How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills?

1. Overlook your “I Know everything” Attitude:

If you want to develop critical thinking skills, come out of “I know everything" attitude. What we know is just a drop from the ocean. If you develop the attitude of “There is so much to learn”, you become successful.

Critical thinkers keep learning.

2. Let go of “I am always right” attitude:

Be open-minded. Listen to what others have to say. Being right is not always possible. We are prone to misjudgments and mistakes. Accept it.

The attitude of 'I am right' is like a keyhole. Critical thinking skill develops when you stop looking at the world through this keyhole.

3. Be good at asking questions:

Critical thinking develops from reasoning. This reasoning comes from asking questions. You have to ask questions to understand the problem to deliver a suitable solution.

Conclude nothing easily.

Ask questions.

Check for the credibility of your answers.

Interpret them.

And finally, conclude.

4. Practice Emotional Intelligence:

Be positive in your communications.

Show empathy.

Be confident.

Develop interpersonal skills.

Self-regulate with positive attitudes and healthy routines daily.

Stay humble.

Give space for others.

To develop critical thinking skills, first, enhance your inner-self. Learn to manage your emotions.

Become emotionally intelligent.

5. Let go of Personal Bias:

Critical thinkers will not use personal bias to approach any problems or situations. They will steer clear of personal emotions and favoritisms. They will base their decisions on what is right.

Being unbiased boosts your logical and critical thinking skills.

6. Be functional:

Critical thinkers are functional people and not dramatic people.

They focus on what is being done.

7. Observe. Listen.

Don’t look at the surface alone because cognitive biases can mislead us. Observe and interpret thoroughly.

Observing, learning, and listening are significant to develop your critical thinking skills.