9 simple steps to achieve true inner peace

9 simple steps to achieve true inner peace


Peace is when you stay undisturbed by internal or external circumstances. When you come to an understanding or engage in a social friendship filled with harmony and non-violence, it means you are carrying peace with you.

You are said to have inner peace when you keep your senses under control. When you rule your mind to act as directed with a positive conviction, you attain inner peace.

Below is a list of 9 ways in which you can find inner peace and tranquility in your daily routine.

1. Spend time with nature.

Walk along the countryside. Listen to the music of swaying of the leaves around. Heart fully experiences the joy of the flowing waters.

Dump yourselves into the bushes. Watch the flock of birds in the sky. Observe the formation and movement of the clouds as they pass by. Awaken the inner peace in you.

2. Meditate.

Practice yoga and mindfulness. Push yourself into the bottom of your hearts. Shut your ears for any external disturbances. Follow the peace evolving out of your soul and spirit.

3. Listen to the sound of your breath.

Let no disturbance cause you a distraction. Listen to the flow of air in and out of your body. Do this repeatedly to glide up your inner peace.

Keep listening for a few moments, until you are totally lost out of this world mentally, spiritually, and psychologically.

4. Play games.

Involve yourself in playing games. Play games that workout your brain and not the ones that exercise stress and anguish over your mind.

Play mindful games that ease your feelings. Also, ensure that the screen is vibrant and the background music is pleasing enough.

5. Engage yourself with kids.

Do invest time in sharing space with kids and infants. Their behavior laughs, attitude, responses, and gestures knock your door of inner peace.

You bust out all the negativities crawling in your mind. Every corner of your heart is swept off from grief and sorrow hiding within.

You awaken a new you and work the rest of your day with harmony at heart. You even cherish and share these happy moments over and again, even on subsequent days.

6. Organize your belongings.

Your personal space and personal belongings pull your attraction at any given point in time. So set time to organize your properties.

Clear the clutter in and around your bay. The peace resting inside you will soon awaken to its higher spirits, rebalancing your mind and body.

7. Ensure to stay ahead of time.

Adopt excellent time management principles. Report at least ten minutes before your scheduled time slot. Try to finish off tomorrow’s tasks today itself.

Never postpone any task that you can do today or right now. You will attain an incredible amount of peace and tranquility deep down in your heart.

8. Do not assume everything by yourself.

Do not judge someone or something based on your perceptions and interpretations in life. You tend to lose the faith of others in you. Do not also assess others' basis of their past behavior.

With bits and pieces of information in hand and by being under the influence of others, do not act irrational and thoughtless.

Be judgmental and have concrete factors before you make a statement. By this behavior of yours, inner peace erupts out of you in responding mindfully to situations.

9. Listen to inspiring speeches.

To suppress the imprudent and unwise emotions of yours, float out the inner peace in you. You can do this by surrendering yourself to the great, inspiring, and motivational speeches that changed the lives of many.

It works equally well when you read autobiographies of learned personalities. Connect yourselves to their stories and hover the peace which is already resting in you.

Having said all that, and despite your attempts to leading a fulfilling and peaceful life, sometimes you face tough days. Perhaps the bad moments and bad days are because of the influence of external factors on you. In situations like these, understand that not everything in this world can be brought under your control. You are not the ruler of all God’s creations. Accept that it is all part of life.

Just try flipping the coin and you will notice there is another day waiting for you tomorrow. You certainly get to do better the next day. Because life is all about change which is inevitable. Every sunset is followed by a sunrise and vice versa. Understand this mantra of life and attain inner peace driving yourself towards leading a better future.

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    Simple Steps to Achieve True Inner Peace:

    How to find inner peace?

    How to be peaceful?

    It’s always been a billion-dollar question right from the start of time. People keep searching for answers and places until they realize true inner peace starts from the inside.

    How to achieve inner peace?

    Inner peace is a step-by-step life change. When you overcome your physical and emotional barriers in life, finding inner peace becomes easy.

    Overcoming Physical Barriers

    From the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed, connect with nature i.e. Eat healthy, nutrient-rich foods. Wake up early. Exercise to stay fit. Reduce your gadget time before you sleep.

    Make sure you have a minimum of 6 to 7 hours of good sleep. Practice mediation. Or, just be silent every day for at least 20 minutes even if you do other activities.

    Good health is important for peace of mind.

    Overcoming emotional barrier

    Here are 10 simple steps that will help you achieve inner peace by crossing the emotional difficulties we have.

    1. Be Enough:

    Expectations and desires lead to disappointments. Contentment gives you happiness, a sense of relief, and inner-calmness.

    If you focus on things you don’t have, things you can’t buy, too many desires, and too much expectation from people, disappointments will be the result. It breaks your mind. Put you under stress. You lose your productivity and efforts.

