Simple ways to create peace of mind

Simple ways to create peace of mind


Peace of mind is the feeling of being in a harmless, benign, and safe state of psychological health. With a peaceful mind, you are in a state of tranquility that is free from worries. When anxieties bother you, you need to quickly put your life under the modification curve and mend it in a way that drives you towards peace.

Peace in mind is, therefore, invaluable and plays a vital role in tuning your thoughts and actions towards positivity. If you want to grow and excel in life, you need to be mentally strong. In the process, you need to TOSS yourself, i.e., “Think Of Something Sensible.” Chase your passions, desires, and aspirations by relaxing your senses.

Depicted below are a couple of modest and yet influential ways to attain peace of mind. You are sure to calm down the thoughts that worry you unwarrantedly, by following these.

1. Write your own autobiography.

You are the best person to talk about yourself. Take folios and start writing down your life story. During the process, you tend to recollect as many good phases you experienced as possible. And you will pretty sure enjoy writing moments of hardships too, as those phases are over now.

2. Talk to your pets.

Move around with your pets. Go for a walk, feed them, and take them to pet stores. Meet their latent needs. Buy them more eating stuff, toys, and other accessories. By absorbing yourself into the pet’s world, you reap immense happiness and joy and spice up your life with new strengths.

3. Spend time for meditation.

Every day, take out at least 15 minutes of your time to meditate your senses and control the anxieties that bother you, thereby welcoming peace in mind. By meditating, you gain power over mindfulness. You respond to situations sensibly.

4. Go for a walk, counting each step manually.

When you feel restless, get up and move on. Choose a serene path and keep walking by counting your footsteps manually. For a change, count backward from one thousand. By the time you reach the count of one, your mind would have already placed itself in peace.

5. Open your day with an interesting task.

As you wake up every morning, pick, and do a task that interests you a lot. Pursue your favorite hobby for a while. By beginning the day with positivity, you tend to carry a peace of mind and serenity at heart for the rest of the day.

6. Master divinity by acts of forgiveness.

There could be instances when someone hurt you knowingly or unknowingly in your past. Recollect those moments and exhibit acts of forgiveness, for they truly deserve. By showcasing the divinity in you, your mind rests in peace, helping you move on in life.

7. Pen down your ruthless worries and cremate them.

When worries bother you at work, just pull yourself out of work. Sit alone and jot down all your anxieties. Try to recollect as many anxieties as possible that bothered you in your near past. Once you shift your fears and concerns from mind to paper, reduce it to ashes.

8. Take things at ease.

Understand that you cannot regulate everything in life. Certain circumstances happen without your control, and certain others happen when you refrain from controlling. When something doesn’t go right, take a left. But set yourself with peace in mind.

9. Play your own music.

You, just like any other person, shed an interesting ear to listening to music. Just that, the choice of melody might differ. Feel the music you love most at heart. Now, try to play this tune all by yourself. Awaken the innovation in you. Bring out the originality in you.

10. Listen to your breathing.

Spend time in isolation and drive yourself into your own inner peace. Listen and enjoy the music of your breathing and workout different breathing exercises. Inhale and exhale from your nostrils alternately. Unlock the peace of mind resting inside you.

11. List out your favorites.

Just like anybody else, you, too, have your own set of favorites. When agitation attempts to pitch into your mind, just sit in a calm zone and list down your choices and preferences. The lengthier list you prepare, the more harmony and goodwill you acquire by the mind.

12. Learn something new every day.

Understand that every day is unique in itself. Make everyday remarkable in life by adding something new in life each day. New entrants can be anything from a new word added to your vocabulary, making a new friend, adding up a new skill, appreciating your competitor, etc.

13. Watch the beauty of nature.

Get lost into the natural beauty. Dedicate time for the greenery around. Sit in silence to observe the flowing breeze and rolling water. Gracefully witness the wildlife around. Spread harmony and peace in mind.

14. Calculate your earnings and savings.

You may or may not be a direct money earner. But, for sure, you must be having your own jar of savings. Compute your earnings, savings, and work out your financials. ‘Money matters’ most of the time, keep your other thoughts away without your very conscious effort.

