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Procrastination is when you know you need to finish up a task but can still not bring yourself in doing so. There are many factors as to why a person procrastinates, but it is difficult to analyze why they end up doing it over and over again.

It could be that you don't understand the urgency of the task in hand or don't know how to begin because you cannot identify the results achieved through it.

The points given below might help you overcome the vicious cycle of procrastination.

1. Visualize your goal

Having a goal will keep you focused and energized.

2. Write down your thoughts:

Have things physically in front of you rather than having them in your brain. Writing them down will help you focus each time you read it. Put it on your refrigerator or stick it on the kitchen wall to bring you back to it.

3. Set a reminder:

Link it with daily chores like; each time you feed your pup, you'll think of your goal. This instantly makes you feel about the work you need to do to achieve your goal.

4. Have a plan:

Have a plan, and determine a deadline. Decide how much time and effort you'll have to put into it. Deadlines keep you motivated and targeted.

5. Identify the cause of procrastination:

Our mind gives tons of excuses, therefore, determine the cause of your attitude. Ask: Do you think you won't be able to give your 100% to it? Do you feel incapable of finishing the task?

6. Face your fears:

Think of a task you completed efficiently. Encourage yourself or go to a trusted friend who can help you confront your fears and take you away from them.

Procrastination is not a disease. Simply man up (not literally) and focus, and you'll find a new, more focused you.


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