Self Service Learning For Students

Self-service means the use of doing one’s work oneself. It is the term that most of us regard as synonymous with convenient, quick and hassle-free. Self-service learning is a heroic virtue. It aids in growing one’s strength of mind and making one more self-confident and it also generates within oneself a determination to go ahead independently towards the goal. The student must know how to get things done. Thus, it becomes easier for him/her to accomplish success.

What does self-service learning mean?

Self-service learning is not a new type of learning skill. Self-service learning is gaining knowledge using online tools. The students may not be knowing about it but they are actually gaining new information with the help of self-service learning.

Self-service learning is to learn about any subject on your own initiative, researching from materials and learning without any guidance. Self-service learning has become available to the students in a way that simply wasn’t there before. Managing your own learning has never been easier.

In self-service learning, students are not limited to learning. At present, students are able to learn at their own pace, individually in their own time and at their own convenience. For self-service learning, PostStudyQuery is a great online learning site through the help of tutors one can learn new subjects that interest you.

So, is there no longer a place for traditional learning?

It should not be inferred that all learning should be wholly autonomous. Of course, the learning of some topics still requires face-to-face interaction and teaching. There are many areas that depend on physical or practical elements of learning. Traditional learning does of course still hold an incredibly important role.

Benefits of self-service learning

At PostStudyQuery there are many advantages to learn.

• It’s pressure-free learning where there are no deadlines or expectations to meet

• The learning is at one’s own pace

• Highly convenient method of learning anywhere and at any time you choose

Drawbacks of self-service learning

• You solely are a motivating factor for yourself

• If you don’t understand something, you have to figure it out yourself as there will be no one to guide

• It can be lonely, mundane and frustrating

• Without proper guidance, you can consequently waste a lot of valuable time and energy

Hence, it is more advisable to learn via a tutor at PostStudyQuery where you can have the benefits of self-service learning while getting your questions and doubts answered and explained.

What did the future hold?

Self-service learning can develop as far as the online capabilities are extending. While there are subjects that are exclusive only to traditional learning methods. What you have to determine is whether you want to do self-service learning or want to go for a traditional learning method.

Consider the following if you are going for self-service learning:

• How confident am I in my own ability to do self-service learning?

• How much will I benefit from supervision when learning a particular topic?

• Do I feel motivated enough when learning on my own initiative?

Self-service learning makes learning more efficient, effective, innovative, productive, and fun. Actually, the students are using self-service learning without even knowing. Students learn by mistake which we called as accidental learning and some learning is intentional. Students can in fact use their self-service learning skills when using tutor from Queryfloor and have greater benefits after having tutoring online or privately at home.

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