As a student study and acknowledging more learnings should be our top priority. But some more things should be given priority than a study by the students. Here are the top 5 most important priorities in a student’s life.

# Their physics: yes it is very important that the student has a good physics to concentrate much better.

# Their surroundings: every human being is the same by physical look but has different mentality ad so it is very important that the students get good surroundings. It can be the family as well as friends, student means in the learning process so a good surrounding is a must.

# Their needs: there is a difference between needs and wants so priority must be the students’ needs and not what they want.

# Books: our generation is quite developed, students spend their time on social media and Television. But for the student book must be their first priority, Books help you in a lot of ways and they are countless.