    On the other hand, Content people give better results and productive outcomes wherever they are. They don’t have any worries of tomorrow as they enjoy what they have today. It brings them peace.

    2. No Mirroring:

    Often, we lose our minds and peace by expecting people to reflect on our thoughts and intentions. It destroys our inner peace.

    Have you noticed it? The more you expect people to think like you, act like you, align with you, and reflect your emotions, the more you lose your peace!

    Accept people for who they are. And, don’t expect people to agree with you all the time.

    3. Clear your Conscience:

    Unexpressed thoughts and unclear conscience are bad for us. You need to clear them to get true inner peace.

    Clear your mind from negative thoughts, regrets, and guilts. If you have unresolved issues, try to resolve them one by one. Don’t hesitate to ask sorry. Speak up. Gracefully express yourself instead of bottling everything. do what is right. Prefer truth instead of comforting lies. They all help you in keeping your conscience alive.

    4. Life is Unpredictable:

    This is a reality we often don’t see.

    We make perfect plans. And then when it didn’t go as we expected, we go down with stress and lose our peace.

    Having a goal in life? Having a plan? Good. Work hard. But, be open and ready to face challenges and troubles on the way. Expect the unexpected.

    5. Tend to your Mind, Body, and Soul:

    Mind, body, and soul are what make us.

    Can’t handle negative thoughts and emotions? Tend to your mind by seeking help, talking to someone you like, focusing on your happy things, etc.

    Not right with health? Tend to your body by taking care, eating well, and healing your illness.

    Tend to your mind, body, and soul because if not it will take you to your worst places. Please don’t go there. Start tending it earlier.

    6. Be yourself:

    Inner peace comes when you stop pretending, stop pleasing, stop impressing, and stop depending on others.

    7. Live above Negativities:

    We cannot teach or preach negative people. They are who they are no matter what. Some people realize their negative aspects and change in time. But some stay the same. To ensure your peace, learn to live above them by ignoring them.

    8. Forgive.

    The true sense of inner peace comes when we are mature enough to forgive people who did us wrong. As Gandhi says, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. The weak can never forgive.

    Forgive for the sake of your peace.

    9. Do what you like:

    Here’s a real quote for you.

    “Never continue in a job you don’t enjoy. If you’re happy with what you’re doing, you’ll like yourself. You’ll have inner peace. And if you have that, along with physical health, you will have had more success than you could possibly have imagined.” – Johnny Carson

    A peaceful mind gives a Peaceful Life. Take care of it. Try following what we shared here with you all.

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    Peace is an outcome of your activities. It is never found or lost. Unfortunately, many individuals are lacking this outcome. Their condition is like a ship without sails. Tough conditions make them tremble throughout life. If you are one of them, this post might turn lucky for you. In this post, there are 5 effective ways to gain inner peace.


    Without a doubt, there are many difficulties in our lives. To overcome those, we have to think. Thinking is genuine, but overthinking is a problem. Do not create a new problem by thinking more. This will lead you to consequences like stress and anxiety.

    In turn, you'll have to face various chronic ailments like hypertension and insomnia. Therefore, try to obey this don't tip to gain inner peace.


    We are what we eat. The food we eat gets absorbed and form new cells. Therefore, we must not compromise on food. So set a perfect schedule for your meals. Try your best not to skip your schedule.

    Altering food habits will degrade your physical and mental health. In this way, it is impractical to achieve inner peace. Therefore, try your best to abide by the schedule.

    3. MEDIATE

    This is probably the most common solution to every problem. To make inner peace, you've to know yourself. In this aspect, mediation proves to be the most effective way. It brings clarity to all aspects of life. If you find clarity, peace will be a divine happening.

    Sit in the traditional Lotus position and close your eyes. Focus on your natural breath with your face slightly up. If this is done constantly, you'll be blissful than ever. So, meditate to turn peace into bliss.


    If you want peace, you must serve it too. Many people are selfish but expect peace. But, things do not work that way. One may wonder, How can I be righteous? Well, it is very simple.

    Perform good deeds selflessly like helping the poor, respecting your elders, etc. If you cannot do good, don't harm as well. Being righteous will provide you more respect for yourself. In turn, this will lead to inner peace.


    Physical health is one of the most important aspects of peace. Only when you are physically active, you’re mentally strong. You can achieve everything in life if you're healthy.

    Therefore, forget to take care of your physical health. Make a routine for your daily exercises. Run, walk, skip, or perform some stretches. All these will boost your physical health. So, exercise to be peaceful.


    For many, achieving peace is a tough challenge. Everyone has the right to remain peaceful. However, it is all up to us. We can choose to be miserable or peaceful. We feel peaceful when life goes on without difficulty.

    Besides, we have an alternative way to achieve peace. If we are compatible with all situations in life, we’ll surely be peaceful. These ways are effective in making you eligible for that. Therefore, follow these 5 steps without hesitation.

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