The Hidden Secret of Success: Surround Yourself With Good People

The Hidden Secret of Success: Surround Yourself With Good People


We always categories humans in two common categories, viz., good people and bad people.

I will not be wrong if I say, people often want others to be good people, but they don't work on themselves. It's bitter but true. Everyone wants to be good. Either, they think they are good enough to be called a good human being. But, what a reasonable person mean? When can you contact someone if they are good or bad?

If you see great people suggesting about the success, they will indeed say, surround yourself with good people. They are the reason why you can get hit. But, how can someone help you get your success? Especially when no one has time to think about others over themselves.

Why are good people called good people? What are the traits that make them suitable and differ from others? Who are the good people for you? How should you find them? And so on.

I know, like this, many of the questions might be jumping around your head. And you want an answer for this. So, take a tour of the article and get an answer to each of your questions.

How do you define good people?

You might have an idea about a good person for you. Right?

Well, if it comes to defining a good person, I would say it is someone, which is kind, helpful, unselfish, honest, caring, giver, etc.,

A reasonable person is filled with qualities that a wrong person can not even digest. You will feel cheerful, full of energy, enthusiastic, happy when a good person is with you.

A reasonable person will always help you to get what you want. They will never be misguided you. Instead, they will suggest to you the ways come out of your problem.

I would define good people based on the intentions of a person. For me, if someone is doing something wrong, but their intentions are good, they are good people. Conversely, if someone is doing a good chore like the donations, but their intentions are not pure, they are not good people.

For a good person, every other person will also be good. They have the quality of forgiving others. But yes, one thing that a reasonable person can not deal with is, someone can take advantage of their goodness easily. And, they won't even realize the fact that someone is using them for their benefit.

A reasonable person trusts others easily. And thus, they get easily hurt by others. Because everyone can't keep their promises. But for a good person, trust is everything. You can not define a good person with a single statement. It is impossible to do. Good people have many traits that make them suitable.

The one, who is always ready to help others, whose intentions are good, who can't see someone in trouble, who is always prepared to offer a helping hand to the needy, is not doubtful; they are a good person.

Why Surround yourself with good people?

Good people are like magic in your life. You will not realize their magic at the moment right before you see it. But, good people have the strength to change your life.

Just like, when you surround yourself with negative people, and they destroy your life, the good or positive person can make a drastic change in your life, and you will find yourself in a better position where you never thought before. A reasonable person gives you an optimistic outlook on life. And you will start looking towards your life, happily.

Good people are the blessings that you have in your life. They are not with you because they have any benefit from you. But they are with you to benefit you. And once you realize this, you will start to value the importance of good people in your life.

Instead of these, have a look at the benefits that a reasonable person offers you.

They inspire you.

Good people will always inspire you in every situation when you feel broken. When you find inspiration in your life, you automatically start working on getting your goal. Everyone has desires, but the energy they have around themselves decides their efforts and success.

If you have people who always demotivate you about your passion, you won't be able to focus on your work entirely. Whereas, if someone is always there for you who inspires you, you have a source of your energy.

They transfer positivity in you.

Good people are always filled with positive energy. Have you ever felt that, when you are with a group who are always happy and with smiling faces, you get a smile on your face too?

On the other hand, when you have negative people around you, upset, frustrated, you also get into their list. Just like, the negative people affect you, the positive people also give you good vibes that benefit you in every way that you may not even think. In a positive environment, you only get to absorb positivity and happiness.

Positive people are grateful.

Good people are always grateful. They are thankful for you, what they have, what they don't, and so on things. You will see happy people never complains about what they don't have. Instead, they find something good behind that void in their life.

Good people are always grateful to you for whatever you did for them. Even if you did a huge favor on evil people, they would never bother to appreciate your efforts, which breaks your heart.

They support you.

In today's selfish world, no one wants to support others but to pull others away from their success. It is the identity of the wrong person. Whereas, if you have someone who always supports you towards your goal, which helps you to step ahead, doesn't scare you from anything, and keeps you chasing your dream, you have a very good person in your life, who is always there to help you.

They admire you.

Fake people or harmful or destructive people can not see others getting admired. Even they can't admire anyone, even if their victory is visible. Good people have the heart to respect you that you deserve quickly.

