10 main symptoms of mind clutter

10 main symptoms of mind clutter


Mind clutter is when your mind is occupied with too many unwanted thoughts. Clutter in the mind weakens your positive attitude making it difficult to process useful instructions. Mental clutter has to be curbed down from time to time. Else, this will result in impacting your overall well-being, causing you to distract from your path to progress.

Refer below for a list of 10 main symptoms to assess if your mind is cluttered.

  1. You feel depressed and demotivated.

You may be doing some job but you may actually be doing it passively. You feel inferior and worthless in working out the task. Because of too many thoughts in your mind, your motivation levels tumble down substantially. At the end of the day, you fail to deliver results as needed.

  1. You lose your focus in giving attention to detail.

With so many undesirable and uninvited thoughts in mind, you tend to lose the complete attention to need to pay. You may be delivering outcomes, but they do not necessarily align with the desired outcomes. Perhaps you fail to pay a keen interest in petty things because of your focus elsewhere.

  1. You feel tired, low on energy levels, and exhausted.

Annoying thoughts flashing in your mind make you feel drained out. You feel having worn out without even picking to do the job in the first place. When your mind loiters unwarrantedly, it takes control over all your mental and physical energies that you have. You feel low on energy even if picking to do the most interesting job you wish to.

  1. Inability to exhibit innovative and creative skills.

A disturbed state of mind can certainly not give birth to creativity in you. You fail to showcase your innovations and new ideas, primarily because your mind is out of your control. You feel that if you can just do your job, it should suffice. You don’t even bother to give your best or come up with new ideas for improvement, with clutter parked in your mind.

  1. Doing things that are really not important.

You have too many things to do on your priority list. But you are hanging on with the least important for quite a length of time. Even the simplest task looks complex to you because your mind is not allowing you to think and deliver the job.

  1. You fail to make the right decisions at the right time.

With a chaotic set of thoughts hovering on in your mind, your mind tends to consider things from negative perspectives. Even if you are in a situation where you have to act instantaneously and that is significantly important for you, having all this in your head, you fail to take decisions the right way. You just let things pass by. You fail to invite your positive mindset without your senses under your control.

  1. Overthinking for no cause.

As it is, your mind is spinning between various thoughts. You even add your consciousness to spice it up even more. You begin to think beyond your saturation levels, putting yourself unto deep trouble and resulting in cornering yourselves with health concerns.

  1. You remain clueless in your journey.

You might have a fixed goal and also ready with a structured action plan in place, but you fail to take your path, just because you are allowing your mind to travel miles away from the designated path. You realize that you are quite far from your destined path. You even push yourselves into a clueless trap failing to help yourself understand as to where you are heading towards.

  1. You feel under extreme pressure and stress.

Even the simplest and the easiest task sets high levels of stress and strain just because you are not willfully arresting your floating thoughts. You eventually tend to bother your own mental space also causing a shadow effect on your physical abilities.

  1. You lack the clarity in thought.

You just keep doing something, without knowing exactly what and why you are doing that for. You may be skilled and yet you work as if you were a scapegoat in that subject. You lack total focus and clarity in what you think, what you say, and how you react.

To summarize, the clutter in your mind controls your actions and reactions. Therefore it is really important that when you experience such triggers, you have to try the best possible to either delete the clutter or replace it with a positive mindset. Doing so protects you from any endangers that you might have to face resulting in effecting your space along with your surroundings. You finally end up refraining to enjoy your own life for no cause.

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