2 Important lifestyle habits that will help you clear your mind every morning
  1. What you do the prior night impacts:

Listen to delightful music. Read books. Have Fun-filled, pleasant conversations with family/friends. Play any board games. Listen to good audiobooks. Plan the next day. Or, lie down and be calm till sleep catches you. Sleep on time.

Dim your lights. Some people use to have essential oil diffusers to fill their room with a soothing aroma. This is a good idea to set the room for peaceful sleep too.

Pleasant positive things will give a night of good sleep. You need good Sleep to clear your mind every morning.

Don’t go to bed with fights, negative/heavy thoughts, fear, anger, etc. Avoid late-night movie watching often.

Don’t go to bed with a feeling of ‘incompleteness’ or ‘I didn't achieve it today’. You have the next day as a fresh start.

How you spend the last hours before you got to sleep, and how quality your sleep was will help you clear the mind and have a fresh, energetic start.

2. Sit in Peace as soon as you wake up:

As soon as you wake up, sit peacefully and silently (with no thoughts. Don’t speak too) in some place or in your bed itself. You can close your eyes too.

Sitting in peace will help you settle your emotions. It calms your mind which will start thinking about ‘I have so much to do today. I have this and that’ as soon as you wake up. This silence clears your mind.

To sit peacefully for a few minutes is important for your body to align itself after hours of inactiveness.

Try this. After some time, you can start doing your routines.

The silence is like a reboot for your mind to clear itself with yesterday’s wear and tear and prepare for the new day.