27 Secrets For Becoming Likeable

27 Secrets For Becoming Likeable


Being likable is when you showcase a pleasing personality, a friendly nature, or being a person whom others count upon.

If you are a likable person, it means you know how to approach others. You greet them with a smile, and you refer to them by their names, you express gratitude and offer help. You stay connected. These are a few attributes that make you likable.

Knowingly or unknowingly, you may be liked by others. But listed hereunder are few cherishable secrets that make you likable with your conscious efforts towards transformation for being better and even better.

  • Be a person who is easily approachable. Don’t let that act of ego cross over between you and your potential audience. By being approachable, you make them feel that you are at ease and allow for connections.
  • You will be likable if you behave the way you are, just show up your inner self, the best and good side of your inner self.
  • Accept people the way they are. Give them feedback, though. But don’t corner them to change themselves for your sake.
  • Be a good listener. When in a conversation, listen to what the other person has to say. Show that you are attentively listening to them by maintaining good eye contact.
  • Be empathetic. Put yourself in the shoes of the other person and try to feel their emotions. Understand their latent requirements and extend help in meeting their desires.
  • Don’t crib over others, especially over petty issues, which hardly matter in life. Be broad-minded and think positive that everything happens is for good.
  • Admit when you make a mistake. Don’t wait for others to point you out. However, sit back with yourself and learn from your mistakes too.
  • When in a relationship, do not set any limits nor any expectations. Just carry it out smoothly for the benefit of both.
  • If you cannot understand a situation, just do the groundwork to understand and know more. But never ever manipulate the situation or the topic.
  • When someone commits a mistake, which results in a problem, try and work out to fix the problem and not fixing the blame on that other person.
  • Be honest about what you do and what you aspire for. Don’t mess up to please others.
  • Keep yourself and your surroundings organized.
  • Like yourself and appreciate your work.
  • Do your best to develop an open and friendly nature. Let your personality shine with a smile and by being open-minded.
  • It is rightly said that birds of a feather flock together. You will be likable if you can match the thinking frequency of others.
  • Never interrupt when someone is talking. Listen first and then speak.
  • You will always feel like occupying the center stage if you are being liked more. To be one, it is okay to praise others, keeping your ego factor aside.
  • When in a conversation, drive your commitment and attention towards them. Focus on what they have to say. Keep all your distractions, worries, and bothering unwarranted gadgets away.
  • Build enough rapport with your audience. Synchronize your body language and thoughts with them. Match your tone and voice for building a feeling of connectivity.
  • Seek help from others. Invite their opinions on a subject matter and work in cohesion.
  • Ask basic questions like, ‘How are you,’ ‘Had your supper?’ etc. to make them feel at ease.
  • You will be liked if you are reliable and emotionally balanced. Don’t make others feel that you are short-tempered, or you are carry fluctuating moods and are usually unpredictable.
  • Give yourself extra space. Don’t let your worries control you. Rather, treat each person coming your way as being coming to you for the first time. Don’t let your previous bad experiences bother your present moments and future relationships.
  • Scout for ways to establish a common platform through shared opinions and interests. This gives you an opportunity to build a better rapport and being more likable, and this is when your diverse background comes to handy.
  • Understand that every new person you meet in life is coming to you to enlighten you and to teach something new.
  • Earn confidence. To be likable and to earn esteem, you must put yourself in the learning curve at all times. Read a lot of literature. Be an expert in your field as well.
  • Focus on your inner self. Focus on being yourself. Also, be the best version of yourself. Constantly improve yourself. Never relax in getting better each day. Never stop trying to be the best you.

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