Ways To Make A Remote Meetings Useful

Ways To Make A Remote Meetings Useful


When the world is going through a pandemic, it should not mean work comes to a halt. Work can still be carried out by working remotely or from home. However, remote meetings are also useful for freelancers or for people who work from home for online jobs.

Additionally, remote meetings are an important part of any kind of job. It is the only kind of communication that people or colleagues have from all over the world. There are many large companies that are switching over to remote meetings to keep track of the work. When you have multiple branches all over the world, it becomes important to stay updated.

15 ways you can make remote meetings useful

1. Online meeting tools stack

An example of a great online remote meeting consists of three main elements, which are communication, collaboration, and finally, feedback. Make sure to have these three elements in your remote meetings. This will keep your participants engaged. Additionally, they will feel important in the meeting.

2. Know your tools

Ensure to login in 10 minutes prior to the meeting. This extra time will help you know your tools better. If you are well aware of the tools of the remote meeting, you can save time. For instance, you might know how to turn on a video and admit participants onto the remote meeting. However, knowing the technical aspects will help you better. You can conduct video recording rehearsals as well.

3. Prepare a shared space

The main aim of a remote meeting is a fact to face interaction. However, it is very different as compared to a real meeting. A real meeting includes charts, presentations, and similar elements. However, while in a remote meeting, make sure to create a shared space wherein the participants can share ideas.

4. Plan the agenda

Getting all the members ready for a remote meeting can be tough. Hence, do not waste time during the meeting. A great tip to make your remote meeting successful is to plan your agenda. Additionally, share it with your members before the meeting starts. This will also help others prepare for the meeting.

5. Invite the right people

Conducting a meeting with a large group of people can be hectic. Firstly due to the limitations of the technology. Secondly, it can be pretty tough to maintain a huge group. In the beginning, start a remote meeting with a small group of up to 10 people. Then go ahead with a larger group of people.

6. Set the rules for remote meetings

Before a remote meeting, make sure you set rules and send them to the participants. Meetings without rules can be confusing. Also, the meeting will not be productive or creative. Members of the meeting can all speak at once, which can lose the purpose of the meeting.

7. Introduce everyone

As soon as the meeting starts, make sure that each member introduces themselves. The video camera might not show every speaker at all times. However, it is a great idea to introduce, as this will help one another know the various participants. Additionally, people are known to participate better when they know who is on call.

8. Start with a small talk

Just as you begin the meeting, make sure to have a small talk with the participants of the meeting. This will help them ease the atmosphere. Additionally, it helps make their presence felt. Before you start the meeting, make sure all your members are comfortable enough. This will ensure productivity.

9. Remind the goal of the remote meetings

As you start the meeting, make sure you remind your members of the goal of the meeting. Reminding them of the goal will make sure they pay attention. Additionally, if you have a whiteboard, put on a sticker stating the purpose of the meeting. This should be done until the end of the meeting.

10. Assign members work

During a remote meeting, make sure you assign every member some work. It could be writing down the minutes of the meeting, or being a timekeeper or a facilitator. This helps the members of the group participate. Similarly, for the further meetings, you can switch roles as well.

11. Make sure everyone recognizes each other

This is particularly important if members of a meeting can see each other. It is also important to keep a note of who speaks. When people know who is talking, they are bound to give ideas and opinions. It helps to connect with people and share ideas.

12. Be courteous

While you are in a remote meeting, make sure not to whisper or distract others. This is the rule that we learned in school. Be along with the members of the team. Similarly, be focussed on what's being discussed. Finally, be polite when you speak to others.

13. Remind members to contribute

Ask your members to contribute while in a meeting. Listeners can only listen to one speaker. Hence, make sure only one person talks at a time. Asking members to contribute will make them feel engaged.

14. Make remote meetings interesting

Boring meetings can be quite tough to sit through. Also, the members won't show many contributions if the meetings have no purpose. Since you plan to have a meeting, it is wise to make meetings interesting. Set up good visuals, lively interactions, and similar ideas to make the meetings interactive.

15. Send a follow-up

Make sure to send the members of the meeting a follow-up report. This action boosts the effectiveness of the meeting. Additionally, it shows your members their importance too. Make the follow up as interesting as you can make it.

These are 15 ways of how you can make a remote meeting useful. These are the basic steps that you can follow each time. These tricks will help you make any remote meeting a great success. With the help of these tricks, you can turn any remote meetings into a success. Make sure to plan your meetings, and it's purpose in advance.

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