When you get respected, you get fuel from it to work better than now for the next time. Instead, I believe admiration is sometimes essential to get success. And good people know it very well. And thus, they don't hesitate if they want to admire someone.

They get happy in your success.

A reasonable person will always get happy with your success. They will celebrate your success. Negative people only want themselves to be happy and prosperous. They can't see others getting happy and successful.

When they see something like this, they impart powerful negative energy. They only predict to be pleased with you. But in reality, they are never satisfied for you.

They suggest you.

Suggestions are essential for all of us. We can't think from a different point of view than others can. Everyone has a distinct way of thinking. If you ask for something from the wrong person, they will indeed suggest you. But it will go entirely against what you should do. And, on the other hand, a reasonable person will think and mean what you should do in reality to move on from the trouble and get your success.

They stand by you.

You will find good people always stand by you. They will never leave you midway and went alone. They believe in walking together. And get something together. You won't find yourself alone in any of the circumstances when you have good people around you.

How do you surround yourself with great people?

Now, as you have understood that the good people are the source of your fuel in your life, you should not leave a chance to add them into your life.

At the same time, if you are thinking, how you should surround yourself with good people, these sections might help you. Take help from the suggestions, and try them out in your life.

Cut yourself from damaging relationships.

You want to move on to the next level of success, you want to explore more things that feel you excited and optimistic, and you want to break your limits to get your goal. You have everything that can take you to the next level. But still, there is something that is holding you back. These are the negative relationships and negative people.

Until you break the bridge that connects you with them, you won't be able to achieve, what you really want, even if you have all those capabilities. And it would help if you cut them off. But, this might be challenging for you to identify them. So, there is a straightforward way to do that.

Recall the time you spend with someone, and after that, what were your feelings. If you were happy, cheerful, excited, they are good people. Whereas, if you felt fearful, upset, doubted about your strength, these are the parts you need to cut off from your life.

Before welcoming new things into your life, eliminating those who stop you is also equally crucial for your success.

Surround yourself with the successful people

Likewise, failure vibes tend to fail; the successful vibes will lead you to success. It is also true that it won't be going to happen automatically. You will have to work on it. But, a successful person can have a significant impact on your life to accurate your success in the right direction.

The secret behind getting involved with successful people is, you can learn many things from them. They are thriving today. But, someday before, they might have struggled for this day. And you can learn many things from them.

How did they face their situations?

How did they react to the conflicts they had?

How did they develop contact with key elements? And so on.

As a learned, you need to know all these things. And you will never regret being with such a people.

Surround yourself with the people who improve you

We learn to identify alphabets in standard one. And today, if you can read this article, it means you have improved your basic knowledge to a very advanced level. So that you can read and understand the words.

This is how improvement is essential in our life. If you want to grow your business, you have to stop investing your time with the negative people, who often demotivates you. Also, to get success, which goal you have selected and how much time you invest in achieving it is also essential.

These factors are essential in your journey. And, to make you moving throughout the trip, the people who improve you and your mistakes are necessary for you. They are the ones, who support you, and help you in every mode of your life.

Surround yourself with the people who are out of your comfort zone

Unless and until you will be in your comfort zone, you won't be able to lift a single step towards your growth.

Tony Robbins says, "All growth begins at the end of your comfort zone."

If you cannot break the boundaries of your comfort zone, you won't be able to chase the first level of your success.

Ambitious people attend workshops, seminars, or webinars that make them stretch themselves by feeding their minds with positivity. They push themselves out of their comfort zone continue by meeting people with different mindsets. It helps them to increase their boundaries every day. Nothing can be achieved by sticking to your comfort zone.

Looking for people out of your comfort zone is another challenge for you. For this, you can meet a business coach. They will help you to stretch your limited beliefs and seek more people out of your comfort zone.

Remember, who you are today, is due to the people around you. Every single person in your life has an impact on your life. And they also decide your journey and success level. So, next time, before surrounding yourself with someone, check what kind of individuals they are.

The benefit of good people

As of now, you might have understood that good people are not only good for themselves, but they are suitable for you and your growth too. Until you accept the fact and start involving them in your life, you won't realize the secret of success.

