Soft Skills Courses: 50 top soft skills training courses

Soft Skills Courses: 50 top soft skills training courses


What are soft skills?

Soft skills are personal traits and characteristics of an individual that enhances an individual's ability to get work done. In other words, the term soft skills are often linked to individuals' emotional intelligence. Hard skills usually signify individuals' technical skills to perform a pre-defined task. On the other hand, soft skills are applicable across multiple industries and job titles. It is a known fact that hard skills may get you a job while soft skills are the ones that help you keep the job. Nowadays, top executives and business managers are giving more importance to soft skills in candidates while hiring. Similarly, since soft skills are the major traits required in individuals, it has been gaining a lot of importance lately. LinkedIn, in 2018, listed communication, leadership, time management, and collaboration as the four most important soft skills.

An employee with high emotional intelligence, good communication, and interpersonal skills is capable of achieving their goals. Similarly, they are great at leading teams in an appropriate manner. Also, to hard skills, soft skills too can be learned and practiced with the right effort. Multiple courses offer soft skills training to individuals who are interested to learn. Soft skills are essential skills that help you live better lives and create a good workplace environment. Similarly, soft skills have more to do with who a person is rather than what he knows. In other words, it simply means soft skills signify a person's character and values rather than the knowledge he owns.

Why are soft skills important?

Hard skills indeed have a higher edge than soft skills. However, that does not mean soft skills aren't important. Soft skills are also the set of skills that help you create good connections, have a friendly relationship with colleagues. Additionally, it also helps achieve your goals at the forefront and lead a happy lifestyle. Soft skills aren't just applicable in a work environment, but useful in a general lifestyle as well. Besides, your hard skills won't only suffice in this competitive world. You need soft skills to complement hard skills. A combination of both is what makes your work worthwhile. Soft skills are of great importance in personal as well as professional life.

What are the required soft skills?

Multiple soft skills are crucial in a work environment. Let's look at some soft skills examples and types of soft skills. Soft skills in the workplace that are of high importance include communication skills, leadership qualities, influencing skills, interpersonal skills, personal skills, professional skills, and creativity. These are the seven basic categories of soft skills that have multiple subcategories and types. Some of them include body language, verbal communication, writing, storytelling, visual communication. Additionally, they include humor, storytelling, presentation skills, which are a part of the communication skills.

If you are looking out for soft skills training courses, here is the list of 50 courses list.

1. Team Builders

Team Builders is an institution based in Gurgaon, Haryana. They offer courses of soft skills for various organizations. They have soft skills for enterprises and soft skills for institutions.

2. Udemy

Udemy consists of a soft skill course that includes a 29.5 hours video, two articles, and five downloadable resources. Similarly, you can get avail of full lifetime access and watch it on your mobile or TV.

3. Knowledge Hut

Knowledge Hut provides online soft skills training, classroom training, including multiple other options. Besides, they offer various modes of learning, which is beneficial to the applicants.

4. Image Consulting Business

Image Consulting Business Institute is one of the leading brands in Image Management and Soft Skills training. They offer multiple courses of Soft Skills Training with International Certification.

5. BookMyTrainings

BookMyTrainings is an institute that offers soft skills training and multiple other course providers on its website. You can make your bookings on the website itself for different courses.

6. International Training Center

ITC or International Training Center provides nine modules of soft skills training with additional information on other courses.

7. Train The Trainer Program

Train The Trainer Program is perfect for individuals who are looking to become soft skills trainers. The program duration is for four days and 8 hours per day.

8. Skill Soft

Skill Soft offers multiple soft skills training courses which the individual can book accordingly. For more details, click on the link above.

9. The International Soft Skills Standards and Testing

The International Soft Skills Standards and Testing provide a 3 level International certification standard. There are multiple other courses that you can check online.

10. Train The Trainer Certification

Train The Trainer Certification provides Global Standard Trainer Certification and other soft skills workshops. Also, it consists of a 4-day training with E-learning and Global Standard Training Content.

11. Fluent Life

Fluent Life offers soft skills training courses with personal mentors, flexible timings, and they are very affordable. You can try a free trial class if interested.

12. Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie is one of the top institutions in the world with a variety of training techniques to suit your needs. There are different skills courses that you can choose from. They include leadership skills, basic skills with people, and many more.

13. Global Edu

Global Edu provides soft skills trainer courses in case you plan to become one. It is a 100 hrs training workshop with national-level experts as your trainers. You can choose from other courses as well.

14. Koenig Solutions

Koenig Solutions offer programs like Personality Development Program, Effective Leadership Skills, and similar other courses. Additionally, they offer an affordable fee structure. The course duration differs for each one.

15. MGMNT ME Training Solutions

MGMNT ME Training solutions is a team building company that specializes in Soft Skills and Behavioral Skills. It is a first of its kind unconventional institute that follows an extraordinary form of teaching. For more details, click on the link above.

16. EDX

EDX provides free online courses in communication, leadership, management, and more. There are multiple courses out there to suit each one's needs. Kindly feel free to click on the link to be directed on the official website of EDX for more details.

17. Swayam Institute

Swayam Institute has a 12-week course for learners. The course layout has been mentioned on the website in detail with multiple skills and different courses.

18. Go Skills

Go Skills offers a wide range of course options; for instance, public speaking, body language, team leadership, leadership training, and many such courses. You can choose from the many options that you would like to do.

