Top 10 Rules Followed By the 11th President of India to Get Succeed

Learn how to handle the situation: you can do everything if you learn about handling situations.

Imagine the outcome in your mind to get succeed: if you think good for yourself, good things happen in reality.

Fight to be you: fight for your dream, you can make it.

Trust on yourself: believing in yourself is the greatest stair to success.

Keep learning: learn from everything and everyone you meet.

Be your own teacher: tell yourself you are unique, you are blessed with special talents.

Work with integrity.

Follow your dream: if you can, you will have to change it into reality. Follow your dream in every situation.

Inspire others: do something big that people will follow you by people’s inspiration.

Dare to imagine impossible: people will laugh at you for it, but they will be the first one to praise you when you make it.