Good people serve you various benefits. Likewise, if you want to learn the benefits of being good, check out the list below.

Being wrong is bad for you and everyone.

Some people think being evil is good for them. But when you be wrong with someone, you also lose something that is so important for you. and you can't picture yourself happy without it. Being bad makes you lose your self-respect. And you can not live when you lose your self-respect.

When you act wrong, you can not be happy. Everything that can make you happy, you lose those opportunities and always get into the evil world. And no one wants to be with you. Being wrong is not bad for you only but for everyone.

Being good is suitable for your happiness.

Indeed good people spread happiness around; it comes from themselves first. Nothing can be more important than self-respect for everyone.

Imagine yourself continually lying, and cheating, and having self-respect. No, you can't. Being immoral would mean losing your genuine self-respect.

When your self-respect relies on who you really are, you can not get it by living on false treatments. And the one, who has lost their self-respect, can not be happy themselves and spread it around.

Being good allows you to see the beauty of the world

The world is so beautiful. It is not only by the place, structures it holds, but the beautiful emotions the people have.

An evil person will only see the wrong things and can make unwiser choices ever. Whereas a reasonable person will always know what are good for them. Who are good people, and how do they make wise choices?

A lousy person will only see the badness in every beautiful thing, even if it is clearly visible to everyone. But a reasonable person will always stand beside the good works and good attitude. A reasonable person can do it.

Being reasonable means taking good care of yourself and others

It will be harsh if I say bad people don't even know how to take care of themselves and others. For instance, they will take care of themselves; they won't bother taking care of others. Good people know how to take care of others along with themselves.

Before this, you are a good person means 'Being Yourself' and taking care of your real identity. Being good does not only mean taking care of others but to take care of yourself first.

Being good allows you to be passionate about your goal

Being good will enable you to be a focus on your plan. The everyday distractions, the emotions, defeats, happiness (too) can distract you from your destination.

A negative thinking guy has a lot of reasons not to focus on their goal. Whereas, for a good person, any single reason is enough to make them concentrated on their purpose.

Being reasonable means you will be courageous.

I am being excellent and courageous means having the strength to face the defeats, rejections, pain, etc.

Well, it's a life. Anyway, you will have many occasions where you may feel let down and defeated. But, you need to be ready to face those challenges. Only a reasonable person can handle them and be suitable to the circumstances to deal with them positively. On the other hand, a negative person can not see themselves in such a situation.

Being good allows you to live your life happily.

Being good also means living your life happily. Those who are tensed, trusted, unhappy, or wrong or negative will always sit down, holding these emotions with them. At the same time, they need to move on and live life happily.

Good people know how to live life. They are the real living person in the world. They don't lose a single chance to be happy. And they don't make their life too tricky with their problems.

Being good gives you the ability to make others live their life

The meaning of this statement is directly saying that good people teach others to live life happily. When you are those, who are happy always make you happy.

Good people always speed good vibes and happiness worldwide, whereas they know how to make others happy. For those who have lost their hope of ray, a reasonable person can bring back that strength and light in their life.

Good people are those candle that lights the dark rooms.

How can I surround myself with inspiration?

As good people are essential in your life for your personal and professional growth, your charger's inspiration is to charge you daily. It would help if you had the push to grow every day. Indeed good people will help you to get inspired for your goal. But, it is always good to seek the motivation to succeed.

Now you need to surround yourself with the good people and the inspiration altogether to see the magic. Whereas surrounding yourself with the sources of inspiration is not challenging. And you can seek it quickly. Here are the ways you can find motivation.

Use social media

Social media is the most accessible way to get connected with the people you admire the most. Whether you are a Facebook addict, Instagram, or Twitter, all these sites can help you talk to your inspiration.

You can massage them and start to talk to them. Try to improve your bond with them. And you will get the benefit of this way surely. Social Media bring everyone near.

Find TED talks

I hope every one of you has ever heard someone on TED talks. It is a fantastic platform that you can get to inspire yourself. You will find many inspirations on the show who share their journey, experience, and struggle. And also the ways they fought with their circumstances.

This platform will help a lot to get inspiration in your life. You will learn about many things that will help you to achieve your goal. And TED talks is one of my favorite shows I always go with.

