Smart tips on setting goals to accomplish more in life

Smart tips on setting goals to accomplish more in life


A goal is something that you want to achieve. Your goals may be set by your own self or influenced by the people around you. If you set goals in life, it means you are showcasing your positive personality trait. You will feel more responsible in life and of course more focused.

Setting goals gives you a direction in life and boosts your mental balance, motivation, and self-esteem. However, the goals you set in life that you feel really important may not necessarily be important for the people around you. Certainly there is a fair scope of you being demotivated at times. Come what may don’t let yourself down. Be determined and resolute with a strong mindset to accomplishing your goals.

Foresee the results. Understand the answer to ‘why this goal’. You will soon realize that the goal is not just like any other target in life. The goal is rather the success mantra that you would want to prove to the world.

A dozen shrewd tips on setting goals to accomplish more in life are listed below for your ready perusal and consideration.

1. Set your goals your own way. Do not let others influence your goals. You are the best person to decide how you want to see yourself in the future.

2. List down all your goals in a detailed manner in a journal. Record your progress amid by time stamps. You will be more motivated to work better than before.

3. Prepare a chart and list out all your goals in just about a few words each. Paste this chart in front of your bed. Review them each morning and every night. You will stay more focused and come up with new and better ideas in approaching them the right possible way.

4. If you have a goal that is beyond your skills and abilities at the moment, then break through your goals. Ensure you do all possible groundwork to attain the desired knowledge and then work it out. Seek help if need be.

5. Keep trying until you succeed. The more times you fail, the more knowledge and wisdom you bag. Each failure teaches you a lesson that you can revive with the lapse of time.

6. Make sure that every goal is tagged with a specific deadline. You will be more accountable this way. It is ok to miss the date, but not the goal. Understand this significance.

7. Once you are ready with your list of goals, group them as short-term or long-term goals. You might well begin with your short-term goals initially, but keep reviewing all your goals in mind, every single day. Give your best.

8. Read a lot of literature that will help you drive your goals. Listen to a lot of inspiring and motivating theories in life. Attend a lot of self-help workshops as well. By dedicating your invaluable time to all these, you are in a way giving time for your enrichment and betterment. You are alternatively driving your goals.

9. Share your goals with at least one dear person in life. Take timely feedback from that person. Seek more inputs and work your ground well. This way, you will hardly miss yourself on the track to success and from the path to achieving your goals.

10. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Try to use your strengths more in a way to help you stay tuned to your goal paths. For all the weaknesses you are imbibed with, work out other possibilities in which you can either avoid them or turn them to work for you in a positive way.

11. To set goals, to accomplish them, all you primarily need is the right approach bagged by a positive mindset. Curb the negative energies in you and broaden your horizons to meditate and think optimistically. You will work with more enthusiasm now.

12. When a mistake happens during the process of achieving your goals, try and work it out to fix the mistake in itself, rather than fixing the mistake on someone else. Ensure to record the mistake along with the remedial action taken, in a way that it doesn’t pop up any further.

Begin by drifting your focus and attention from the not-so-important operational tasks to the goals in life. You will soon realize an incredible transformation taking place in your life, for your enrichment and betterment. Your energy levels rise and you feel a lot happier and successful with the kind of progression in place. This way, you will not just accomplish your goals, but much more to follow in life.

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    Goal setting tricks and tips

    Everyone knows that setting a goal is important. But the potential steps that must be taken to achieve them are unknown to half of the population in the world. Some tricks and tips help us to set our goals properly. These will help in the long run and work for any goals we wish to achieve.


    What are the steps to setting a goal?

    Setting a goal is a systematic process. Many different types of aspects must be considered while setting a goal. A productive step-by-step layout will help you to set your goal more effectively.

    Following are some steps to setting a goal-

    STEP-1 Set a specific goal

    Instead of a generalized goal setting, have a specific one and narrow it down to the ultimate goal you want to achieve.

    STEP-2 Set a deadline

    Time is finite and valuable. So, set some deadlines or periods within which you must complete your goal.

    STEP-3 Write down your goal

    Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down your goal or goals. Put this paper somewhere at your desk, where you will see it daily.

    STEP-4 Develop a plan

    Find out how to achieve your goal and come up with a proper plan.

    STEP-5 Accept challenges

    While achieving your goal, there will be many challenges. Don’t get disheartened by these as in the long run. They will prove useful. Use this as an opportunity to overcome the obstacles and achieve your goals.

    15 reasons why goal setting is important

    Goal setting is essential for seamless and unhindered progress in achieving goals. Goal setting is known as the primary and most crucial step towards success. Though complicated, it becomes effortless if you know what the reason behind your goal setting is. Almost every other successful individual recommends goal setting in the world.

    Following are 15 reasons why goal setting is important-

    1. Goals help you prioritize

    By setting goals, you come to know what is more important and what is less important. It helps you to prioritize current tasks as per their importance and available time.

    2. Goals help you focus

    You become more focused on every aspect of life when you set goals. It also eliminates wasting time on less important tasks and focuses on important ones.

