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Positive thinking is how you have a habit of finding out what's good in this. You dealt with every situation or event positively and trust that things will go well with time. It is not about avoiding reality.

It is about facing the real situation in a positive light. To understand the power of positive thinking, you need to know what negative thinking is doing with you - they make you ignore the situation or back off from the situation.

There are many ways to deal with the situation, but the most we use – Fight or Flight. The flight is not always a good option. How far you run away, one day you have to deal with it. Fighting here is not manual fighting or violence. Fight with your thought, replace them with positive ones, and tell yourself that whatever is happening is for something good.

Start using positive thoughts that strengthen your attitude and help you face the situation with positivity.

Positive thinking provides you many benefits

1. It gives you a friendly attitude

2. It lowers the stress level.

3. You can easily find happiness.

4. It makes you less anxious and worried in a difficult situation.

5. It enhances the ability to encounter and solve problems easily.

6. It gives you good health.

7. It makes you creative in the way that you start showing interest in things.

8. With positive thinking, you enjoy life, events, and even peace.

9. Improved and clear thought process

10. It increases your potential to do anything.

11. You have good relationships with family and friends.

12. Self-motivated and motivating others in their own ways.

13. Set examples for others.

Some points that help you in following the power of positive thinking. They are:

1. Replace your negative thought with a strong positive thought. If you find it difficult, write ten to twelve positive thoughts on paper or use sticky notes and read them when you encounter negative emotions.

2. God is the supreme power, and nobody lies above him; when God is with you, who will stop you.

3. Stop working within boundaries. Increase your reach by expanding the possibilities.

4. It is our mind and heart together that make things possible.

5. Stand back is the answer for critics.

6. Meditate regularly or give 10 to 20 minutes of early morning to read or think powerful thoughts.

7. Inculcate the habit of writing the Gratitude Journal. This helps you to see greatness in many things.

8. Enjoy the rhythm of life by listening to music or playing any sports or any habit which you are comfortable with. Don’t make an excuse for that. Some minutes of a day can energize and change your life.

9. Learn to do the things which need to be done.

10. Last but most important, Smile.

Self Confidence attributes

If you want to achieve anything on your level, Self Confidence is necessary. Self-confidence is an ability that provides strength to our mind in achieving the desired result.

Self-confidence increases your trust as well as spirit while performing some task. It makes you believe that the given task is not impossible to do. For students and professionals, it is necessary as it enhances the ability to lead and work performance.

A self-confident person has the following characteristics:

• Works on doubts

• Motivated

• Have faith in his/her ability

• Ability to take risks

• Communicative

• Criticism does not hold him back

• Spirit to prove himself in the given task

• try to find the solution to a problem, and the failure does not stop him from achieving the goal.

• Less worried in a difficult situation

• Didn’t overthink while doing some task.

What is Law of Attraction ?

Life never goes straight. It goes in rounds, and whatever you give to life, it gives back to you. The Law of attraction simply says that if you deal with every experience with positivity, it fills your life with positivity, or if you give negativity, it returns you with negativity. This theory is not backed up by scientific evidence. Therefore, it is said to be a part of pseudoscience.

It is a new thought philosophy that says:

# A person can improve their health, wealth, and relationships by changing his/her thought process.

# Like energy attracts like energy, which means positive thinking creates positive energy, which attracts positivity as a result.

# To change the negative thoughts, one needs to replace them with a strong positive thought.

# Creative Visualization is a very important part of the Law of Attraction.

# Determination of what you want till the end helps you achieve the desired result.

In short, the Law of Attraction simply says that if you want to achieve something, decide, keep your determination, and focus your thoughts in that direction, and you will get the desired result.

Gratitude Journal v/s Personal Diary

1) In Gratitude Journal, you can write about the things you are grateful for, whereas, In Personal Diary, you write about random thoughts such as happy moments, low moments, regrets, complaints, etc.

2) Gratitude Journal comprises positive and good experiences and things you feel thankful for happening, but Personal Diary comprises both positive and negative experiences and feelings.

3) By writing Gratitude Journal, you feel more happy and positive throughout the day, whereas Personal Diary helps you stabilize your present emotions.

