Student Portal

The online student portal is mainly for the convenience of students and schools. Today students are technologically more proficient, accustomed to communicating and socializing online. The students’ portals are an innovative and efficient way of engaging this new generation of students.

Student portal: How it works

Almost all online student portals require the student to enter their username and password. It is just like accessing your own e-mail account except it leads to the tutor database instead, which provides online and home tutor services. Login details can be the student’s own email address or their complete name. All of these, including the password, are unique to the students and only they should know about it.

The importance of student portal

In this world, when students are mostly online, students’ portals become the easiest way to get answers. Educational institutions use student portals to allow access to their curriculum, grades, class schedule, etc.

Purpose of the student portal

One great thing about student portals is that it is able to direct the students to get quick information when they most need it. Students once logged in are given the specific kind of information which lessens the need to explain. Student portals are not just windows that enable virtual access, but rather a way for both students and tutors to engage in more productive ways of learning and teaching.

Education portal

The key element in an education portal is to provide personalized and user-specific content to its students. The students can refer to such portals where they can obtain comprehensive information about the course subjects. A lot of general information related to education can be found on these portals which is beneficial for students. Students can register themselves to such portals where they are provided with a username and password to get complete access to the website where personalized content is available.

Students and teachers

Students and teachers both are benefiting from these portals as both learning and teaching are assisted through these portals. Students have the advantage of communication with tutors within the portal. Education portals provide maximum access to resources and information. These portals act as a bridge between students and teachers to improve interaction and communication to facilitate teaching.

The field of education needs a lot of reforms and education portals have helped a lot in providing the students with accurate and relevant information when they need it the most. Creating and maintaining such a portal is a new technological advancement that has led to an efficient teaching mechanism. Student portals are very beneficial for the students. It saves them from the trouble of searching the perfect tutors for teaching.

PostStudyQuery is one such online student portal that helps them to get tuition from a wide range of tutors available. Students requiring online tuition or home tuition service are required to register on this portal. They are provided with a username and password to get complete access to the website where you can find a list of tutors.

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