15. Give proactive feedback to others.

Obtaining feedback and offering feedback are both crucial to switching thoughts in mind. When you proactively give feedback to others, you are assisting them in growing in life. You are, in a way, helping them tune their life towards betterment and end up rewarding peace in mind.

16. Cut down on your addictions.

Addictions die hard. But they are not impossible to give up though. Put efforts to give up on one bad addiction you have in life and bless yourself with a calm yet the energetic state of mind. You can start by increasing the interval gap between them, or by simply replacing it with something else.

17. Go for an outing with self.

Break free from work and routine that puts you in a kind of vicious circle of life. Go for an unplanned and an ad-hoc date with your own self. Spend time alone outside your geographical and virtual borders, to witness serenity at heart.

18. Try something best out of waste.

To pull in the peace of mind, pull out the creativity in you. Pick unused or unwanted resources that are lying handy around. Out of your imagination, carve something good out of these items. Make a useful piece for usage or display.

19. Go back in time and behave like a child.

Be juvenile and exhibit the adolescence in you. Cook up your life with a sense of humor that boosts your morale, strength, and pleasure in life. Be more sociable and engage in collaborative work to sideline the worries that linger in your mind.

20. Organize your space.

Peace and positivity automatically erupt in mind when your ambiance is well set. Therefore, to bring in peace of mind, you need to first shape up your surroundings, systematize them. Also, set rules to sustain self-discipline in these matters.

21. Stand by your ethics.

When you are held up in a dubious situation, just be yourself and stand by your ethics. Value the values and beliefs, philosophies, and ideas you implanted in your life. By being your true self, you drive home health and happiness.

22. Involve in charity works.

Deliver acts of tolerance and compassion. Uncover the goodwill in you and lend a helping hand. Involve yourself in acts of charity to help the poor and the needy. Also, assist those who need your ideas or opinions or even skills for that matter.

23. Love yourself and take proper care.

Your health is in your hands. You are the ultimate one to take the best care of yourself. Therefore, love yourself and ensure to invite into life good things that keep you fit and healthy. Practice to reward yourself peace in mind by keeping yourself.

24. Live in the moment.

Keep your worrying thoughts aside by enjoying every moment of life. Do not allow the negative vibes of yesterday to ruin your today. Do not even think about tomorrow, hampering your present. Pursue your passions, thirsts, and urges to bring in a happy mind.

25. Look back at your merits and achievements.

Summon up all the excellences, good traits, abilities, merits, accomplishments, and triumphs you earned in the days that passed by. By recollecting happy moments, you repeat them in your brain. Thereby, you gift yourself with peace in mind.

26. Talk to an old friend.

When uncertainties pitch in and ruin your mental state of mind, pause from whatever you are up to. Ring up an old friend and have a little lengthy conversation. Sail together into a different and a new world where the gates for worries are closed.

27. Set realistic and achievable goals.

You understand your life better than anybody else. With maturity and morality in the brain, now, set realistic and reachable goals. Gather all necessary resources and acquire the desired skills to ram home your future. As you keep working on them, you are actually mending the mental illness to wellness.

28. Spend time in front of the mirror.

Peace of mind comes as a compliment to happiness. To be happy, you need to look at yourself. Examine how your physical appearance is looked up by people around you. Observe and watch yourself by spending time in front of the mirror. Shape up with your favorites to awe yourself.

29. Reveal your true self and give your best.

Every situation has odds and favors in it. Turn odds into favors and perform your best by being genuine and honest to yourself. Self-reflect the same to the world around you. You are now looked up as a moving symbol of personification.

30. Huddle up with strangers.

Expend time with people unfamiliar to you—exchange chats and experiences. Converse more to divert your mind from a state filled with fear to a state filled with joy at heart and peace in mind. Let into your mind newer life lessons and wisdom, all of which partner you in progress.

Overall, you need to work in a way that doesn’t hamper your progress or stop your growth. Always choose to make a list of your commitments and prioritize them. With a well laid out action plan, you need to work in a way to deliver your best at all times. You need to consciously take breaks in between, revamp your priorities and mindset, and uplift your well-being and relationships and head towards your tasks.