4) Gratitude Journal can be shared with others if the person wants others to inculcate this habit, but a person does not want to share his personal information written in the personal diary.

5) Whenever you are feeling low, you can reverse the pages of Gratitude Journal and uplift your mood, but you may not enhance your mood by going back through the pages of a personal diary.

6) Gratitude Journal prevents complaining and regretful habits and helps find goodness in everything, whereas Personal Diary may not.

In short, both are good habits, but Gratitude Journal improves the overall well-being of a person.

Why Gratitude Journal?

Do one little comment from another person spoils your entire day? Do you need lots of energy to finish a certain task? Do you have lots to complain about? Do you think everything you are doing is not worth it? Does your mind fill with negative thoughts?

If you want to get over the above questions, Gratitude Journal surely helps you:

# By shifting your focus on good things.

# Improves the spirit

# Relaxed attitude

# Change the thinking direction

# Improve Sleep

# Starts to ignore bad comments or things

# Increase self-belief

# Start following good things

# Start seeing good in everything

# Feel motivated from inside

How to use the Law of Attraction

If you want to know, does the Law of Attraction actually works? Yes, it works. But you have to believe it. If you use it effectively, the result is in your favor. Let’s see how well the Law of Attraction can use:

1. Decide what you actually want

We want many things in life, but we also have our own set of questions and fears that hinder the process of getting something. So first you have to decide what you want.

2. Visualize the dream

Creatively visualize the dream of what you want. Think that if that thing happens, what your life will be, and what will you do. If you feel ok with it, then go with it.

3. Visible location

Now you have a successful dream of what you want, write it. The best tip is to write on paper and place it at an everyday visible location. For example: if you want to achieve a trophy in any desired event, then draw or place the picture of the trophy at a visible location to see it day and night.

4. Focus your thoughts

Now, focus your every thought towards the dream. Talk about your dream and work on it. Don’t let negativity hinder the process. Be positive and breathe your dream.

5. Possible Efforts

Make every possible effort that you can. Trust your instinct and work in that direction.

6. Have Faith

What you want is about to happen, but in between, keep the determination ON. You have chosen the future; now trust the universe.

7. Feel Gratitude

Let love yourself and others too. Thankful to every person, impart joy and happiness around you.

8. Feel the results

Results take time. But you have to feel what you about to expect. That way, you create positive vibrations. These vibrations attract positive results.

Basic keywords of Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is not tough but not that easy. One needs to understand science or can say working behind the Law of Attraction. It is even easier to apply if one knows the basics. If you want something, the Law of Attraction is a formula, but it has a balanced equation. The more the balance, the better the result. Before knowing how the Law of Attraction really works, one needs to understand the basic keywords that are essential for the Law of Attraction to work properly. They are:

1. Focus on Thought

Whatever we think, it creates energy. Positive thoughts attract positive energy, negative thoughts attract negative energy. When this energy synchronized with the Universe's energy, things happen. In order to achieve something or improve the situation, one needs to focus on thoughts and change the way he/she thinks. That way, one can change the outcome.

2. Creative Visualization

Whatever you want to achieve, you need to imagine the outcome or result in your mind. It would be best if you painted the picture creatively without any doubt. This is a very important part of the Law of Attraction.

3. Determination

Not just determination but unwavering determination. There should be no ifs and buts in your mind.

4. Universe is on your side

Many of us don't know that the universe work with us. If we want something, it conspires for us to achieve that thing.

5. Input decides the output

Here the input is your own thoughts, focus, determination, and efforts. That way, the output will be in your favor.

6. Choices unfold the future

Whatever you choose or decide, your destiny unfolds according to it.

How to make Gratitude Journal

How to make Gratitude Journal.jpg

Writing Gratitude Journal can makes your day. There are no rules on how to make and write a Gratitude Journal. But, there are certain points that help you out in making, writing, and maintaining the Gratitude Journal. They are :

1) Selection of Journal

It can be any type of diary- simple or executive doesn't matter, notebook, collection of papers or sticky notes. There are also many apps available. Anything can work as long as you are comfortable.

2) Readable

It is for yourself. Whenever you're feeling down, you can turn the pages and be alive with the gratitude moments you had in your life. So, it should be readable.

