How do I choose a resume writing services?

How do I choose a resume writing services?


A resume is a document that states a person's experiences, background, accomplishments, and skills in a well systematic manner. Most of the time, people get confused if they should write their resume on their own or get a professional to do so. Well, the answer to that is straightforward. If you have no experience of writing a resume in the past, then you should hire a professional resume writer or resume writing services. Hiring a professional will maximize your chances of securing your dream job in the first attempt.

We understand that finding an excellent resume service can prove to be a difficult job.

But don't worry if you follow these tips given below, you will have no trouble in finding the best resume service for you.

1. Choose resume writing service and not clerical assistance:

One should understand the difference between a resume writing service and a secretarial service. A professional resume writer knows all the latest trends and formats of the resume. He knows how to make the resume catchy and intriguing. A secretarial service will offer you only a decent job. That may not be impressive enough for the recruiters.

2. Ask for a referral:

Asking for a reference has proven to do a better job than the one done by surfing the internet on your own.

3. Request your first consultation for free:

Try first consultations with different writers in brief for free. Speak directly with the writer and with no one else in between.

4. Search out for a reasonable price:

Try to pay only between $150-$1000 for resume writing services. Don't settle for pages; pay for content only.

5. Have a look at samples:

Never select a resume writer before seeing the samples provided. Samples tell you what you should expect as your final output from the writer.

6. Search for targeted resumes:

Find a resume writer that understands the target audience of the resume. A writer that has a better understanding of the target audience will give better output.

7. Try for a certified resume writer:

Resume writers that are accredited prove to be more productive and efficient. They are more likely to stay up to date.

How much does it cost to have someone write your resume?

A resume can be the first step for the selection of candidates for a job. Having a well-built resume will prove to be a boon.

Resumes that are written by professional writers can range from as low as $20 to as high as $3000 or maybe more. It depends upon your necessity and funds.

The fees charged are mainly dependent on the experience of a resume writer, the method of resume writing, the skills of the resume writer, and the nature of resume writer.

During our survey of over 70-80 resume writers, we saw that the cost of resume writing varies significantly, and the average came out to be somewhere near $560. For example, we saw resume writers charging $2300, $2200 and $3000 and as low as $20.

Although someone else may be writing your resume, however, your resume still reflects your background, career, skills, etc. Spending some bucks on this may even land you, your dream job.

Writing a resume is also a kind of art, and we all know that a piece of good craft can be expensive.

Who has the best resume writing service?

Another question that may strike your mind is, who has the best resume writing service, right?

So, here are some resume writing services from our research that we think are worth a mention.

1. Monster-

Monster has three resume writing packages to offer to you. And these writing packages are based on the level of service you are seeking. The three packages are basic, deluxe, and premier package. The Basic package covers only resume writing, the Deluxe package involves both resume and cover letter writing, and the Premier package includes both resume, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn makeover.


It is a secure website to use. After creating an account, you choose between entry-level, professional resume, or an executive resume. Following this, you mail a duplicate of your current resume. And in a week, you will receive your resume.

3. Top Resume-

Just like the others, in this also, you can select between 3 packages. It has a network of more than 1000 writers, including professional writers from 65 different industries. Experts accustomed to your industry, are equaled with you, so you get your perfect resume.

What is a resume service?

A resume service is a service of providing the best resumes to the clients. This service helps people to not worry about writing a good resume. A resume is the first thing that the hiring manager sees, and everyone wants it to be perfect.

Resume writing services help you to gain the attention of the best companies in your field.

Job-seekers go out to them and give them their details and all the other information. They sketch your rough resume and send it for fixing. Further, after approval, they start the process of writing the resume.

The things on a resume at which company work on are as follows-

They describe that their client is employable

How they are an asset to the organization

How they meet all the desired requirements

That they have the right skills, experience, and qualifications

Since the resume is a tool of marketing, professionals work on making it look good and impressive. Resume writing services offer to guide or job search or various packages and other resources that you can use to improve yourself.

What is a certified resume writer?

A certified resume writer is a person who has earned the certification from the National Resume Writer's Association.

Though it is not a legal necessity, it helps you to get a great job. Many companies hire resume writers who have a certificate.

If you want to earn a certificate, you need the following:

The high degrees of education

Vast experience

Good skills

Great samples

A certified resume writer drafts or revise your resumes and make them look better. They aim at presenting your details in an orderly manner. They might correct spelling mistakes or formatting errors or grammar mistakes. The procedure of becoming a certified resume writer is as follows.

What does a resume writer do?

Most utmost mortals discover writing their resume a daunting and complicated landscape. Resume writers crafts and summarizes all the information about a person, including their background, skills, experiences, and accomplishments into a resume.

Resume writers know very well that a compelling resume can get all the attention of recruiters. According to this, they prepare a resume that can make a beneficial impression for the applicant quickly.

They have to make sure that the resume looks presentable and presents the qualifications, skills, experiences, and accomplishments in a proper format. They have to research about the target industry to put in relevant information and use catchy designs for the resume.

The best resume writers are both undergone in hiring, have specific industry information, or have approved education in resume writing.

Resume writers give their clients a much better chance of having their resume read and of receiving a call for interviews. What's more, if they do their work correctly, the interviewer will be very fascinated. Fascinated enough that he will appear sure about the applicant before that person even walks in the door.

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