    3. Goals keep you motivated

    Once you set goals and achieve them, you get a feeling of confidence. This gives you the motivation to push harder and pursue bigger goals.

    4. Goals make you responsible

    When you set goals, you have a particular purpose. It is you who becomes the gist of everything. This indirectly makes you more accountable in your life.

    5. Goals help you make better decisions

    As soon as you make some set goals. A sense of responsibility and dedication is inculcated within you. Do you realize what the correct choice that will drive you to success is?.

    6. Goals make you practical

    All of us have many wishes and desires. Some dream of becoming a millionaire; some want to gain weight; some want to set up a big business. But when you set goals, you provide an envelope of reality to these dreams and start acting accordingly.

    7. Goals utilize resources optimally

    The resources which we have are limited in number. Without goals, we tend to use these resources carelessly. But once we set goals, we start utilizing our resources wisely and efficiently.

    8. Goals help you in time management

    Many people waste their time on things that are not at all important. This is because they are not able to manage their time properly. They are not sure how to allocate time correctly. Setting goals help us to manage time effectively and carefully.

    9. Goals help you in effective communication

    This is more inclined towards workplaces. When you set your professional goals at your job, you can communicate effectively with your colleagues and bosses.

    10. Goals stretch your limits

    When you set goals, you get challenges. And these challenges help you to accomplish the impossible. You are yourself surprised to see that you are competent and can achieve much more than anticipated.

    11. Goals change your lifestyle

    To achieve your goals, you need to come out of your comfort zone and do something you never have. You have to change it. It may be changing your food habits, exercising, reading, etc. depending on your goals.

    12. Goals provide you with a purpose in life

    Goals give you a sense of direction and meaning to your life. You stop wishful thinking and start taking action. It converts a dream into a reality.

    13. Goals make you more positive

    In today’s world, many people think negatively. They continuously keep complaining, make excuses, blame. But once you set goals, you know that these negative things won’t help.

    You have to get up and start focusing. This indirectly makes you positive in your life.

    14. Goals make you accountable

    When you set a practical goal, you come to know how well you are performing. It introduces a sense of accountability for you. As time goes, you grow as a person.

    15. Goals make you a better version of you

    Goal setting makes you accomplish things. You strive hard and become determined to achieve your goals. You can yourself monitor how you were before and after setting goals. Compare yourself with you. Goals help you bring out the best in you and live the life you want.

    SMART goal setting

    This is an efficient technique that provides the foundation to set your goals. It is always recommended by successful people to do SMART work instead of hard work. Because SMART work eventually saves your energy, time, and money. But hard work drains your energy, time as well as money. That’s the reason why many Entrepreneurs around the world adopt a SMART goal setting.

    Following is the SMART goal setting criteria-

    S – Specific (What will be the output of this goal?)

    M – Measurable (What information and data will measure the goal?)

    A – Achievable (Is the goal achievable? Are necessary skills present?)

    R – Relevant (How does the goal fit into a broader perspective?)

    T – Time-bound (How much time will be required to achieve the goal?)

    SMART goal setting will help you structure your goal criteria and focus on essential things.

    Obstacles in goal setting

    Whenever you start something new, which requires a change, obstacles are likely to follow. This is because your mind and body do not have the habit of these newly occurring changes.

    Following are the Obstacles in goal setting-

    1.) Routine

    From so many days, you might be following a particular routine. By introducing a change (setting goals), you need to amend your routine in certain areas. Many people don’t want to change their routine and are hence stuck there forever.

    2.) Surroundings

    Your environment also plays a crucial role in your goal setting. The aspects present around your house the roommates and friends. They may be stopping you from achieving your goals by dragging you to your older lifestyle.

    3.) Procrastination

    This is the habit of delaying things, and all human beings are born with it. You ignore important things and always postpone specific tasks.

    4.) Fear

    Many people have a fear of failure, fear of the unknown. They keep thinking, “Will I be able to achieve this?” Set aside these fears as this proves an obstacle in setting and achieving your goals.

    5.) Seeking help

    No human is born with the ability to do everything on its own. We all require support at some point in time. If you cannot rely on people or bosses, seek help in some other way. Refer to books, the Internet. But make sure to achieve what you started in the first place.

    6.) Tips for goal setting in the workplace

    Your workplace is different from your home. It is more of a professional aspect of your life. Whatever decisions you make, the goals you set at the workplace have a direct impact on other employees and the company, in addition to yourself.

    Following are the Tips for goal setting in the workplace-

    1. Have a sense of vision

    Have a broader mindset and make out a proper plan for goal setting. Take control of your mind, write down the goals, and check how many of them fit into the workplace.

    2. Stay motivated

    When we achieve something, we feel happy. And when there is a competition, like at a workplace, you feel bad if you fail to set your goals and proceed in that direction. Instead of having this feeling of failure, take this opportunity, and stay motivated. If my colleague can do it, I can too!

