Some Innovative Ideas in Time Management

The term Time Management is a misnomer. You cannot manage time; you manage the events in your life about time. You may often wish for more time, but each day you only have 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, or 86,400 seconds.

Using that time depends on skills learned through self-analysis, planning, evaluation, and self-control.

Now let's have a look at some innovative ideas that people are using for their development.

Once, there was a king. One day, he thought of experimenting on these people. So, he put a massive rock in the middle of the road, and hide nearby to see, what people do seeing the stone on the road.

After waiting for some time, he sees some wealthy merchants passing by. They walk by the rock, blaming the king that is not doing his duties. Then after some time, a peasant goes by the same way.

He had some heavy stuff over his head. Seeing the rock in the middle of the road, he stopped and tried to move the rock sideways.

It takes some time for him to clear the road, but he does it and goes back to his work. The next day, the same thing happens, but this time, there was a change.

He saw a sag filled with gold coins with a letter saying, "It is the reward for your work you did yesterday." It was the king who placed the sag for his work.

The Morel: Don't complain about things. Take action to make a change. You have the strength to challenge situations that look tough. So, go ahead, and challenge the challenging situation. Also, karma comes back. So, if your karma is good, you will get a good reward and vice versa.

Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds. Orison Swett Marden


    ● Vegan foods and recipes avoid processed foods, processed sugars, too much oil, fries, and high-fat food items.

      ● Vegan diets are naturally high in fiber, low in calories, and low in fat.

        ● Certain restrictive nature of the vegan diet also contributes to reducing weight.

          A 2016 Harvard University Study “vegetarian diets and Weight Reduction” by Ru-Yi Huang et al. concluded that Vegan/vegetarian dieters lose more weight than non-vegetarians after 18 weeks of monitoring.

          When you have many friends, it could be difficult for you to find real friends and fake friends among them. At the same time, you need to do that. So that you can save yourself before your fake friends harm you most. Find the list given below and try to filter counterfeit friends and real friends.

          ● Fake friends will always contact you when they need you and will get disappear when you need them.

          ● Fake friends will always talk behind your back, whereas real friends will scold you when you are wrong and praise you when you are right. And they will never talk behind your back.

          ● Fake friends will always pull you back, whereas real friends will always support you to do something great that you are happy to do.

          ● A fake friend will not like you the way you are and get irritated with your dorky personality. Whereas real friends will accept you with your flaws, they won't stop you from being real.

          ● Fake friends will go away from any of the silly things and cut from you, whereas real friends know how to forgive you and always stand by you, even if you are wrong in condition to support you. The state also depends. A real friend will not let you do anything wrong.

          ● A fake friend will always leave you in midway. At the same time, a real friend will always be there for you in your wrong conditions. They might fight with you later on, but they will always be present for you when you need them.

          ● A fake friend will always motivate you, whereas a real friend will always motivate you to explore your interest. They won't leave you suggesting anything that you should do. But they will take care of that you are happy with your chore.

          "The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis


          Do Good Planning

          Good planning demands time. On the contrary, making appropriate plans in a short time-frame is a skill needed nowadays. You need to develop good planning skills to resolve quick tasks as well as big tasks. It comes with managing your time.

          Execute it

          Once you are done planning, execute it. Executing a plan has multiple factors corresponding to it. Understand the time every stage of execution takes. Manage the time well through planning, scheduling, and deciding. By doing so, you can easily get the results.

          To-do list or Checklist

          It depends upon individual preferences. Preparing a check-list or to-do list of all your tasks, priorities, and important works will help you. It lets you keep track of things.

          Meeting Deadlines

          It’s an important skill associated with Time-Management. Meeting your deadline brings more credibility to you. In order to achieve it, you need good planning. Utilizing time efficiently is important here.

          ikigai chart.jpeg

          Ikigai which literally means ‘a reason for being’, is a popular Japanese technique that focuses on your life choices & helps you discover your true potential.

          In today’s world, where you have to make thousands of decisions per minute, it’s impossible to excel every time at it. Talking about career choices - the pressure of doing something meaningful in your life makes the process more stressful. Sometimes, even after choosing one career in your life, you realize it’s not what you love! Hence, to avoid such an existential crisis and to find something that is your TRUE PASSION, the Ikigai diagram proves to be a real-life savior.

