What is the best resume builder : 20 resume builders list

What is the best resume builder : 20 resume builders list


A document utilized or built by a person to exhibit their skills, abilities, background, and accomplishments are known as a resume. It is a smart advertisement for who you are. It is a "snapshot" of you to capture and emphasize interests and secure your new employment. Building a resume can come out to be a time-consuming and laborious task. Hence a resume builder comes in handy in these situations.

Resume builders are interactive online resume templates that allow one to fill in erudition and create a cohesive resume. The resumes made using resume builders are more impressive, presentable, and acceptable to the recruiters.

Further, the steps of building an impressive resume using a resume builder are as follows-

-Search and find a suitable resume builder.

-Keep all your elements and data ready, including resume and the work description of the position you are applying for.

-Follow the prompts from the resume builder you fancy. Determine the prompts that will require a minimum of your effort.

-Last but not least, examine your resume with Job scan to make sure it is optimized for those troublesome aspirant tracking systems!

20 best online resume builders

Now that we know what a resume builder is, we will further discuss 20 best online resume builders-

1. Resume Help:

Offering a wizard-based resume builder that takes you from section to section, this resume builder turns out to be easy and handy to use. The only effort that one has to put in while using this resume builder is to fill in the blanks. The rest will be put together by the app on its own. The templates offered by Resume Help are further customizable as per your wish or liking.

2. Resume Nerd:

Resume Nerd's wizard takes one through the entire resume-making process section by section. This app also allows several tips on how to make the most out of its features and also offers some pre-written data that one can modify as per their needs and requirements.

3. Resume Lab:

This resume builder offers 18 templates to choose from. It lets one create a resume and cover letter combo. It comes with a unique AI-driven document strength meter that scores your resume against the others. This app also offers customizable templates and offers unlimited pdf downloads.

4. Resume Now:

Resume Now is fill in the blank type wizard that does the formatting. It puts in all the information on the preferred resume template on its own. This app offers pre-written content and a professional printout option.

5. Visual CV:

This app allows you to make a single cover letter or resume for free. However, it doesn't permit more than one for free. You need to purchase a premium plan if you wish to make more than one resume and to have access to a handful of ready-made resume examples.

6. Resumeup.com:

Just like most of the other apps, this app too allows you to fill in the blanks to get your resume ready, making this app intuitive. It is super easy to operate.

7. Enhance CV:

This app comes with a suggestion tool that helps in correcting typos and also lets you share your document with your friends, who can review it and leave their comments. This app allows you to create both resumes and covers letters.

8. Wozber.com:

Wozber.com offers an exciting feature known as Relevance Meter, which shows the extent to which your resume complies with the job offer. Available at 0 costs, this app lets you create both resume and cover letter writing functionalities. However, this app falls short when it comes to pre-written content.

9. Resume Genius:

Guided by a resume wizard application with limited options, one also gets pre-written content in some sections. It does not let you make a cover letter and is not available for free at the same time.

10. Kick resume:

It features several templates for resumes, a cover letter writing tool, and a limited job search functionality. This app also enables you to create a resume website. However, the template graphics are quite bulky, which can be an obstacle at some time.

11. Resu monk:

This app looks a bit outdated in comparison with other resume builders as its features are moderately basic and easy to use. This simple tool allows you to develop a resume and a cover letter.

12. Resume Build:

This app comes with pre-written content that you can utilize as per your need. However, you will have to pay to download the resume. It does not let you create a cover letter. It is sleek and intuitive to use. More than 17 templates are ready to exercise.

13. FlowCV.io:

This app comes with only one template available and no cover letter writing feature, nevertheless, it is free to use and enables you to create a good-looking resume. It is smooth and spontaneous to exercise.

14. Indeed:

Indeed, is a free and fully functional resume builder that allows you to download the resume as a pdf or share the link. The customization options are, however, quite limited. However, this resume builder is assumed to complement Indeed's job exploration functionality.

15. Sarm Soft Builder:

This app is based on the retro trend, and the resume designed looks very basic and old-fashioned. However, you can use it even without internet access.

16. Shape Resume:

This downloadable resume builder does all the formatting for you while you fill in the blanks. However, you cannot modify the template in the free version.

17. Zety Resume Builder:

It comes with more than 20 templates and features to increase the speed of the writing process.

18. Resume.com:

It is a free resume builder that comes with various templates. The template designs are, however, limited and require improvement.

19. Canva:

This app focuses mainly on the design aspect of the resume and not on the content. It comes up with more than 1000 templates but no writing suggestions or topic ideas.

20. My Perfect Resume:

The artificial intelligence used by this app recommends bullet point ideas and keywords based on the role you are pursuing. Also, it comes with several templates and features.

One question that may cross your mind that is there Is there a completely free resume builder? In the market. However, an answer to this question varies according to the needs of an individual.

There are many websites and software like Microsoft word that lets you make a resume for free with their inbuilt templates and designs. The resume made may look presentable but, when it comes to the hiring point of view; they don't do so well.

Although, if you use resume.com, then you can make both an attractive and appealing resume. Resume.com comes up with lots of templates and features to use for free. It is simple to utilize and also empowers you to build, download, print, and post your resume for free.

However, the templates need improvement and are limited. Still, it is a completely free resume builder to utilize that is also effective if you don't quite wish to spend money.

One can also use Resume Beacon for free as it comes with several templates and is quite simple and easy to use without any hassle. It saves your resume as a pdf file. You can also email yourself the resume within minutes from the website. It helps you to make a pleasant and well-presentable resume within minutes.

Another question that may occur in one’s mind is about the

Is the resume builder safe?

so the answer to it is:

Yes, a resume builder is entirely safe to use, if you are utilizing a well-known or a paid version of it. Resume builder does not store the data inserted by the user for creating a resume and, even if they do, then it is still secured and is not accessible to anyone. Resume builder does not share the data with any of its members or worker or with anyone having access to the website.

However, no one can guarantee the authenticity of the free resume builders, and data can be used for immoral purposes. Hence, we recommend you guys to use only the paid resume builders as they are way safer to use than the free versions. Also, resume builders help you to increase your chances of getting selected for the job of your interest and desire.

To conclude, we can say that a resume builder is technically essential as a resume builder increases your chances of getting selected for your dream job. It proves to be the foremost step towards the journey of you getting your success in professional life.

Since it is believed that one needs to be unique to stand out from the rest of the herd, to embark on the process of getting invited for an interview. Which tends to be a step in the ladder of landing in your dream organization and your desired job title.

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