3 Simple & Efficient Practices to Overcome Procrastination

1. Start by Being Reasonable:

If you are a procrastinator and trying to overcome your procrastination habit, here’s a simple solution to start. “Be reasonable”. When you set reasonable goals, you can easily convince your procrastinating-mind with “It seems easy. We can do it. ”. You will become ready to work on the task. You will definitely “Start” something related to the task. Be reasonable with your expectations.

Set reasonable accomplishments for yourself daily or weekly or for the month. Be Flexible in giving sufficient time to yourself to complete tasks. Don’t push yourself too hard, don’t expect perfectionism, and don’t be strict in getting the results.

2. Know how to get things done:

Two important reasons for our procrastination is:

  • We procrastinate when we don’t know how to get things done.
  • We procrastinate when we don’t have the right resources or the right tools to get things done.

Sort these two pointers and you can overcome procrastination.

For Ex: Imagine you are given a task to complete. But you don’t have the resources, tools, and knowledge to do the task. What will you do? The procrastinating-mind will tell you to postpone. It reasons with you about how there are no resources and it’s impossible to get things done. But the brain will not say, “Hey, start somewhere. Maybe seek help”.

3. Zeigarnik Effect:

The Zeigarnik phenomenon is helping many people in overcoming their procrastination habit. All you have to do is Just Start the work. Even if you procrastinate, The Zeigarnik effect takes place i.e. your mind keeps thinking about the unfinished tasks. It somehow reminds you even if you forget about it. When there is a push inside from your brain, you are likely to finish the task at least to get rid of the constant reminder.