Be a record-breaker


You are your record-breaker. Remember, you must be focused on the results of the job given to you, either you are an employee or student. Chase your dream to overcome the previous outcome of your work. Be focused on the things you do daily, which will tend you to break the challenge of your limit.

Successful people have a habit of being comparing the outcomes of theirs with others. So if you follow these things and implement them in your life, you surely going to hit like a successful person.

Our life-style should be a plan in such a way that we can do whatever we want, which keeps us happy. We have to think of ourselves as well as our family and beloved. Daily habits and tips for adopting for entrepreneurs to win the day! When you will understand the truth that you have to do your work, and you have to follow your dreams, then you can compete with yourself and will be the success full in life.

Fight for your Dream and take the decision today. Just ask one question from yourself:

What you want?



I have asked at least ten students from different levels why they want to succeed in their studies. Most answered that it was the pressing globalization and the kind of working system that strives them to succeed. Gone were the days of compliant and obedient workers, so they must be aggressive to push themselves to advance in knowledge and skills.

So I followed my question with what inspires them to study hard. And here are the six summarized factors that drive them to success.

1. Disposition and Commitment. Pursuing success is like entering a battlefield. You must be ready and committed to surpassing the struggle; hence your motivation must not stop on a single victory or defeat.

2. Perseverance. Don't quit easily. Either you lose now or be victorious forever.

3. Strong willpower. Restrain yourself from distractions and resolve the obstacle with firmness.

4. Engagement. Engage yourself in any active and experiential learning to increase your motivation and focus.

5. Powerhouse. Strive to lead an organization to influence people as you lay the groundwork of your future in leadership. However, manage your time properly as success is achieved after careful planning.

6. Lastly, have faith in yourself. You can. You will.

19 Definitions Of Success

When we start living life according to our Dreams as we want or when we start to follow our dreams and can do anything to reach the goal, it is a success.

1. Success means always giving your Best.

2. Success is properly set a goal and working on it.

3. Success is something when we try to do what we actually want in our life.

4. Success is understanding the difference between our desire and our need.

5. Success is believing you can.

6. Success means remembering to balance the work with passion.

7. Success is taking care of your Dreams and your needs.

8. Success means when we are available for others.

9. Success means knowing your life is filled with confidence and abundance.

10. Success means keep doing what you want.

11. Success means helping others to be succeed

12. Success is overcoming fear.

13. Success means learning something new every day.

14. Success means learning that losing a few battles can help to win a war.

15. Success means loving and being loved.

16. Success is not giving up.

17. Success is celebrating a small victory.

18. Success is the sum of our effort for our Goal.

19. Success is understanding that you can control your Destiny.

6rules of success as per as A.P.J Abdul Kalam

One of the great achievers of success, who had several times and situations in life where things went wrong. But nothing could stop him from getting succeed, here are the 6 rule of success of A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

1. Whatever you do, do it with courage, it will help you discover the impossible.

2. Don’t try to be like everybody else, be unique, and that distinctiveness is to be you.

3. Try to be excellent in everything and not accidentally, but have a culture of excellence.

4. Gain knowledge, learn something new every day. Knowledge makes you great.

5. Have a vision, and imagine the outcome. Think something different than the crowd.

Learn how to manage your failure. Accept failure; you are strong, and you can make things better. The problem should not become the captain of the individual’s; life.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

5 things to learn from the success of A.P.J Abdul Kalam

A.P.J Abdul Kalam the 11th president of India, there’s too much to say about the great man. Full of talents and a big success achiever, here are the 5 things that we can learn from his life to get succeed.

1. Learn how to handle the failure. We feel happy when we succeed over something but get disappointed when we fail. Defeat your problem and succeed. Failure and success are two important parts of life to accept both to get succeed.

2. Knowledge makes you best, keep on learning.

3. Go after your dream, if you can dream you can make it come true. One should not be afraid of the problems, be a fighter and follow your dream.

4. Believe in yourself, you are born unique. You are talented, you can do things that no one else can, always have faith in your ability.

Whatever you do be an inspiration to many. Do things that inspire others to be like you.

Top 10 Rules Followed By the 11th President of India to Get Succeed

Learn how to handle the situation: you can do everything if you learn about handling situations.

Imagine the outcome in your mind to get succeed: if you think good for yourself, good things happen in reality.

Fight to be you: fight for your dream, you can make it.

Trust on yourself: believing in yourself is the greatest stair to success.

