10 questions to help you determine what you really want

10 questions to help you determine what you really want


You just like any other individual would want to lead a happy, healthier, prosperous, and successful life. If you just keep thinking in those lines, then they remain as your dreams. But being a human, you possess the chance and talent to turn your dreams into reality.

You need to govern yourself in the first place, what you really want. If you fail to examine and regulate your life, then that kind of a life isn’t worth living at all. Therefore, unlock your full potential. Work hard and smart. Drive home your dreams.

You need to ask yourselves a couple of questions like those that are stated below. You need to interrogate and introspect your own self and come up with answers to those sets of questions that determine the direction of your life. These answers in fact help you open up yourself and explore the world and work towards them. Doing so, you ultimately end up adding a new meaning to your life.

  1. What does my heart really want?

If you aspire to really want something, then understand that that isn’t you. It’s the voice of your heart. So, spend time carefully and understand what your inner energies have to say.

  1. Where do I see myself one year or five years down the line?

You will be motivated to set goals and achieve them in life if you question yourselves with this.

  1. How would my life be one year or five years down the line, if I continue doing the same what I am doing now?

It is the human tendency that you repeatedly do the same set of activities. You feel monotonous. One or the other day, you have to change. Because change is inevitable. Though you may not change yourself, but external factors will certainly cast a shadow over you and corner you towards change. So, you can for sure not to continue to do the same as you are doing now.

  1. What am I grateful for?

Sail into the past and assess your present. You will feel a lot grateful for the opportunities that you worked out. You also experience better mental strength and self-esteem. You are in a way helping yourself in determining what more you really want in life.

  1. Why do I want something to be the way I want it?

If you really want something, check with yourself why you really want it. Understand the pros and cons. Understand the underlying reasons as well. Envision your results. Know yourself better.

  1. Am I being honest with myself?

It is important that you value your ethics and philosophies in life. Be honest and carry importance to your approach towards work. If you are really being honest, you will for sure help yourself in knowing what you really want.

  1. Am I meeting the expectations that others set upon me?

You should work with self-discipline at heart. You should also however stay focused on your outcomes especially when you are delivering the job on behalf of others. Analyze whether you are on track to the expectations set over you. Else revise and refine your methodologies to work.

  1. Am I being fair in my investments on relationships?

You tend to cope with the hard times in life, by being in healthy relationships. It is therefore worth investing in relationships that make you happy. With your mood uplifted, you gain the willpower to challenge any circumstance. Of course, you need the backing of a hale and hearty relationship.

  1. How do I spend my free time?

When you have free time, you would generally want to spend time alone. While alone, what are the set of activities that you take up? List down all these. Generally, the very nature in you and the original personality sprouts out when you work in isolation. This in a way helps you determine what you really want in life.

  1. What are the top priority responsibilities I need to deliver in my personal life?

When you are clear with your personal commitments in life, you travel alongside. You tend to work in your professional space keeping in mind these personal commitments of yours. Your responsibilities emerge from your commitments. And by sensing and feeling responsible, you are helping yourself in assessing what you want in life.

Finally, wake up your dreams and aspirations, tap your potential. Host a question hour with your inner self. Check where you stand and what your destiny is. Tune things now for leading a successful life tomorrow. Never give life the chance to regret when you have plenty of opportunities around to pick from.

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