Above all, you should ideally sustain mental peace to reap awesome results. Adopt one or more of the techniques stated above and add up the spice of gratitude to it. Doing so, your quality of life surprisingly improves. You gain more happiness and make people around you also happy and resilient. In a nutshell, peace of mind strengths your interpersonal relationships, improves your overall well-being by reducing levels of stress and anger, causing emotions.

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  • karishma
    karishma Archana
    20,342 pts

    Writing is in progress...............

    Creating peace of mind will no longer a challenge for you

    Could you please leave me alone? I want some peace of mind.

    I have often heard this sentence by the people to excuse for peace of mind. But, what peace of mind exactly is? How does it work? Or, is it essential for you? And, if yes, how to get that?

    Well, a lot of questions are there. And, I have their solutions too. So, go through this batch of sentences carefully. And you will be able to create peace of mind for yourself.

    What is peace of mind?

    In simple language, I would say peace of mind is the halt against the racing thoughts in your mind.

    Well, It is a psychological condition where people want inner peace. But do they get it? If you are suffering from the problem of stress, anxiety, depression, peace of mind would be the precious thing you ever want in your life.

    You would be struggling to get it around yourself, but you had a disappointment left with you as you could not find it exactly.

    In other words, peace of mind is the deficiency of anxiety and stress. These words explain the importance of peace of mind entirely. But does peace of mind exist?

    Yes! It does. Making your mind calm and quiet can make you finding peace of mind. At the same time, it is not so easy for you if you are stressed. As, in the stressed condition, you are not in the state of thinking anything.

    Being stressed is the worst phase; someone can go through. And, dealing with such a situation is hard often. But, you should be able to create a free room for yourself without seeking help from anyone else.

    So, I have listed a few easiest ways to help you get your peace of mind. So, have a look consciously.

    How to get peace of mind?

    Try to add and follow the tips I listed below. And, you will be successful in finding peace of mind.

    1) Listen to music.

    Music is the ultimate way to get peace of mind. When you listen to the music, its nodes and rhythms engage your mind into themselves. And your mind forgets the issue.

    You will uncover much scientific evidence on the same theory that music can help you finding peace of mind.

    2) Take a deep breath.

    Breathing techniques are also another way of giving your mind a short break from worries.

    When you focus on your breath, your mind started to attend to your body and inner you, rather than focusing on the issues and tensions you had. A regular session of breathing exercise can help you with getting peace of mind quickly.

    3) Make a habit of meditation.

    Meditation is the best way to make your mind calm. When you include meditation in your routine, you get to feel the benefits of it soon.

    A regular small session of the exercise can bring a considerable change in your life. It not only supplies inner peace to you, but it also arranges an appointment of you with yourself.

    4) Accept the fact.

    Many times it is seen that you get worried because you fail to accept the truth. If you won't take the fact, the condition is not going to change.

    So, it is better to accept the fact the way it is, rather than thinking about it repeatedly, which is also disturbing your mind.

    5) Don't compare.

    A principal reason to be depressed is the comparison. Nowadays, it is widespread to compare self-life with others. That makes no sense in reality. But it has a significant impact on your life.

    By doing that, you don't only get upset, but at the same time, you are insulting being yourself. So, don't compare yourself with anyone.

    6) Be yourself.

    Don't try to be like anyone. It increases the pressure on your mind. Your mind will think to be the like the other person. At the same time, you are not meant to be them. Self-acceptance is the best way to be happy and healthy.

    7) Get enough sleep.

    Getting enough sleep is crucial for your body as well as the brain. If your brain and body are working continuously, it will demand the rest at a particular time. And you have to give it to them.

    Your body needs an eight-hour of sweet sleep. And the best to get peace of mind is, have your set rest daily.

    8) Be kind.

    Kindness is free, but no one cares about it. If you show some compassion worldwide, you feel inner peace, which means peace of mind.

    9) Take a break.

    Do you want to do all the things today only? Sometimes, taking a short break is also good.

    Why put unnecessary pressure on your mind and make it feel stressed, so? Take a break from your hectic lifestyle. And you will be happy.

