7 characteristics of an effective communication


1. Comprehensiveness: good communication makes sense through a complete message.

2. Contemplation: must be done respectfully, without hurting someone’s respect.

3. Awareness: must be able to convey the exact and to the point thought from you to others. You are prepared and is aware of what to talk about.

4. Solidity: is good enough that the other must feel like they are watching something and not listening.

5. Politeness: effective communication must be polite enough, allow others to put their point of view in between and if required let the other talk first and wait for your chance.

6. Unambiguousness: talk loud and clear avoid incoherently. Your words and thought must be cleared or you might be misunderstood for being confused.

7. Accuracy: it is required, or it can create misunderstanding. Like you want to say something but because you used an incorrect word the whole meaning changes. Using the correct word is a very important characteristic of effective communication.