The Surprising Benefits of Holding Hands

The Surprising Benefits of Holding Hands


Have you ever got those butterflies in your stomach when your special one holds your hands?

Do you know that the researchers have confirmed that many benefits a person can have when someone holds your hand? Did you ever wonder why holding hands can improve any relationship? Why is it essential to keeping your partner's hand in public?

Holding hands is a universal gesture of expressing emotions. A simple act of holding hands can also indicate the support you want to offer someone.

We put together our hands when we meet someone to welcome the person. But, you can say, holding hands, a simple act brings about tremendous joy and creates a deep connection. Of course, it is a decent way of expressing untold feelings, but, along with this, holding hands have many benefits; you could be wondered, knowing this.

Check out the list, and know what the advantages of holding hands are.

1) It is a great stress reliever

True! Holding the hands of your loved ones or teammates can help you to relieve your stress. A touch from a person close to you helps in reducing the stress hormone. So the stress.

The action of holding hands fulfills you with joy. It also makes you feel more content. At the same time, holding hands reveals many things about your relationships with your partner.

Raising of the stress hormone can have various reasons. Though, it is widespread amount the people. You might often hear from the people around you that they are so stressed.

In such a condition, the person doesn't need any words of sympathy. Either, sometimes, we don't get the right words to make the person calm. So, you can show your support with only a feature of holding hands.

2) It lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure is a prevalent issue in most people nowadays. People have welcomed the stress and tension in their lives. And, they are living with them so naturally, as if, having breakfast and dinner daily. And it results in an adverse effect on your health.

When tension and stress are synonymous with the routine, holding hands can treat it. When the pressures and stress are severe in life, maintaining happiness is a bit tough. And, you can not predict to be happy for a longer time.

Either it would help if you did not do it. Happiness is a priceless emotion. And, it would help if you never compromised with it.

Holding hands is a very kind and natural way to minimize blood pressure. It helps keep the blood pressure at a limit so that you don't face any adverse effects on your health.

3) It helps fight fear

It is a human's essential nature that, whenever the person feels unsafe, they immediately try to look for a helping hand.

Do you recognize the time when you got to have an injection, and, beaches you were scared of the injection, you have quizzed your parents or friend's hand, so right?

Everyone has done it. It is a human's behavior that, whenever the person finds themself in an unsafe situation, having a hand to hold keeps the person feel safer and supported.

Holding hands also helps in establishing trust.

4) It enhances love and bonding

Of course, holding hands is the best sign of language for communication. It says a lot about a simple action. Each time of holding hands, oxytocin gets a release. Oxytocin is a chemical or a hormone in the human body, primarily responsible for caring feelings and empathy.

Holding hands not only enhances your love feelings, but it also boosts the bonding and understanding between you and your partner.

Holding hands with the persons you care about, and you live with the most will enhance your relationship and bond.

This is why the happy couple doesn't leave their hands or hold each other hand unknowingly. Don't leave your partner's hand in the traveling.

5) It aids in keeping the brain healthy

As I said earlier, holding hands helps in reducing stress and tension. We all know the significant effect of stress and tension is on the brain. And the mind is the primary function organ of your body, as it needs to be healthily active all the time.

So, when your brain had this much of a burden, how come it will work so efficiently? No, it can not!

So, as in the previous point, I have explained how holding hands can reduce stress and pressure and ultimately affect brain health. Holding hands helps in keeping and maintaining the brain's health good.

When you are happy, your brain automatically will be healthy and active. Holding hands is one of these processes that help you in keeping your mind healthy.

6) It helps in sleep quality

Holding hands is a very effective way of getting your sleep back.

No! It doesn't act directly on your sleep. By holding a hand, the person can feel more relaxed and stress-free. Thus, they are calmer and carefree.

Such persons are sought out and have no stress. Of course, the person who doesn't have any stress and tension, who is happy in life will have a good sleep all along.

However, the people who hold their special one's hands often are found to be more calm, happy, and relaxed. This way, carrying hands acts on your sleeping ability.

7) It helps in pain

Yes, it's true! Holding a hand can relieve the pain of such a chronic problem.

Next time, whenever you will have pain, hold your loved one's hand instead of taking out the pain killer. Rather, often use of a pain killer is harmful to your body and health too.

Holding hands work on your pain when you have someone's hand, a hormone releases that minimizes the problem. So, next time, whenever you feel like having chronic pain, hold your close one's hand, and see the magic. However, it is not only for chronic pain. Holding hands can also help you in minimizing the effect of drugs.

8) It keeps the heart-healthy

With each of them holding hands, you are investing in your heart health. Holding hands reduce the stress and pressure on your mind. Our body's functions are co-related. One is related to the other's roles.

If one's function goes wrong, you can not even imagine how it can affect health. If you don't have any stress and tension, you will live happily. Happy feelings are always right. Being happy is the ultimate solution to most of your health issues.

If you are unhealthy and stressed, it will indeed react to your heart. Before you could understand anything, things will go to happen. And will be left with nothing in your hands. Thus, your heart will have no burden. And the heart will also be a healthy organ.

9) It boosts the immune system

Stress is a problem for all the issues. Most of the health issues due to stress. Such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and a weak immune system.

A chemical, cortisol release due to the stress, weakens the immune system. A weak immune system means an open invitation to many of the other diseases.

The immune system is the fighter soldier in your body. It needs to be strong in all the ways. You can not compromise or ignore the status of the immune system.

Weaken immune system makes up for many other diseases in your body. And you won't like it ever.

Holding hands is the most straightforward way of minimizing the stress level and raising your immunity support. When you are stressed, a hand to hold can works as a medicine for you. Holding hands is useful.

Even though you don't believe how it can effect on strengthening the immune system and have any doubts, you can just try it.

It will take nothing to you. It will only need a hand to hold. And you are done with the first and significant step.

10) It improves the quality of life

Holding hands helps in boosting the immune system, lowering stress, tension, and blood pressure. Ultimately, it is improving the quality of your experience.

Holding hands leads to strengthening the bond of your relationship. It also helps you in creating and maintaining a significant relationship.

Scientifically it is proved that holding hands increases the quality of life. It always stands like support.

So, when you are getting as much support, of course, your quality of life increasing. Actions speak louder than words. Holding hands is one of them. Without saying a single word, these actions say a lot in itself.

The one who can understand this language can make it up to the mark. The language is not hard to understand, but you have to try to find out its signs. Your one action could be the ray of hope for someone, who has lost all his hopes, so give your hand or don't hesitate to receive someone's hand to hold.

I hope, from now onwards, you won't leave any chance of holding your loved one's hand and feel confident.

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