Why do I deviate from my goals? 9 Prominent Reasons

1. Lack of Motivation:

When your goals don’t motivate you or interests you, you no longer actively pursue it. Eventually, you deviate from it.

2. No Goals/Vague Goals:

Setting specific and clear goals is important. Having vague goals will make you deviate.

3. Achievable. Not Fantasized.

A goal should not always be in the dream stage. It should go to the actionable stage. For that, you need to set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals. Set true goals and not fantasized about goals.

4. Do you have too many goals set?

Having too many goals will make you overwhelmed. By thinking about the efforts you need to give you start to deviate from the goals. Stop multitasking and goal-hopping. Set a goal. Work for it. Accomplish it. Move on to the next.

5. Expecting efforts from others:

Don’t expect people and surroundings to fix the problem of your goals. And, don’t blame if something goes wrong. This attitude makes you want to deviate from your goals.

It’s is your goal. Take responsibility.

6. Impress others:

Do you set goals to please people around you or impress others? You will end up deviating from those goals easily. Set goals for yourself and your needs.

7. Easily Distracted?

If you get easily distracted by even little things, the chances of deviating from your goals are high. Make sure, you train yourself to overcome distractions.

8. Short-Wins:

People expect quick wins and short-wins without having to put effort and wait patiently. If those wins don’t happen, they quickly deviate from heir goals. Achieving goals takes time, effort, and patience.

9. Fear to handle obstacles:

Fear to face failures, obstacle, and criticisms is one of the principal reasons people deviate from their goals.


What do you mean by success? Mostly it's being said that owning a major amount of money is a success but its absolutely wrong! Success is all about YOU. Yes! It's you.

How? Simple, having a peaceful life is called success. Watching a series with the love of your life and a beautiful kid along with some food is heaven.

Many rich people have a massive amount of money, but they are depressed. And the reason is numerous like having no time for their loved ones and many more.

Now, what comes with a perfect life? Simple, just have a dream and work for it. Have some plans and complete them one by one, but the goal should be a peaceful life with the loved ones around us all the time.

We should dream big, but we should manage our time with our favorite people as well.

I personally believe in working hard and having a well-settled life, and I am sure you too. But I also believe that initially, we have to focus on the works too and have some quality time with our loved ones.

Success can depend on

1. Goals

2. Healthy relationships

3. Peaceful mind.

4. Positive attitude.

5. Passion.



From so many days, you might be following a particular routine. By introducing a change (setting goals), you need to amend your routine in certain areas. Many people don’t want to change their routine and are hence stuck there forever.


The environment also plays a crucial role in goal setting. The aspects present around your house the roommates and friends. They may be stopping you from achieving your goals by dragging you to your older lifestyle.


This is the habit of delaying things, and all human beings are born with it. You ignore important things and always postpone specific tasks.

4.) FEAR

Many people have a fear of failure, fear of the unknown. They keep thinking, “Will I be able to achieve this?” Set aside these fears as this proves an obstacle in setting and achieving your goals.


No human is born with the ability to do everything on its own. We all require support at some point in time. If you cannot rely on people or bosses, seek help in some other way. Refer to books, the Internet, etc. But make sure to achieve what you started in the first place.