3) Everyday

The habit of writing the Gratitude Journal daily brings positivity and brings discipline to your life. If you are out of time, you can write in small points. But try not to skip.

4) Detail or Short

Whether you want to write in a small line or to detail, it totally depends on you. Detailing help, you recap the moments as well as make you expressive and enthusiastic.

5) Small or Big

Write whatever thing you are feeling grateful for in a day. It can be any moment, anything, any person, or any achievement, either big or small. This will help you know how many thankful things or people you have in your surrounding.

6) Creative or Plain

Whether you use colored pens or paper, heading or points, plain writing, or any design doesn't matter.

7) Personal or Sharable

Again it is your own choice. If you want, you can share it with your siblings or spouse or kids, or anybody to inculcate this habit. In short, do whatever adds to your happiness, not stress.

Advantages of Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is a set of written entries that you are thankful for. By making the journal and writing down the entries, you are creating happy today and tomorrow. A few moments of the day improves your personality as well as your health. There are many advantages to having a Gratitude Journal. They are :

1) It helps you divert your focus

It shifts your focus from what you want to what you have. You start thankful for the things and people around you.

2) Lesser complains about life

When you started to feel thankful for things around you, you have lesser complaints. You try to figure out what’s good in this.

3) Feel positivity inside and outside

Gratitude creates positivity within. Writing a gratitude journal daily helps you remain positive and see the positive aspect of life. What you have inside, you reflect outside. You started sharing positive things with people.

4) Formation of a healthy habit

Writing a gratitude journal is a good habit and a healthy habit as it improves overall well-being.

5) Increase enthusiasm and confidence

Every day you look for good things, and that makes you excited. It also increases the confidence that you can do right and great things in life.

6) Reduce social comparison and better relationships

You are thankful for what you have and stop seeing what others have. This reduced social comparison and better relationships.

7) Improves sleep

As you have less to worry about and find everyday good things coming your way, this improves overall sleep pattern. You feel more energetic about waking up.

Gratitude Journal - what it is?

Gratitude Journal keeps the records of all the good things happening around you, and you are grateful for it. It is like making a day worth living for. A gratitude journal can be a diary, notebook, or collection of pieces of paper. You can start by writing down the things you are thankful for. By daily writing down the entries, one inculcates the habit of gratitude. It helps in looking for a positive side rather than thinking about negative thoughts. It also helps you to change your view towards life.

This is simple and easy to make.
There is no hard and fast rule on how to make it. It depends on you how you write and whatever language you used. But it should be readable to you. Whenever you are feeling down, you can flip the pages and remember your good time.

Write on a daily basis.
Once you start writing the entries on a daily basis, you started to feel positive changes in your life. You feel excited every day and looks for all the good thing happening in your life.

Good habit.
Gratitude Journal is one of those good habits that give you long-term benefits. You started to feel what you have rather than what you want.

Examples of entries.
It could be any good thing such as any achievement you make during the day, whether big or small, any good person you met, any new thing you have seen, any help you get, etc.
Must love yourself

Love has potential that affect the state of mind, heart, and working of the body. It is an awesome emotion if you live it to the fullest. Love creates versatility inside us to move on. It makes us strong from the inside and helps us to face any situation. If you love yourself, it gives you the power to stand still in the hardest of time.

The question is, Do we love ourselves enough ? or Are we waiting for someone to hold our hand and carry on the path of love? Or If someone special is not anymore part of our life, do we stop to live and love ourselves. But why? We must love ourselves genuinely the way we are.

Some tips to love yourself :

1) Think about yourself first – No, I am not advising you to become selfish. But if you love yourself and can save yourself that way, you can love others and save others.

2) Take care of your body – Don't pressurize your body in any situation. Enjoy your healthy food. It charges you with positivity.

3) Stand in the fresh air at least for 10 minutes in a day.

4) Endless thinking didn't give you anything. Communicate with anyone or with yourself. One right way is to write your thought in the diary.

5) Make books, music, art, or any sport your part of life. They will help in changing the mindset you are going through.

6) Try not to use the 'I' word ten-day in a row.

7) Sleep like nobody is watching.

8) Smile

God has made you with love. If you have a problem the way you are, how can you expect others not to take you for granted? Keep in mind, Give love and time to yourself.


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