Keep learning: learn from everything and everyone you meet.

Be your own teacher: tell yourself you are unique, you are blessed with special talents.

Work with integrity.

Follow your dream: if you can, you will have to change it into reality. Follow your dream in every situation.

Inspire others: do something big that people will follow you by people’s inspiration.

Dare to imagine impossible: people will laugh at you for it, but they will be the first one to praise you when you make it.

What Are The Night Rituals Of The Highly Successful Person?

There are two different parts of the day the morning time and the night time. There are several rituals we follow in the morning when we start our day. Do you know that successful people also follow the night rituals?

Here are the six to-do list of the highly successful people:

1. Wind down: slow down and prepare yourself step by step to sleep. Nowadays most of us watch TV shows or some other social media and suddenly sleeps. Don’t do that, successful people always wind down their mind.

2. Read the book to yourself: read something that you love like some storybooks, biographies, or fiction.

3. Meditation: sit in silence out from everything and every one and relax. Focus on your breath, and nothing else.

4. Recite your affirmation: it is something we say good about ourselves in the morning. Recite it at night before you sleep.

5. Write down the task for your next day: "planning makes a man perfect” yes it is so true. Plan for your next day's schedule before you sleep.

6. Set the alarm and thank God and sleep to wake up on time and start afresh and your new life.

How to start you day to be successful

Meditation and prayers in the morning can make a great difference on your way to success. Starting your day with prayer is one of the best things. Here are the six steps to start your day with:

1. Practice silence: in place of checking out your phone calls and social media in the morning the wise people choose the silence.

2. Affirmation: say something good about yourself, speak to yourself you are unique and you can do everything.

3. Dream and visualize: think about something you really want to be, imagine yourself in that place. Think about your dream as if it comes true.

4. Exercise: it helps your mind and energy to grow, there are so many other scientific benefits of it.

5. Read some self-improving books: read to yourself something that will make you day and encourage you. Read some about some successful people's stories their thoughts etc.

6. Write: write something that you want to do today, set a target of the day. Writing is the best habit all the successful people have, start maintaining a notebook of yours.

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You Are the one To Lead Yourself to Success


Success is always defined by YOU. No one else in this world can tell you what exactly success should mean to your life. You have to decide what you want; then work on it. Don't think before that whether you will get success in your dream or failure. Be confident in what you do. You are the one to decide what you want in your life and go after it and achieve it.

What I meant to say is that be brave enough to go after what you love to do. Take people's advice as much as you can, but don't make-believe someone who gave up on their dreams and tells you that it is unrealistic or you can’t make it happen either.

No one knows you better than you, so never give up just because of a few small failures in life. Learn from them and do not repeat the mistake again in the future. Well if you have a dream, then you can make it come to be an inspiration for many and let people follow you to make their dream come true.

What Is The Exact Meaning Of Success?


There is one or the other thing that we all wants in life and when we don’t get particular things as expected, it leaves us Depressed, Miserable, & Unsuccessful.

Let’s start learning things as per the thinking of successful people. What you have to do is to find out what is it that you exactly want in your life? Start collecting the consequences' that you can achieve.

If you are thinking about how to be successful in life, then start thinking like those successful people learn the purpose of being on this earth? If you don’t know to give yourself a purpose. Set a goal and focus on it, be confident, and dare to fight every situation on the way to your success. Successful people have not achieved things easily; they too had a hard time in life, but they fought for their dream. Be a fighter and become one amongst the successful people.

If you have guts to make those difficult decisions and you don’t let anyone talk you out of it or any obstacle that stops you will get what you want, and you will become successful.

Top Three Rules for Success: Timeless Principles

Discover timeless principles for success encapsulated in the top three rules. Embrace these guidelines to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Have you ever thought about why this life is given to you? We all have been given this life for a purpose, but what a matter is; how many would even try to be other than what they were born into?

Have you heard that it is not our fault if we are born to a poor family, but it matters a lot when we die as a poor So, don’t be someone who dies without success?

The three topmost rules for success:

1. Time matters: Don’t waste your time ever sitting doing nothing. Someone who wants success will always find some work to learn something new from every moment of his life.

2. Keep moving: we’ll have to live in the present and steadily work your way into the future. There are ups and downs in life, but move forward and win over that difficult period. Want to be successful in life for real keep moving towards your goal and make your future bright.

3. Have faith in yourself: We might end up meeting such people who discourage us but have faith. Believe the talents you are blessed with and use them as much as you can.