    10) Be positive at the end of adverse situations.

    Well, this is not easy. Positive emotions are hard to get, where negative thoughts are easy to approach.

    Staying with a positive attitude is an art. So, be an artist. And try to find the positivity at the end of every negative emotion.

    11) Explore your limitations.

    If you know your capabilities are beyond the work you are doing in the present situation, then why not just give it a try.

    Take the risk, explore your limitation. It will make you feel happy that you have given your best. And, who knows, what can come out of it. Maybe you will get something that you never expected.

    12) Spend a little time with kids or pets.

    Well, these two partners to make yourself peaceful are the best ways.

    Kids and pets don't care about the world. They don't carry the burden in their mind. Instead, they don't make you realize any tension. When you spend time with them, you ultimately feel like getting a peaceful environment.

    13) Make a connection with others.

    Humans are meant to be a part of society. If you can make bonds with the surrounding, you feel happy.

    Know others, and let others know you. This will help you find yourself somewhere. Maybe, this way, you get something best within you.

    14) Open up about your thoughts.

    This one is essential to do. If you speak up about your thoughts, nothing can be the best healing for you.

    If something is bothering you, find someone closer, and speak up to them.

    Well, it will sound funny, but if you don't find anyone to listen to you, or you are scared of being judge by someone, find someone stranger to speaking up. Let your emotions come out. Strangers will not judge you ever. And you will get peace of mind.

    15) See failure as a ladder.

    Failures are challenging to accept. But, until and unless you get them, you can not move forward.

    Decide to learn something from your failure. Make a ladder of every failure. Don't lose hope, and minimize your efforts. This will make you stronger and help you feel calm.

    16) Don't feel guilty.

    Guilt is an emotion that ruins your happiness. Also, it kills peace of mind. Don't feel guilty about anything.

    Instead, challenge the feeling, and make yourself free of this toxic feeling as this feeling can motivate you to the wrong way.

    17) Let things go.

    If you have a habit of sticking to things, then you need to change the pattern. It is the worst thing; you are keeping to yourself.

    Let the things go, and make yourself free from the burden. Those things or feelings are not giving you anything but the pressure on your mind.

    So, it is better to let them go, to get peace of mind.

    18) Enjoy Me Time.

    Every one of you should have Me Time to yourself. Spend and enjoy a little time with yourself. Know yourself better.

    You will realize the abilities you have, liking you were hiding from the world. In short, you will meet the new you.

    19) Worry Less.

    On average, we have around 75000 thoughts in a day, out of which 80% of ideas make no sense.

    Simultaneously, these thoughts are toxic for you, as they only increase the burden on your mind. And make you feel worried. So, think less, worry less.

    20) Live in the moment.

    Your thinking won't make any difference in your past and future. Instead, it will make you lose the present.

    Whatever you have, it is for NOW, and not for yesterday or tomorrow. So, enjoy your present and live in the moment to get peace of mind.

    The Bottom Line

    Keep your attitude positive. Don't think beyond your limits as it will only apply pressure on your mind and make you feel worried. Thinking is the primary reason behind the stress in your mind. So, don't allow your mind to think unnecessary things too often. And follow the above tips to get peace of mind.

  • radhika
    Radhika pandit
    318 pts

    Peace of mind is the most valuable thing in the world. Nothing replaces the term peace. Peace does not practically mean that you have to be in a place that is soundproof, or where there is no trouble or thoughts. When you are surrounded by all these things in life and yet park calmness in your heart, you are said to carry peace.

    You are said to be living in the past if you are feeling depressed at the moment. And when anxious thoughts haunt your mind, you are said to be living in the future. But when you feel peaceful and happy in mind, you are said to be living in the present. Therefore, live in the moment.

    If you would also like to cruise with others who are living in the moments of peace and serenity, you can choose to follow the recommendations listed below.


    Rumination broadly talks about ways in which you can self-reflect to the world around you. It helps you stay contemplated with positive dynamism and liveliness derived out of delivering acts of meditation.

      1. Attempt a 90 breath exercise. Close your eyes and just count on your breathing, backward from 90 to 1 and done. During this period, try not to think about anything else.

