Be the Writer of Your Success Story

#. We all are born simply some of us have a stroke of good luck and we get born into a rich family while some into a poor. But there’s nothing wrong to be born poor it will be wrong if we die poor. So in place of blaming your fate write your success story that the world will be proud of.

#. Our success is in our hands we are the ones responsible for our failure as well. So the decision is ours, be the inspiration to many or die anonymously.

#.If you really want to be thankful to God for the life you have written your success story. Become someone people will remember forever.

#.Be the fighter and fight the struggles in your journey to success.

#.You are born in a rich family that is your luck but give yourself a name that the world remembers through you and not your family.

#. So let’s be the writer of our success and be grateful to the almighty for this life.