          Ikigai divides your Career Choices into 4 basic fundamental questions. You must ask yourself these questions, especially before choosing your career. Let’s start-

          1. What do you LOVE?

          2. What you are GOOD AT?

          3. What can you be PAID FOR?

          4. What the WORLD NEEDS that You can provide?

          Do you know the answers? Hurray! You are already on the rath path; let’s make it more clear. As ‘more Clarity’ means ‘more Excellence.’ So, these questions help you differentiate between passion, mission, profession & vocation of your life. As the circles indicate

          If you LOVE to do something and You’re GOOD AT it too, then it’s your PASSION.

          If you are GOOD AT something and You also get PAID FOR it, then it’s perfect for your PROFESSION.

          If you LOVE to do something and the WORLD NEEDS it too, then it’s your MISSION of life.

          If the WORLD NEEDS something and you also get PAID FOR it, then Viola! You found your VOCATION.

          The real culmination of all these choices lies in the center that signifies your existential purpose in life.

          How character differs from personality?

          The character and personality of a person do seem to be so related to each other. They both play a great role in identifying a person. How a person behaves? How useful he is for society? Is he a good person or a bad person?

          To answer these questions, we notice the character and personality of a person. Yet these both seem to be one in a broader way, but when we study deeper, then we find that they are quite different from each other.

          So, let's know in this post that what are the main differences between them both.

          1. Personality:

          It is the overall setup of our dressing sense, way of talking, attitude, and how we behave in a particular situation.

          • When you go to an interview, the interviewer judges your personality to know about you more.

          • It is that what people know about. It can be their prediction about you by noticing your style, dressing, and general information about you.

          • It is a set of general qualities a person has. These qualities are about behavior and attitude towards life.

          • It is the behavior you show off to other people. People can learn to improve and develop their personalities.

          • It keeps on changing with time and situation.

          • It is about his public appearance. Its focus is on the outer world.

          • It is a way of telling society about yourself.

          Six most common characteristics of life

          This earth has living things and nonliving things. Living things have life and show some characteristics which differ them from non-living things. Yet, there are many traits of living things that are different from non-living things. But we will know about the six most common traits of life as follows:

          It knows how to adapt:

          Whatever having a life is considered as living things. And living things know how to survive in the conditions of the earth. Living things know very well that by doing the change in their habits and habitat, they can easily live in eat. They can change their bodies, eating habits, living places, and much more with time.

          "By nature, we tend to speak our own language. Whatever makes us feel loved is what we do for the other person. But if it is not his/her language, it will not mean to them what it means to us". - Gary Chapman, Things I wish I knew before I got married

          Fight for fitness!

          Health and fitness are very important for a happy and successful life. You can relate to this that we can live life to its fullest only if we are fit.


          Being fit will help you in:

          1. Reducing the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.

          2. Lowers the risk of developing hypertension.

          3. Decrease the chance of getting Diabetes type 2.

          4. Strengthen your bones and make you strong.

          5. Lowers the cholesterol levels in your body and, most importantly, makes you feel better!

          HOW TO REMAIN FIT?

          ✒️ Regular physical activity.

          ✒️ Healthy food.

          ✒️ A positive state of mind.

          ✒️ Adequate sleep.

          ✒️ Quit smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc.

          3 WAYS TO GET FIT LIFE

          ⭕ 10 mins of the walk while you are busy talking with your beloved ones on the cell phone.

          ⭕ Have fruits and veggies in the breakfast instead of having junk *burger* and all.

          ⭕ Remember the pleasant moments of your life that will make you feel good and happy. (Believe me, this step is the most important ?)


          1. Too much junk food habit.

          2. Sedentary lifestyle.

          3. Mental stress in the race of coming first.

          4. Addictions under the name of swag in the society.



          ❤️ Being fit is being happy!

          It's not easy to get a healthy life in today's environment but let's take this challenge and make a promise to follow the path of a healthy lifestyle.

          So, are you ready to accept this challenge?


          The MBTI, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator have suggested that there are 16 personalities. These personalities differ from each other. However, the ENFP personality type is the so-called The Champion of all personalities, no matter how common it is. ENFP is regarded as Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

          Personality tests can bring you a handful of insights into who you are and how others perceive you. And to know which personality are you may even help you in your daily life.

          If you are an ENFP personality, you are often described as enthusiastic, charismatic, and creative. You are charming, energetic, and independent. You give your best effort in situations where you have the utmost freedom to be creative and innovative. However, you tend to overthink and stress easily.

          Below are 5 ways to know if you are an ENFP personality;

          #1 You have excellent people skills. You genuinely care about others, and you are a joy to be around with. Given your charisma, zeal, and creativity, you also make a great leader. Moreover, you understand other people's feelings better.