19. CSU Online

CSU Online is an institute based in Fort Collins that offers various soft skills courses. With every soft skills course that you complete, you earn a digital badge that can be displayed on your online portfolio, resume or other social media accounts. You also have the option of learning a group of skills all at once.

20. Pro Teen Life

Pro Teen Life provides various soft skills courses. The course duration is 4 hrs with different schedules every day. Click on the link above for more details.

21. Skill Up Global

Skill Up Global offers a variety of courses, which include Training Programs for Individuals, Corporate Training Programs, Pre Departure Orientation Course, and Web Development, and Search Engine Optimization Courses.

22. iNode Talents

iNode Talents offers multiple Corporate Skills Courses, Training Solutions, and Soft Skill courses. You can even contact them for skill consulting. You can enquire on the website for more details.

23. Drishti Center For Excellence

Drishti Center For Excellence provides soft skills training for corporates. They have several courses, which include leadership skills, creativity and management, problem-solving and decision making, high impact presentation skills, enhanced communication, and interpersonal skills.

24. FITA

FITA is a soft skills training course institute based in Chennai. They boast of top-class trainers, intensive training, top certification, individual attention, flexible time schedules, and practical exposure.

25. Skills Ahead

Skills Ahead is a site that helps you in searching for the best institute for soft skills. Simply drop in an inquiry on their website for the best suggestions. They also offer training of their own.

26. Aptron

Aptron is an institute based in Noida which offers various soft skills courses for interested candidates. They have different learning tracks for students, which include regular track, weekend track, and fast track. Additionally, the course duration and training modes are different for each one of them.

27. Train Smart Inc

Train Smart Inc provides tailor-made soft skills workshops at your place on your time. This gives you the flexibility to schedule courses and train according to your time. Please click on the link above to know more about the courses.

28. Train In A Day

Train In A Day offers a wide range of soft skills courses. Some of the courses offered include negotiating skills, assertiveness skills. Also, it includes presentation skills, communication skills, time management, and multiple other courses that you can choose from.

29. Kohli Finishing School

Kaizen Training Solutions provide personality development courses, soft and behavioral skills training. There are many more courses which they offer. There are multiple workshops too which you could take part in.

30. Kaizen Training Solutions

Kaizen Training Solutions provide personality development courses, soft and behavioral skills training. There are many more courses which they offer. There are multiple workshops too which you could take part in.

31. ISO Consultancy Services

These are the soft skills providers based in Gujrat. They also offer suggestions on various other soft skills course training and institutes. You can either call these institutes or get a price check on the website.

32. Rise Consulting

These are soft skills training centers in Gurgaon which provide the best training facilities and services. They also offer other training course providers.

33. Blue Dot Training

Blue Dot Training Institute offers multiple courses like Soft Skills Training, Functional Skills Training, Outbound Training. Click on the link above to get more details on the courses and their specifications.

34. EduLight

EduLight is an online soft skill training website. They provide online resources for you to take references from. There are multiple courses that you can choose to take training from.

35. SGS Soft Skills Training

SGS Soft Skills Training services enable you to book your training online. There are a variety of online courses that you can choose from.

36. Core Excellence

Core Excellence is a reputed institution with world-class training courses. Some of the courses which they provide are leadership training, team building training, time management courses, communication skills, and various other courses.

37. Illumine

Illumine provides soft skills training courses for either in-house, which includes groups of your organization or public courses for yourself and colleagues. You can choose the type of course that you want to go with.

38. Midas Soft Skills

The Midas Soft Skills organization provides multiple workshops that you can enroll for. They have one of the best and experienced trainers. Click on the above link for more details or courses.

39. KSL Training

KSL training provides soft skills courses, which include communication skills, assertiveness skills, influencing skills. It also includes dealing with difficult people, presentation skills. These are some of the courses that they offer, and there are multiple more options available.

40. Minocher Patel

Minocher Patel offers a 2-day soft skills training course. They also have customization options and numerous different methodologies. For the program outline, visit the above link.

41. Prism Technologies

Prism Technologies have various soft skills training courses like time management training, effective communication skills, leadership skills, and more. There are different time durations for each course.

42. Parivartan

Parivartan provides top soft skills training with certification. They have a unique approach when it comes to training individuals in soft skills with an amazing faculty.

43. ESoft Skills

ESoft Skills provide soft skills training to both individuals or teams and groups. There are many positive reviews of the organization. For more details, click on the link above.

44. Equinoxes

Equinoxes offer training services, management training, IT trainings, and HR training. They cover multiple soft skills courses in one set. For more inquiries, click on the above link.

45. eNyota

Train your employees with the best soft skill training institute. eNyota Learning has some of the best trainers and with flexible schedules for courses. Check out the few structures on the given link.

46. Kings Learning

Kings Learning has courses that include presentation skills, decision-making skills, job interview skills, body language, teamwork, and leadership skills. These are some of the courses that you can find in the institute.

47. Seven Mentor

Seven Mentor is the best personality development center in Pune. You can enroll for a free demo class. They offer the lowest course fees, free study material with 100% placement assistance.

48. Door Training

Door Training is one of the leading reputed institutions that offer soft skills training. There are multiple courses that you can choose from according to your preference.

49. Courseware

Courseware company offers courses like problem-solving and decision making, time management skills. Similarly, leadership qualities, communication skills, work ethics in an organization, and all the basic skills required in a work atmosphere.

50. Know Grow

Known Grow is a leading soft skills institute that provides live sessions, e-books, online access, convenient holiday training, and has a well-equipped faculty. Click the link above for more details.

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