few things and not everything.

                        5.) Being average is how reality works. For example: If I constantly wish to be smarter, intelligent, and excellent than people around me, I will always feel like I lack something. I will always have a sense of failure in me. This is not how you live life.

                        6.) Big peer pressure, approval-pressure can be lifted from your mind if you realize that it’s okay to be average.

                        7.) Top Performers will still have a feeling that they are, in fact, average or poor in many other things in life. They will always have the attitude of ‘should do better than before’. Eventually, they begin reviewing themselves and improving themselves. This quality is what makes them successful.