          #2 If you are an ENFP, you dislike routine and prefer to focus on the future. Generating new ideas is your forte, though sometimes you tend to put off important tasks until the last minute. Your common problem would be dreaming up ideas but often not completing them or achieving them.

          #3 You get easily distracted, especially when you are working on something less interesting.

          #4 Your types are flexible and have their options open for more. Your strength is adaptability to change. You dislike disorganization and procrastination.

          #5 You tend to “think out loud” while working through a problem. You organize your thoughts and all the information to create an easy path for a better solution.


          Personalities are what form us as a person and what sets us apart from other individuals. In late 1976, cardiologists Friedman and Rosenman discovered Type A personality behavior by mere accident after realizing that their waiting-room chairs were in a much-needed help.

          When the chairs were being handled by an upholsterer, he could not help but notice that the chairs were worn out unusually. Most patients wait patiently, but the cardiac patients always seemed unable to sit calmly and tended to worn out the chairs' arms. The cardiologists discarded this matter at that time, only to begin their formal research five years later.

          Originally, Friedman and Rosenman called it ‘Type A personality’, it is now regarded as a set of behavioral responses known as Type A Behavior Pattern.

          Type A Behavior Pattern:

          #1 Competitiveness:

          Individuals with type, A personality is known to be competitive and self-critical. They tend to feel unaccomplished and lack a sense of joy in their efforts to strive towards their goals. Type A individuals are tense, angry, and easily overreact. It is believed that they also tend to have high blood pressure.

          #2 Hostility:

          Type A individuals are easy culprits of anger or hostility, which may or may not be expressed overtly. These individuals see the flaws in others; they tend to display anger, envy, and lack compassion. This behavior, when expressed openly, tends to progress into bullying. Hostility is believed to be the main factor linked to heart disease.

          #3 Time Urgency:

          This type of personality has a constant sense of urgency. Type A Individuals always tend to seem to be in a constant struggle against the clock. Type A personalities are impatient, they schedule commitments too tightly, and tend to take up more than one thing at a time.

          Gratitude Journal - what it is?

          Gratitude Journal keeps the records of all the good things happening around you, and you are grateful for it. It is like making a day worth living for. A gratitude journal can be a diary, notebook, or collection of pieces of paper. You can start by writing down the things you are thankful for. By daily writing down the entries, one inculcates the habit of gratitude. It helps in looking for a positive side rather than thinking about negative thoughts. It also helps you to change your view towards life.

          This is simple and easy to make.
          There is no hard and fast rule on how to make it. It depends on you how you write and whatever language you used. But it should be readable to you. Whenever you are feeling down, you can flip the pages and remember your good time.

          Write on a daily basis.
          Once you start writing the entries on a daily basis, you started to feel positive changes in your life. You feel excited every day and looks for all the good thing happening in your life.

          Good habit.
          Gratitude Journal is one of those good habits that give you long-term benefits. You started to feel what you have rather than what you want.

          Examples of entries.
          It could be any good thing such as any achievement you make during the day, whether big or small, any good person you met, any new thing you have seen, any help you get, etc.

          Verbal communication is essential in order to understand what is going on inside other people. If they do not tell us their thoughts, their feelings, and their experiences, we are left to guess. - Dr. Gary Chapman, Now You're Speaking My Language

          Must love yourself

          Love has potential that affect the state of mind, heart, and working of the body. It is an awesome emotion if you live it to the fullest. Love creates versatility inside us to move on. It makes us strong from the inside and helps us to face any situation. If you love yourself, it gives you the power to stand still in the hardest of time.

          The question is, Do we love ourselves enough ? or Are we waiting for someone to hold our hand and carry on the path of love? Or If someone special is not anymore part of our life, do we stop to live and love ourselves. But why? We must love ourselves genuinely the way we are.

          Some tips to love yourself :

          1) Think about yourself first – No, I am not advising you to become selfish. But if you love yourself and can save yourself that way, you can love others and save others.

          2) Take care of your body – Don't pressurize your body in any situation. Enjoy your healthy food. It charges you with positivity.

          3) Stand in the fresh air at least for 10 minutes in a day.

          4) Endless thinking didn't give you anything. Communicate with anyone or with yourself. One right way is to write your thought in the diary.

          5) Make books, music, art, or any sport your part of life. They will help in changing the mindset you are going through.

          6) Try not to use the 'I' word ten-day in a row.

          7) Sleep like nobody is watching.

          8) Smile

          God has made you with love. If you have a problem the way you are, how can you expect others not to take you for granted? Keep in mind, Give love and time to yourself.

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