Hang out with creative people

Creative people are creative in every aspect of their life. Instead, I would say creative people are the ones who struggle the most and have many things to share with you.

You can learn from their experiences. For instance, let me say, if someone is a writer, they will have their own story to get successful. Maybe, the people did not appreciate their first writing. Then the second and might be third. But they never stopped and continued to move on. And this journey will teach you many things.

Get involve in startups.

Startups are a fantastic place to see the enthusiasm. If you are not up to set your startup, try to get involved with the other's startup.

The reason I'm suggesting you to involving with startups is, when you know it is the place that is about to begin from zero, you will experience many ups and downs, along with the solution on it. Yes, the startups teach you to survive in the competition. And, what can be the best inspiration than your own experience of survival.

Visit an Inspiring place for you.

Sometimes, the place also is enough to inspire you. Words are not always workable, but silence is. The areas that encourage you can work in the same way.

Visiting inspiring places means it can be the seminars of the great personality, any historical place, or the place that you have any old memory, and you get charged going to the site. It might not be evident to you. But, it will work for you the same way other sources do.

Go away from your comfort zone.

Cutting yourself from your comfort zone can also work for you often. Your comfort zone holds you back at a place where you don't feel like stretch your abilities. And you don't get any push to yourself.

Whereas the moment you come out of your comfort zone, you need to move to survive in the situation, which is not a normal condition. And this makes you explore the skills and abilities that you have. Coming out of your comfort zone can be another good way to surround yourself with inspiration.

Take A Break

Okay, it's essential to work, look for opportunities, and get fuel every day to reach your goal. And you might have to make your every day count. And this is what we all learn.

I would suggest you take a break from all your workouts. Not a huge one, but a small break will make your mind free from the burden you were carrying out for a long time. Sometimes holidays are too essential to get to work back and nailed it.

Breaks won't inspire you, but they will help you find more sources that encourage you. Or, for someone, a vacation can be the inspiration for them.

Read inspiring books

Books are the best friends of a human. And the one who loves reading books doesn't ever feel alone, demotivated, and lack inspiration. Books are more profound than the ocean and infinitely immense like a sky.

You will get everything that you want to know. And books will never say No to you and will never disappoint you. You will always feel inspired when you pick up a suitable book for you.

How can I surround myself with good energy?

Good energy or positive energy can be the reason for your success. Throughout the article, I was talking about good people. And you should surround yourself with good people. But, how those good people help you to make your life better is the real question. Isn't it?

So, the good people have only one thing to share with you, which is good energy. When you start to absorb sound energy, you feel someone who is so energized and enthusiastic about their work. And in this way, the good point is working for you.

Now, when you know how good energy is essential for you, you should start involving it in your life. Here are the ways you can use to affect good points in your life.

Start meditation

Meditation is the best way to gain relaxation and peace of mind. When your mind is peaceful, you won't get any negative thoughts in it's. This also means that you have stopped your mind from entering adverse effects affecting it.

When you stop being allowing negative things to you, you automatically welcome the positivity inside of you. Meditation is an ancient practice that is proving itself beneficial in all of the cases where the medicines also failed. And to surround yourself with good energy, meditation is the best way to do it.

Surround yourself with good people

Good people are the ultimate source of good energy around you. Likewise, the wrong people affect your life and ruin it; with their bad vibes, good people are like the healer of your broken life.

Good people are called as good, as they have the intensity to transfer their positivity to you. And they do it with the heart. When you are surrounded by good people, you also become good and start feeling and spreading good energy.

Express gratitude

You always complain about what we don't have. But did you ever thank the universe for giving that what other people don't?

What you have today is a dream for many people out there. And you don't realize the importance of what you have. And always keep crying about what you want to have and don't gain it.

When you learn that you are lucky to have what you have, you will start feeling good and positive about your life. It's just a matter of seeing things—express gratitude for what you have. And see the magic.

Physiology and body language

There is scientific proof behind this theory that 80% of your body language speaks what kind of energy you have. Let me say if you are studying in a classroom, your shoulders are down, and you are feeling low, what kind of combination it will be.

On the other hand, in the same classroom, if your shoulders are straight and your neck is fitting, seeing what you are doing, you will feel full of energy.

