The most 15 inspiring female role models that everyone should admire

The most 15 inspiring female role models that everyone should admire


It can be hard to figure out which women are role models and which aren't. In the same way, powerful men can change the world; powerful women can do the same thing. Often, they are at the ends of the scale, though.

These powerful women at the top and bottom of their fields show how strong women can do well. Especially for women and girls worldwide, they help make the world a better place. It's not like there aren't a lot of politicians, hard-hitting journalists, a young girl who is on her way to becoming a star, and a lot of female CEOs and CFOs at big businesses, to name just a few. We want to know who the female role models in history and today are so that we can follow them.

What is a role model?

Having a positive and good role model is an example for kids, and they should try to live lives that are worth living, so they can be happy. Some people are perfect role models for young people, like teachers or doctors. These people show them how to live with honesty, integrity, and kindness. They also show them how to be optimistic, hopeful, determined, and kind.

People who help a child grow up well are critical. People who are role models have a lot of passion for what they do, and they can pass that passion on to other people, too. These people tend to be active in their communities and give freely of time and skills to help other people.

15 top female role models to inspire us

1. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a philanthropist, an actress, and a well-known person in the world. She's been through a lot, but she has come out on top of it all. Because she has a lot of power and many fans worldwide, she's the most powerful and influential woman on TV today. She also uses her network to help people who watch her shows live better lives. She also wants to make a positive, meaningful change in the world, and she wants to help people.

2. Michelle Obama

When Michelle Obama is in charge, she is one of the most powerful women in the world. When she works, she helps a country get better. She also works on programs and projects worldwide, like anti-obesity programs and getting more women educated. As a fashion icon, she is also a good lawyer and writer. Michelle is also a good mother. This means that she has the world in her hands, and she can do anything she wants to because her husband is powerful, too.

3. Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou is one of the best poets in the world. She is also a friend of both the Obamas and Oprah, making her even better. Changes were made by Angelou's poetry and writing after that. A warm spirituality has made everyone fall in love with her. She spoke from her life of both highs and lows.

4. Malala Yousifazi

So many young women look up to Malala Yousifazi because she was able to get away from a gunman and fight for women's rights in the Middle East, and that's a good thing! They have been a strong advocate for girls getting an education at the United Nations and worldwide for a long time. This makes her a great female role model for women.

5. Serena Williams

In the game's history, she has been called the best tennis player and American athlete, male or female, both male and female. She is an African American in a sport that white, affluent people usually play a big deal. People always look at tennis because there are many significant gender pay gaps in the sport. There are a lot of companies Williams has worked with. She has her clothing line, a foundation, and built a school in Africa for poor people.

6. Mary Kom

She can teach both men and women. She likes to face problems head-on and reach her goals, so this is who she is. As a child, she was the world champion six times. Besides the medals and trophies that have been given to her, there are a lot more. It was at the Asian Games that she won gold and bronze. A movie has also been made about her. Young women and men still admire her.

7. J. K. Rowling

Rowling has made a whole new group of kids who love to read. It was because of her work that J.K. Rowling had become a billionaire. She was the author of the Harry Potter books. That isn't the case any longer. It's been a long time since she gave a lot of her money to good causes, but now she's one of the most essential and inspiring philanthropists in the UK.

8. Mother Teresa

Giving money and time are two ways people can help other people. So few people give their whole lives to help other people. That's the way she did it. In charge of the Missionaries of Charity group was a woman named Mary. She was able to save many poor people from dying on the streets of Kolkata. Another church, the Roman Catholic Church, has also made her a saint. Vatican City is the home of the church. People who want to help other people should look up to this woman. Now, this is a great role model example.

9. Rihanna

People all over the world know him. When he has won nine Grammy Awards, that means he has done well. She isn't just a famous woman in the world because of her music; she is also very well-known. She's also been in movies. Rihanna is also very good at business. It was called Fenty Beauty when she started her own cosmetics company in 2017. She did this. She worked with LVMH Mot Hennessy – Louis Vuitton for two years after that to create the Fenty fashion line with their help.

10. Sarah Al-Amiri

In 2021, the UAE became the first Arab country to send a spacecraft into space. As a leader, Sarah Al-Amiri had a team mostly made up of women, and Mohammed Bin Rashid is the head of the space center (MBRSC). Also, in 2017, she became the first Minister of State for Advanced Sciences in the United Arab Emirates, which she took over in 2017.

11. Naomi Osaka

In 2020, Forbes said that Osaka was the best-paid female athlete. When she made US$37.4 million, that was enough to make her the top-earning person in the world. She has a father from Haiti and a mother from Japan, so he has a mixed background. When she was 20, she beat Serena Williams to win the US Open in 2018.

12. Manasi Joshi

The first time Joshi played badminton was when he was six years old. When she worked as a software engineer in Mumbai, India, back in 2011, she lost her left leg in a car accident. It was part of her recovery to keep playing badminton with a prosthetic leg and keep playing. As long as they could move their bodies, she could beat them. She met Pullela Gopichand by accident when she worked at a bank in Ahmedabad.

13. Alicia Garza

It started in 2013 after George Zimmerman, who shot and killed 17-year-old African-American high school student Trayvon Martin in 2012, was acquitted of all charges. Alicia Garza began the Black Lives Matter project to respond to this. Garza started the project because he was angry about this. People of African descent in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada are now part of a significant international movement to stop police violence and discrimination against people of color. For the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021, BLM is up for the prize, and they could win.

14. Greta Thunberg

People worldwide saw her "school strike" protest in August of this year. Her fame spread around the world because of this. It has now become the Fridays for Future campaign, which is made up of students worldwide.

15. Kalpana Chawla

She was the first Indian-born woman to go into space in 1997. The space shuttle Columbia broke apart and fell to the ground on February 1, 2003, killing Chawla. It broke apart as it came back to Earth, killing seven astronauts. After she died, Chawla didn't return to Earth. Her legacy had lived on, even though she worked hard when her dreams came true and had a lot of passion for making them happen.


Many people think that women who have a lot of power and influence are either great role models who can do anything or morally corrupt forces in the world who make people do bad things. Try to improve yourself to become a leader in your field of work. You will undoubtedly find it challenging and sometimes overwhelming to handle many different things simultaneously.

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