1. In order to be a good public speaker, you must have a good personality and good stage manners. It is very much important that you must have a good stage manner together with a good communication manner.

2. Have a good control of your voice, as we all know it quite well that voice makes it possible to speak in the public. If you are feared, don’t let that fear come out in your voice tone.

3. Watch your body language to be a good public speaker; you must have good body language. It will look weird if you keep on moving your hand or legs for no reason. Be relaxed and try behaving normally.

4. Most of the time, we get nervous in public, but don’t let it be seen by your behavior. Avoid being nervous outside and be confident even if you are stage frighten.

5. In order to be a good public speaker, the best communication skill is to be able to build a good relationship with the audience. Unless you are not able to gain their attention, you are not a good public speaker. To improve that, it is important to have this skill.

Importance of 5Ws in communication .png

Communication is breaths of our lives. There are many ways to communicate with each other. A large part of our lives we spend communicating. Our every dream, every choice, and every decision have associated with the communication. Also, a major part of our problems is an outcome of the miscommunication we are part of.

There are 5W’s of communication. These can make every novice person an expert in communication.

The 5W’s are-


2. WHY




Every potential effective communication needs the base of these basic elements. You need to practice to get used to these elements.