This theory work in this format. And it doesn't need any of the proof. Thus, science has already studied the fact and started it.

Take a mental break

A mental break is so important. Whatever you do have an impact on your mental health. And if you are not calm mentally, you can not realize the existence of good energy.

A calm mind can work and think better than a busy mind. When you have a lot of stuff filled in your mind, your mind doesn't allow you to see anything rather than the problems you have in your life. Thus, mental peace is essential, and for that, a mental break is necessary.

Random acts of kindness

Kindness is one of the traits and nature of humans. Some are too kind to show their support. And some may don't even know the meaning of this word.

When you show someone your kindness, you feel inner peace and happiness. But yes, when you are doing it with the proper intentions, you will only get to feel the magic. Your act of kindness fills you with the positive energy that makes you happy and cheerful.

Disconnect from reality

We are alive right now. And this is reality. We are human, and we will have so many problems in our lives, is the fact. We have to struggle to win. Although this is reality, that you need to fight every day, you have some bad memories, your day is terrible, and so on, when you keep holding these things with you, you can't be happy.

When you are not happy, you can not feel good energy. Sometimes it is essential to disconnect yourself from reality to go better than before. And when you do that, you realize how important it was to detach yourself.

Always look for positivity.

We all have problems in life. And everyone is fighting with it. When the wrong time comes one by one, we lose hope, and we start turning towards negativity.

If you have the strength to find something good in the worst conditions, you can win any race. It is a sign of a solid personality to find positivity in dire circumstances. When you do so, you can feel the positivity in you.

What happens when you surround yourself with negativity?

Well, it takes nothing to surround yourself with negativity. The world is full of negativity, and as you have to hunt for positive people and happiness, you will not have to bother with negativity.

You can find it right aside from you. Every sends person beside you might have been thinking of their problems and being sad. Whereas, very few people are there who face their problems with a smiling face.

If you want to succeed in your life, you will have to start avoiding negativity around you. It will destroy you. Here are the effects of negativity on your life.

Negativity affects your attitude.

Negativity has a significant impact on your attitude. Your attitude decides the journey of your life towards your success. As positivity tends to your attitude towards positive traits, like peace and confidence, negativity takes you in the opposite direction.

Negative people discourage you and hold you back at a place where only darkness exists. '

You should not let rent negative people in your mind. Raise your rent and kick them off' said Robert Tew.

Your life decreases

Negativity has many disadvantages. Reducing your place span is one of them which is worst of all. Negativity leads to stress; stress leads to various diseases. And you get an impact directly on your life span.

Maybe it doesn't seem logical for you. But, negativity is just a slow poison for you. It will work slowly and harm you. But its effect is not visible; people don't consider it seriously. And ignore it often. Which then leads to the many impacts on the people's lives.

You become more negative with negative people.

Negativity is like a contagious disease. You can't prevent yourself from being negative when you have negative people around you. You will not realize it, and you will get addicted to the negativity.

Negative people never compliment nor encourage you. They will not see you growing. Whatever you do, they will not support you. Instead, they will discourage you from doing something. If you ask them for any feedback, they will say negative statements. And this makes you overwhelmed.

Negativity drains your energy.

Negativity is like an energy absorber. It will drain your entire energy. And leave you with zero potential. It will kill your confidence, your peace of mind, and your encouragement.

Negative people will not support you. Either, they will make you introduce with consequences that you never thought of and don't think of. And it will make you defeat the race before you start running.

Negativity doesn't encourage you.

As I said earlier, encouraging someone is not a cup of tea for negative people. They will never say a single statement that can benefit you. They can't see others growing. And they always try to pull back others so that they should not get succeed.

Positive people always tend to encourage others. They don't think about their benefit ever. They want everyone to grow. Whereas negative people always try to do the opposite of what positive people do.

You can't grow

When I started writing my blogs, I had shared this thought with some of my friends. Some were happy and supportive to me. They were glad that I was up to start something new. And they encouraged me.

Whereas, I had some people who discouraged me saying, blogging is not our work. And it won't benefit you anyway. It is too harsh. And you will waste your time only. But I ignored what discourages me. And did what I wanted to do.

Negativity stops you from growing. Either, negativity will not even allow you to lift a single step. And this is what we need to ignore to grow.

