12 steps to follow your life passion

12 steps to follow your life passion


Passion is when you feel extreme and intense enthusiasm towards something or someone. When your desires compel you to move towards a particular goal post, it means you have that passion in you towards that goal. You can have a passion for pursuing art, or have an extreme desire for a particular proposal or idea, or have a supernormal excitement towards a specific task.

You have a lot of take a ways in life. You speak to a couple of people every single day. You have your goals in mind. However, over a period of time, there is something that you would love to do the most. This is your passion. You develop extreme levels of eagerness in pursuing this desire. Nevertheless, with your given situation, you might get confused at times as to how you can keep an eye on your life passion.

Here are 12 steps listed below that you could choose to follow in pursuing your life passion.

  1. Do a self-assessment of yourself. Understand where you stand in life and how much you need to travel to reach your passionate desire in life. Mark your every connecting task that leads you towards your goal post. Be honest to yourself and jot down all that you have and all that you still need to imbibe.
  1. Come out of your comfort zone. You may be working towards your goal by cooking things resting inside your own box. Just come out of the box and think big in life. Explore the possibilities beyond your horizons. You will soon realize life has so much to talk to you and teach you and drive you towards your motto.
  1. Once you are well prepared of what to do and how to do, the next best thing you should probably do is to put them down in black and white. It is ok to store them in your mind, but when you connect your pen and paper with a bridge of your thoughts, you will have no escape from missing out on anything.
  1. Lean on towards a loved one and seek their advice and support. Involve them in your decision-making process. Changes you visibly see may be small though, but their backing and support extend you an incredible helping hand when treating your mental health.
  1. Test your strategies first. Take small steps at a time. With a structured plan of action in place and with confidence at heart, you may well be sure to turn things around. But you have to give time to test and trial your actions first. Because when you finally take off live, you ought to perform to generate results. You can’t afford to test anymore, which could cost a lot of time and resources not only of self but also of others.
  1. Once you test and identify the obstacles, you should also have alternate plans to work them out. Now, with honesty at heart, confidence in mind, and with an energetic body, just dive in and do it. Give your best and leave the rest.
  1. If you are too occupied with a couple of to-do things on top of your priority, it is ok to say a polite no for more work coming in. Explain the situation clearly and be transparent. Also, make it a point that you maintain distance from your worries.
  1. Always remember to follow your passion, by setting aside all your uncertainties and distractions in the path of progress. Give a second order of priority, even if it has to deal with money. Pursue your ambitions with a pollution-free wave at heart.
  1. When you see multiple paths that can lead you to your desired goals, just follow your intuition. Be bold and broad-minded and simply follow your instinct.
  1. As part of progress, it is ok that you have to change yourself at times. This way, you are not just following your passion, but also progressing your life by adding up better personality traits to exhibit your own self.
  1. Give enough rest to your body and mind. Work hard but with recurrent breaks to refresh and invigorate yourself. Have proper rest and enough sleep each night to recharge and rebalance your ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and worries too.
  1. Maintain equilibrium between your professional life and personal life. By ensuring to balance both, you pay close attention to detail and help yourselves leading towards a better path to fulfilling your personal prodigy.

Last but not the least, you should also keep yourself open to new challenges and willing to take risks in life. Understand that challenges and risks do partner in the path of your progress and help you follow your life passion.

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