          2. Take a meditation power nap. Lie down in your personal space and do nothing. It is okay to fall asleep for a while, so long as you reap peace in mind.

              3. Spend every morning for about 15 minutes to practice yoga in conjunction with meditation and exercises. This helps you to calm down your senses instantly.

                  4. Ruminate by practicing to settle your eyebrows apart. Do not let them get closer. Offer them peace of mind by letting them just relax down in their respective places.

                      5. Draw yourself into a fantasy world that interests you and feel your presence in that illusion. Feel the ground below, the clouds above, and the ambiance around.


                        Self-declaration teaches you ways to enlighten your well-being by making constructive affirmations. You thereby develop and encourage the progressiveness in you to upbeat your own abilities.

                          6. Declare and cry out to yourself all the thoughts causing mental illness. Doing so destroys all the harmful feelings that bury your health down.

                              7. Prepare a master journal of all the unhealthy, tough, and problematic moments you faced. Write across each of these, your learnings, from them.

                                  8. Do not feel sad for the actions others presented towards you. Give them feedback as to how you feel instead of building up on cold wars and antipathy. This way, you invite in the peace of mind to either of you, with your very conscious efforts.

                                      9. If you delayed or have forgotten to forgive someone in the past, quickly revamp the relationship. Do so by interacting with that person and expressing your forgiveness.

                                          10. Forgive your own self for the mistakes made by you and try to learn from them. If your mistakes affected someone, then with peace in mind and truthfulness by soul, make an apology, and express regret.

                                            Innovation and You

                                            Release and unbolt the resourcefulness in you. Be genuine in exposing the imagination in you. Deliver your original work, just as how you feel it should be, needless to bother whether it is right or wrong.

                                              11. Close your eyes for a while, and notice the picture that hits your mind first. Now carefully pull yourself off from the feeling mode to portraying mode and try to paint the art.

                                                  12. Make a collection of images that depict peace of mind, a few of which you must have already witnessed. Invite in more of these from external sources. End up making one of your own.

                                                      13. Rehearse your much-loved peace in mind quotes. Learn to read more such quotes contemplating and considering those that make you feel comfortable and calm.

                                                          14. Watch your favorite dance steps. By playing your choice of music, makeup, and compile your own choreography. Record it to reckon later to feel at ease.

                                                              15. Listen to your favorite music. Now sit in silence and make your own melody. Bring out the ideas in you to tune up your own piece of composition.

                                                                Outpour Creativity

                                                                Creativity lets you have the vision to do something routine in a different fashion. By being inventive in nature, you probe yourself to analyzing a situation from various standpoints. You derive happiness too.

                                                                  16. Write your name in different styles—set peace in mind. Try various fonts, colors, paints, and work out artistically. Attempt calligraphy and inscribe your name for framing and display.

                                                                      17. Think of a different and healthy kind of food. Understand by surfing the net how to prepare. Now let loose the creativity in you to prepare the dish and serve yourself and loved ones.

                                                                          18. Look back at your own photos from olden times. Drive yourself into a walk to find beautiful scenery and a refreshing background. Keep taking selfies to relish later.

                                                                              19. Plant a seed. Watch it grow in your garden. At different stages of the life cycle of this plant, take photographs. Dwell them in an exclusive album and add your text and info underneath.

                                                                                  20. Make your own blog space, and keep posting thoughts on innovation. Display your ideas on peace of mind and watch how they are reviewed.

                                                                                    Endeavor Behaviors

                                                                                    Engage in activities that keep you busy. Prioritize your work and move on as per your schedule. Perform actions that enhance you towards mental calming down manners.

                                                                                      21. Travel to distant places. Explore new spheres of life. By roving around without any plan in place, you set your mind free to wander about and get the agitations out of your head.

                                                                                          22. Every day, spend time for outdoor activities like gym, running, jogging, dancing, yoga, etc. By spending time in activities outside your personal and professional space, you give time for the mind.

                                                                                              23. Stretch yourself into the environment. Watch the beauty of nature and feel it from the heart. Talk to the bushes and humus. Chat with the rivers and breeze. With peace in mind, get lost into nature.