Negativity is hard to get rid of.

Once you get around negativity, you will find it hard to get rid of. Of course, negativity comes from negative people around you.

When you add people to your life, they come with particular relationships. Mainly, they are the so-called friends who want you to be happy. But they never like that in reality.

So, when such people start affecting your life, but you realize it later, it becomes hard to get cut from them. When you learn to get rid of negative people around you and start positive people to enter your life, you start making a difference in your life.

Negativity stops your life.

Stopping your life refers, negativity halt you in the situation where you are. It doesn't let you see the solution to the problem that you need to solve. But it will only make you recognize the problem and issues permanently.

When you think about the problem, you only see the issue. But when you leave a blank space for a solution in your mind, you get an answer to it. And negativity stops you from doing this. You only can do this when you have positivity around you.

Why do I surround myself with positivity?

Positivity is great for you. And when you surround yourself with positivity, you get positivity throughout your life. Positive people have an important place in imparting positivity in your life. They play a crucial role in encouraging you towards your dream. And you start living your dream life.

You will find many people adapting the positioning in their life using various techniques. Yet, we live in a society that is full of negativity. And maintaining the positioning and holding it to you is something challenging for everyone. But, if you learn to do it, you will realize the results of positivity in significantly less time.

When life is filled with negativity, keeping a positive attitude is not easy. But, you have to do that. When you surround yourself with positioning, you will get many benefits. And some of them are as follows.

Your attitude changes

Our attitude decides our way of living our life. When you are around negative people, you will get negativity inside you. You will be stressed, frustrated, and a hub to negative energy.

On the other hand, when you are with positive people, you will be more confident and peaceful. You will live your life the way you want. And you will not bother about the problems that always make you sad. But you will get the strength to fight with them.

You start making new friends.

We are happy when we are with our friends. No matter what tension you have, you will forget it, for instance, and will be satisfied. Negative people don't have too many friends. They are happy with their negative aura.

Whereas optimistic people like to cheer with positive people. And they have more friends than the negative people. If you want to cheer put and make new friends, join the company of positive people.

You achieve more

The secret behind achieving more when you are surrounded with positivity, you learn to trust yourself. You start believing that you can do it. And your trust makes you achieving what you need.

You will see those who a hive something are filled with a positive attitude. And those who constantly complain about what they have hardly got anything. The positivity around you helps you achieve your objectives.

You will be happy

Negative people can't be happy. They can't see others happy. Recognize the time when you had a company of a sad person, and you also felt sad. Whereas, sometimes, you met someone who was so happy, and later on, you also had a smile on your face.

Around happy people, you will always be happy and cheerful. This makes your life happening.

You will make more money.

As per the Wall Street Journal, happy people make more than unhappy people. The amount is nearly 40% more income than the negative people.

Positivity is a powerful total asset. Which is available free of cost. If you are ready to be happy only by surrounding yourself with positive people, you will make more money than before.

You will attract success.

No doubt, happy people or positive people attract success more than negative people do. I would say negative people make efforts to attract success. But they don't get it the way they want it.

Whereas happy people get more vibes to trust in themselves and then getting what they want. Only by achieving their objectives, for instance, they make a bridge to get their success.

You will live longer.

A happy person lives longer. And it is proved by medical science. A negative person has too much stress, frustration, and unhappiness, leading to many health issues.

Even medical professionals suggest laughing to get better health. Laughter is the best medicine as much you be happy as long as you live your life.

You will become more generous.

Helping others is the best way to gain happiness. When you are happy, your nature becomes generous, and you do it automatically.

Even if it becomes your nature to help others when you help someone to settle down their job, to assist their family, suggest them to deal with their probes, and so on, you also feel inner happiness. And you can't measure this happiness with any of the instruments. Happy people have the identity of being generous.


Negativity and positivity both are the energies that we can't see with our eyes, but they exist and affects our life. Our life revolves around these two energies only. Those who learn to use positive energy to live their lives, and seems to be happily living their life.

Whereas those who haven't yet met positivity, and deny changing their powers, will live with sadness all over their life. In this article, I have tried to make you understand the importance of positivity and positive people. I hope it will help you to change your life.

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