“Do not be discouraged by the distance you still have to travel. Instead, appreciate how many ‘life miles’ you have already covered. Your struggles have changed you into a stronger and better person. Don’t let anyone dissuade you from blooming into the person you are meant to be. Keep Walking.”
- Dodinsky, Author, In the Garden of Thoughts.

Probably heard this a lot, but here it is one more time. “Life is a Journey”. There’s no destination but a constant journey. You know what makes the journey interesting? To look back and see the distance we traveled so far.

Life’s interesting part is in looking back. It’s Retrospection.

Life can seem a little off when you worry about how much distance you still have to travel.

Where I am now, is because of all the good and bad that I have crossed and handled in life.

Handle every hurdle that life throws and bask in every flower shower that life gives us. That is how you take life. Only then, you can happily go forward.

If I am worried about how far I should go, I become demotivated or I may quit. But, if I look back and see the life miles I have covered so far, I get the confidence to still keep going.

When life gives you trouble, it means you are getting stronger day by day. You are becoming a better person every day. Keep going. Let’s not be discouraged by what life holds.

Instead, let’s look back. See how we have traveled so many life miles till date with hope, confidence, and faith.

“Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.”
~ Denis Waitley


We all have heard about ‘Time and tide waits for none’. Same way, health doesn’t wait for none. If you don’t tend to it, it will not wait until you do it.

We chase life at the cost of health. The time we sit back and In retrospect, we could have already done enough damage to it.

Remember that there is a success by compromising your health and happiness. People consider health as something you have to ‘do’ like a routine in life. It’s not. Taking care of your health is a way of life.

Being healthy is the best way of seeing how life thrives and nourishes within us. Healthy living is a way of leading a happy life. The healthier you are, the stronger you become, enduring physical and mental challenges in life.

Appreciate health in the right moment. Start taking care of your health as early as possible. Start working on improving your physical and mental health. Have a healthy lifestyle that nourishes your mind, body and soul. By the time we sit back at age, let’s not think ‘I should have taken care of my health more’.

Time is another important life entity that we lose often and wish for more of it. If you have unfinished things, finish it today. Don’t wait for perfect timing. Don’t waste time.

An interesting thing is, we save money for the future. We cannot do the same with time. Spend it today, without wasting it. Time lost is Lost.

Spend time wisely. Start taking care of your health.


Find many ways to say that you care. Saying, “I love you,” is a common expression of appreciation and caring.

Confide in the other person. Showing someone your appreciation for them sometimes comes in the form of trusting them.

Be empathetic.

Accept them as they are.

Show gratitude.

Compliment them.

To help you with your gratitude journey, here are 8 ways to have more gratitude in your daily life.
  1. Don't be picky: appreciate everything.
  2. Find gratitude in your challenges.
  3. Practice mindfulness.
  4. Keep a gratitude journal.
  5. Volunteer.
  6. Express yourself.
  7. Spend time with loved ones.
  8. Improve your happiness in other areas of your life.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

Here are 8 ways to appreciate what you have right now:
  1. Keep a journal and write down what you are grateful for daily.
  2. Be present and live in the moment.
  3. Stop comparing yourself to others.
  4. Volunteer.
  5. Practice self-acceptance and compassion.
  6. Express your feelings.
  7. Spend time with loved ones.
  8. Practice self-care daily.