                                                                                                  24. Participate in a marathon. Go for a cycling race. Throw yourself into an activity that absorbs your body and allows you to settle with a peace of mind. Doing so improves your overall well-being.

                                                                                                      25. Get off the ground and systematize all your belongings lying in and around. Create more space. Keep things organized. Bring together a calm breathing area and also a calm mind.

                                                                                                        Privacy Counts

                                                                                                        When you begin to spend time with yourself and engage in a private conversation, the real you open out. You know who you truly are and understand where you want to head in life.

                                                                                                          26. Sit in silence and recollect all the good things that happened because of you. Know what expectations have been set on you. Create a meaningful future with peace of mind.

                                                                                                              27. Work on the feedback received. Positive feedback certainly energizes you. But make sure that you consider the negative feedback as well and drive them in life in a constructive manner.

                                                                                                                  28. Make a list of things you appreciate about yourself. Probe more as to why you love yourself. Look out for other choices of skills and talents that you need to dwell upon.

                                                                                                                      29. Put up a DND – Do Not Disturb board. Keep others informed that you are not available for them for about 15 minutes. At this time, follow your heart and just do what you feel like doing.

                                                                                                                          30. Keep your gadgets away and log off from being accessible socially on the networking sites. Just be in the company of your mind and know what it wants—advice by being a good friend.

                                                                                                                            Affairs and Dealings

                                                                                                                            You have to be fair in your affairs. For relations to last till the last breath, you need to carefully define your borders and understand your boundaries—deal in doing things right and do the right things.

                                                                                                                              31. Present your true self. Don’t exhibit the fake you to the world. Understand that you were not born or are living to impress someone. So, just be yourself and let people like you the way you are.

                                                                                                                                  32. Do not suppress your tastes and interests or hide your fascinations. Let others know the real you. Because the bonding in a relationship strengthens only by being fair and honest.

                                                                                                                                      33. Spend time with the people you love most. Keep aside all the concerns that spoil your bond. Have a sense of humor and naïve, and yet be candid. Share feelings and peace of mind too.

                                                                                                                                          34. Partner with a favorite buddy or an approachable colleague who can assist you in your tough times. Work in collaboration bagged by peace in mind, to reap rewarding results.

                                                                                                                                              35. Know your limits. Think twice before you project a typical behavior, both in front of known persons as well as strangers. Don’t be too sociable that you damage the relationship.

                                                                                                                                                Humanity and Generosity

                                                                                                                                                You need to involve in acts of charity and undertake voluntary acts to help the society you live in. Do something with kindness and compassion without expecting anything in return.

                                                                                                                                                  36. It is true to say that God helps those who help themselves. See yourself in others with peace in mind and humility at heart. Help others without waiting to hear a word of gratitude. God will certainly extend support to you.

                                                                                                                                                      37. Be a socially responsible person. Understand that flora and fauna around have equal rights as humans on Earth. Therefore, volunteer to help them.

                                                                                                                                                          38. When time is running out, extend help indirectly. If you cannot help the needy yourself, do it through a charitable trust or an orphanage home, which directly takes care of them.

                                                                                                                                                              39. Water plants timely. Encourage more plantation wherever possible. Persuade against cutting down trees. Help the world understand that humans live because of plants.

                                                                                                                                                                  40. Help someone who needs your skills. It is okay once in a while to set aside your routine and pitch into other verticals to deliver your strengths.

                                                                                                                                                                    Despite all that said, it is now your turn to flip from unstable mental health to acquiring peace and calmness. Know your worries. But before that, understand their roots.

                                                                                                                                                                    By exploring their root structure, you better understand how to handle them. Practice the behavioral traits quoted above and work them into your life involving the support of your loved ones.

                                                                                                                                                                    Apprehend that nothing is too late, to begin with. You can still recover from your illness by attaining and sustaining peace and harmony in your mind.

                                                                                                                                                                    Give away from all those thoughts that unnecessarily bother you. By delivering acts of mindfulness, you pack home happiness that, of course, comes with a complement of stability and peace in mind.

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