    3. Reduce stress in the workplace

    There are many stressful situations in the workplace. It may be with your work, colleague, boss, etc. Goal setting helps you stay focused and help in proper transitioning across different departments. It reduces the boring monotonous nature of work and increases productivity.

    4. Make commitments and achieve those

    When you have set clear goals and get committed to achieving those, you work efficiently in your workplace. It increases employee engagement and makes you feel important in your team.

    5. Think about the big picture

    At the workplace, you may have many mundane tasks that you need to do as a part of your job. But go beyond these and think about the big picture. What’s the result of your goal?

    6. Ask for help

    When you come to a stop and need help, don’t stay silent. Speak up. Ask for help from your colleagues or boss. Build a professional network inside and outside your organization and take their advice.

    How can I improve my goal setting?

    If you follow the basics of goal setting, the “why’s” and “what’s,” apply the SMART technique, you are on the right path of your goal setting. Commit yourself, go outside your limits, bring a positive change, challenge yourself, act on what you have set your goal for. Inculcating this aspect will help you improve your goal setting.

    What are 5 tips to consider when you set a goal?

    While setting a goal for yourself, you must consider several aspects. These aspects might severely magistrate the result of your goal setting. You require a goal that is highly productive and effective. But due to manipulation and misguidance, many people tend to set the goal incorrectly.

    Following are the 5 Tips to consider when you set a goal?-

    1. Aim big but start small

    Let’s say you have set your goal, which is big, for example, buying a house. To achieve this goal, you need to start with smaller intermediate goals like saving money, improving current income, minimize debts, etc. You must break down your big goal into smaller goals.

    2. Apply the SMART technique

    As discussed previously, apply the SMART technique to sub-divide your goals appropriately.

    3. Get support

    Get in touch with someone who can help you consider factors in setting your goal. Listen to them but use common sense as well to know where and when to apply their advice.

    4. Stay positive even if you miss a day

    It may happen that due to some circumstances around us, we are not able to follow our goal on that particular day. Don’t let this make you sad, but instead, from the next day, get back on track and pursue your goals.

    5. Believe in yourself

    You alone can bring a change into your life. No other person can. Have faith in what you do and do it with complete motivation. Believe.

    How do I write a goal plan?

    The first step in any goal setting is to make a proper plan. Write down your goals and create a plan to follow those. Apply the SMART technique.

    Following is the sample template you can consider while writing a goal plan-

    (Replace “_____” with relevant words):

    1. My SMART goal is ________
    2. Does this goal fit into a SMART ideology? (Yes/No)
    3. Challenges in achieving this goal are __________
    4. Time frame required to achieve this goal is ________
    5. I will review my progress by ___________ (writing, emailing, maintaining a diary, keeping a logbook, etc.)
    6. I will need help from ________ (people, books, Internet resources)
    7. After achieving my goal, I will _________

    If you follow this technique of writing a goal plan, things will be a lot easier and help you in achieving your goals.

    Golden rules for successful goal setting

    Goal setting is one of the crucial aspects of achieving success. UN knowingly people make erroneous goal setting. These goals are setting results in minimizing the potential in the individual.

    Following are the Golden rules for successful goal setting-

    I) Set goals that motivate you

    This is extremely important because if the goal you set has no motivation, then it becomes monotonous, and you fail to achieve it.

    II) Set SMART goals

    By setting these SMART goals, you know precisely if your goal touches all elements of a successful goal-setting scenario.

    III) Set goals in writing

    When you write your goals and place them somewhere, you see daily transitions that thought into a reality. It provides a structure.

    IV) Make an action plan

    As mentioned previously, write down an action plan. List out all the possible scenarios required in setting your goal.

    V) Stick with it!

    Every day, set aside a few hours that help you in achieving your goal. Don’t let go!

    Make sure that you inculcate these golden rules in your goal setting. These goals set will increase your productivity and efficiency. Within some days, you will start realizing change within yourself once you inculcate these golden rules.

    Why should you set the goals list?

    As mentioned before, goals can be categorized into different lists. Setting this goals list allows you to organize and provide a proper structure to your goals. It helps you to keep track of and prioritize goals. It puts forth a clear set of actions that you can follow.

    Why does effective goal setting help us achieve goals?

    Effective goal setting is essential to achieve goals. This helps to reach our goals successfully and decisively. We need to take the right actions within a limited time frame. If we do not set our goals effectively, we may start losing interest or abandon our goals.

    This may happen due to a lack of confidence, improper planning, being unrealistic, and pressuring ourselves too much. But if we set our goals effectively in the first place itself, we are sure to achieve those without any hurdles.


    To achieve anything in your life, you need some tools. The goals you set are your tools. They are a medium that will make sure you get what you want in life. If you follow all the helpful tricks and tips mentioned in this article, you can achieve your goals! After all, who doesn’t want to make their life better?

    So, take out your pen and paper! Start writing goals, make an action plan, apply the SMART technique, list down types of goals you want to achieve, list down the obstacles in achieving those goals. Put this paper on your desk and make it a point to follow these.

    Success is yours, for sure!

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