Significance of E-learning


Learning in the most original form is the superb ability thus a necessity for every living being discovered so far on this planet. Humans are the most orderly constituted being who tend to learn each day something or the other right from their first breath to the last. With perpetually evolving binary-manipulation (digital) technology and decreasing availability of time, the need & modes of learning has to change, and this is where the concept of E-learning or electronic learning germinates which deals with the digital interaction of teacher and student.

Two types of E-learning patterns: Designated course based E-learning:

In this method, the learner and the teacher interact only with a specific kind of course for a particular duration of time. The student can search for their specific topics and can choose their suitable teacher or institution. This facility helps the students to get the most precise knowledge in the topics they are less aware of.

Helping other modules of E-learning:

In this method, tutors and educational institutions can enroll themselves and may offer help to the students who seek their assistance. Even students can help other students thus creating a private network of knowledge pool to sync with each other.

Benefits of E-learning: There are five advantages of E-learning:

1. Time-Management:

The most and least available significant entity offered to humans is time. In this world of physical and virtual rush E-learning facilitates us to learn whenever one feels like to. There is no bracketed time-limit for anyone, whenever one feels could learn and whenever one feels could teach. PostStudyQuery's tutor offers different types of packages for the students thus making it short and sweet for the students to grab quality knowledge quickly and efficiently.

2. Authentic Education:

The essential factor in choosing a teacher is the authenticity of facts taught by the teacher. Before hire, any tutor, take their free lesson and check their expertise, skills, and understanding with a student. All the teachers registered on PostStudyQuery are reviewed and rated by the students, and accordingly, they get some points ( points and tag system of PostStudyQuery ) and thus the feel of competence and getting more value points would lead them to increase their standards of teaching, tag and thus the authenticity increases. Hence it is a worry-free platform.

3. Cost-Efficient:

All you need is a digital interpreter like pc, laptop, smartphones or tablets, and an internet connection and you are on. Just log in to the PostStudyQuery and you are surrounded by nearly all the available knowledge in the world which you could choose according to your budget. It would prove to be cheaper than what you pay at physical coaching institutes.

4. Direct-Interaction:

PostStudyQuery has created a platform for tutors and even students can directly connect to each other without any trouble. PostStudyQuery platform is easy to use, and even a neophyte can use it accurately.

5. Most-Interactive:

It is proven that visual learning including colored stats, moving images & content forms are the most long-lasting memory ever. With PostStudyQuery you can attain the zenith of understanding each topic you study in your sessions.

Future Of E-learning

Education has been the most significant factor in deciding the fate of any person since the beginning of human civilization in the 4th millennium B.C. era. The learning process has undergone many alterations & upgrades. There was a time when physical teaching was the only medium to spread awareness of education; for instance, since the construction of the first-ever school in 597 A.D. till the 1990s. The particular learning pattern was man to man studying in school and college.

However, as time passed not only the education system changed but also the medium of education has changed. Apart from the usual school hours, students require the extra attention of skilled ‘educationalists’ to clear doubts and queries. With upcoming advance and unique techniques, learning has become very easy. The day is near when the concept of ‘DIGITAL RESPIRATION (extensive use of digital applications)’ would become as necessary as physical respiration. This would be the best time when web platforms like would become the household name. PostStudyQuery has established itself substantially as one of the most viable learning domain.

Five unique learning features which are the future of E-learning:

  • Web 2.0 & user-generated content:

Web 2.0 or World Wide Web sites have a very bright future in upcoming decades which would allow more scope in user-generated content web hosting. It is an essential part of the digital & virtual world these days as it facilitates more cordial communication between two people. PostStudyQuery promotes this type of facility by providing space to tutors to showcase their specialized skills to students who are looking for relevant topics.

  • Social media like a form of E-learning:

It is the most interesting feature of PostStudyQuery which allows personalized communication of a teacher & a student through their profile message system which is certainly the future of E-learning.

  • Open educational resources (O.E.R.s):

These are openly licensed reading material used for mass teaching. PostStudyQuery provides the facility of scanning teachers by the points they earn from the reviews of their students. Hence in the future, there would be no copyright infringement over study materials if tutors are using O.E.R.s

PostStudyQuery provides the facility of registering teachers having expertise in different streams hence every teacher has a different style of teaching. The students can choose teachers who can meet their needs & can tell them to make the learning session as interactive as possible in the private chats. With the use of graphics & images or any other interactive resource, they can make the session worthwhile.

  • Query Based E-learning:

It is the form of learning in which the learner can directly post a query and tutors having expertise over the topics can directly participate in the student's inquiries and can provide an answer to it. This enables prominence of the same query amongst many dignitaries, and you can choose from multifarious results.

  • Hive-module of E-learning:

It is the next-gen feature offered by PostStudyQuery which enables tutors to get registered with many educational institutes & organizations & can lend their services. As the growth rate of skilled teachers is visibly increasing day by day, it is very close to becoming one of the most significant educationalist ground.

That is just not all. With the upcoming latest PostStudyQuery's platform upgrades, it is certain that PostStudyQuery would prove to be the easiest & effective web-learning platform and could be easily termed as the future of E-learning.

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