5 steps to clear your mind instantly

5 steps to clear your mind instantly


The mind is the zone of thoughtfulness that gives you the ability to think and reason. Clearing your mind basically means erasing out all the negative thinking and to stop worrying about things that distract your focus.

Clearing your mind, therefore, means expunging your mind so that you can focus on really important things in life. Enumerated below are 5 steps to clear the clutter from your mind.

  1. Pack the chaos resting in your mind and unpack the same on to a piece of paper.

The problem with your mind is it remembers all the clutter that you feed it with. And the more easily it stores in confusion, the easier it is for you to erase it as well. Because you are the storekeeper who is in charge of stocking and unstocking.

Whenever your mind loiters around for no specific and genuine cause, act immediately. Bring your senses under your control. Have the patience to pause and understand the practicality. Your mind is trying to bother you with baseless concerns to distract you from your path to progress.

The best way to clear the chaos in your mind is to allow for more chaos cropping up. Allow as many as possible. Give a minute more and think of other connected concerns that might also bother you. Now, slowly move them one by one from your mind on to a piece of paper. By the time, you reach the last few worries to be listed down, your mind would have already acquired a far better peaceful state of mind that how it was just about a few minutes ago.

  1. Crush your list.

Now that you are ready with the list of worries that you shifted from mind to paper, read each and every single of these. As you keep reading, strike them off as many times as possible. You get a lot of relief doing so.

Spend some time to repeat the process until the very last one is stroked off. Now crush the paper and trash it into the bin. Pack the bin and dispose of it by handing it over to the garbage collector, in a way that the paper never comes back to you, or is out of the scope of your vision.

  1. Reorganize yourself.

Having followed the step no. 1 and 2 above, you are like a brand new gadget. Your mind is totally blank and free from worries. Your mind now prompts you to feed it with some useful stuff. Now, carefully reset your entire thought process without entertaining any room for negative thoughts to peep in. Reorganize your new world with all the important aspects, driving yourself towards your passions and goals in life. Work to deliver a better you tomorrow.

  1. Distract yourself.

After all, it is your mind, how much ever you try to shift worries, crush or delete and reset the parameters in your mind, it is a general human tendency that your mind keeps wandering for newer worries. The more you explore the world, the more expectations you set, the more external factors keep influencing you, the more bothering keeps piling up in your mind.

Steps stated 1, 2, and 3 are sure to work. However, in case you are looking out for plan B, then here it is. Distract yourself from new worries that occupy your mind now. Do meditation, practice yoga, mash up your routine, go for a walk, try a hobby, or read a book. Do what you can to keep yourself occupied so that the mind doesn’t wander.

If the deletion of worries takes a step back, then the replacement of worries by sweet memories is sure to work. You should certainly try to applaud yourself for all the good work you did in life. If possible, also take out time to re-celebrate those moments now.

  1. Set yourself a time table of your actionable list of items.

Wake up at least ten minutes before, then you usually do. Set these ten minutes to work out a detailed action plan of your to-do list. Align each of these tasks to a scheduled timeline. Set time for your breaks as well. Now begin your work and give your one hundred percent focus, dedication, and attention to delivering your duties.

Your mind will not disturb you when you are busy. Take breaks to refresh and rebalance your mind so that you can tune it for the next activity. Understand that breaks aren’t for giving time for worries. Let the chaos go off from your mind for the whole day. Practice this daily.

Having cleared your mind and restored it with calm and serene settings, you gain peace of mind. You are now free from any kind of external or internal disturbance. You can fly and expand your horizons like a free bird hitting the sky. You now have the liberty to spread out your wings to meet your goalpost.

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