The Pros And Cons Of Ebook

The Pros And Cons Of Ebook


What is ebook?

An ebook is a book in a digital form. While you need to pay for most books, few of them are available for free online. Such free eBooks online are certainly unique because they are non-editable and effortless to pass on to other readers.

Free eBooks pdf are nothing but the books' soft copies, specially designed to be read over a handheld device. You can read such books on the go. To swiftly turn your waiting time towards productive, you can pick an eBook of your choice and keep reading in the smartphone you use for various other purposes.

The Pros and Cons of Ebooks

Digital books have made their mark in society, for a few years now. However, a specific set of readers still confine themselves to reading physical books. Enumerated below are the benefits and detriments of such free eBooks pdf documented, which is why few readers are reading online while others in printed form.

With fast-paced technology and innovation around, physical books turned into electronic books. Let us now look into their good aspects and not so good aspects of them that rest their effect on an eBook reader.

Ebooks are certainly running over the traditional form of reading, which is reading by their physical forms. Check out the below as how good, and bad the free eBooks download activity shadows by laying their casting on the world around.

Cons of eBooks

1. An eBook is easily prone to be copied and shaped up into a new form with a new title. Generally, free eBooks for kindle are susceptible to being pirated and reused in a different form under a different writer's authorship.

2. You may have the option to resize the font in an eBook. This comes as a special feature with free eBooks download that you do. This, however, might actually cause strain in your eyes and sleep phenomenon.

This can eventually tend to distract your focus while reading. You will have to increase and decrease the font size to continue reading repeatedly.

3. eBooks come in a variety of formats. Not all eBooks suit to all kind of devices. Though free eBooks for kindle come in formats that are compatible enough, certain purchases still lack proper formatting, proper page-layouts, and spacing, all of which become tedious enough for the reader.

4. To read free eBooks pdf formatted, you need to stare at the screen for long continuously. This might give you eye problems because of the increase in your screen time.

5. Suppose you are the kind of a person into the reading experience before bedtime, then by taking advantage of reading in the dark. In that case, there are chances that you might get insomnia by being addicted or attached to the screen.

6. eBooks might give you knowledge. However, they do not give you the complete satisfaction of reading a physical book, where you turn the page, fold the corners, and scribble all that which you are reminded of by reading a line or two.

7. If you accidentally delete or forget to take a backup of the ebook collections, you would have lost the book as a whole. At times like these, you have no option but to buy another book.

8. To read the free eBooks download that you made, you have not just to buy the book online, but you also need an electronic gadget in which you can read the content. Therefore, you have to invest in the purchase of a device, which might sound high in investment.

Pros of eBooks

1. The main advantage of amazon kindle eBooks is that you need not go around deforestation. You need not take the curse of nature or cut a plant or two to develop a book. This way, it is good for the environment and global warming.

2. Having read the book, you need not give it for recycling. You don't either contribute to solid wastes. You can simply store them in your digital library.

3. In an eBook, you can find social media and multi-media elements filled in them against traditional books, which only have lines and lines of text running from page one to page end.

4. There are a couple of free eBooks online coming up that look and feel like a real book. You don't have to really worry about turning through the pages and cause a disturbance to those around by way of flipping the pages.

You don't even generate noise in writing your notes over an eBook or creating sounds when you drop the physical book.

5. You can easily read amazon kindle eBooks even while on the drive. This is because of the unique feature enabled in them, in terms of the audio and video features, which mark a great advantage for the reader.

6. Among many others, few free eBooks online come in packages with an inbuilt thesaurus, dictionaries, and content coupled with Wikipedia.

So, just as you carry an eBook without needing to physically carry the volume, you also carry with you the inbuilt dictionary, which is useful not just for that specific book, but for you to conquer the world on an ad-hoc basis too.

7. Ideally, free eBooks pdf converted are highly portable. They can be carried to miles without any pain or effort. Even if you wish not to carry too, it still comes handy and rescues you in need of the hour.

8. For the final physical book to shape up and fall into readers' hands, it takes a considerable amount of resources, time, money, and energy to print, publish, transport, and ship to the reader. All this is saved when it comes to an eBook as they are generated out of an ebook software.

Ebooks: Visual Benefits

1.) Almost all free eBooks for Kindle and other devices are shipped and delivered right at your desk, instantly. In this case, the delivery happens within just about a few minutes or even seconds, for that matter.

2.) A digital media or an electronic form of a subject matter can access from almost any place worldwide. You don't have to physically search from various books to pick the one you want if you are geographically placed apart.

3.) Amazon Kindle eBooks give you the convenience to listen to the books in audio form. You don't have to spend hours together in reading word by word and line by line. Just plug in your headset and listen to the digital book in audio mode and carry on with your work.

4.) For all those who devote towards more screen time, free eBooks online available on the internet promote reading more. Reading a book in digital form gives them the book reading satisfaction, then holding a book and flipping through the pages.

5.) It becomes easy for a reader to search through some content in an eBook quickly. You have search and advanced search options made available, which you can use across many other free eBooks for kindle too.

6.) You can easily carry amazon kindle eBooks without physically carrying a milligram of extra weight in your baggage. You don't even have to carry anything at all, including your own device because the entire library of digital books is available on the cloud.

7.) By habitually reading books in electronic form, you are actually saving nature and the greenery around. You are aiding in reducing the cutting down of trees that spread oxygen, which is crucial for the survival of all the other living beings and is the reason for the increase in their life span.

8.) In terms of publication of an eBook, even the entry and new publishers can compete with giants in the market. It is very easy to pitch into the competitive world of digitization, just by flashing your free eBooks download option that you pin on the web, for the table of contents or a chapter or two.

The Never-Ending Debate…

Technology is so advancing by leaps and bounds in today's era. Depending on the reader's choice and the type of book that fascinates the reader, a certain set of books might seem interested in physical form, while some others in the form of electronic books.

Irrespective of the need and the demand of the hour, the comfort and happiness the reader reaps by reading a book certainly matters.

With the emergence of e-publishers and social media, readers are also transiting from reading valuable content from paper form to digitized content. Although it is worth giving a thought that technology is ruling people's lives, you should be practical and broad-minded enough to understand the true essence of your usage of technology.

With the presence of mind, ensure that you route yourself to the direction of your goals. Value the importance of reading some content and learn to acknowledge from the heart.

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    eBook Questions and Answers

    Everything you 'like to know' and 'need to know' about eBooks and Print Books are here for you.

    1. Which is the best E-Book Format?

    If you want to create a good e-book, you need to start by choosing the right format for writing the E-Book.

    The four best formats for e-book are:

    ▶︎ .pdf

    The PDF is the most preferred format for E-books across different platforms like cellphones, desktops, laptops, tabs, eReaders, etc.

    The PDF is the best user-friendly E-book format for you.

    ▶︎ .mobi

    The .mobi extension e-books are popular among E-Readers like amazon kindle, and the Kindle for iOS.

    This .mobi format provides multiple user-friendly options like swiping to turn the page as you do in the actual book. And, it gives the option to bookmark a page.

    ▶︎ .epub

    The EPUB is a free, open-source e-book format. All E-Readers like Amazon Kindle, Google Books, and Apple iBook.

    The current version of EPUB is EPUB 3.0.1.

    KOBO E-Reader, Apple iBook app for Mac and iOS, Android, Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle Fire, PocketBook E-Reader, FBReader, and other popular eReader apps support the EPUB format.

    ▶︎ iBook

    The iBook is exclusive for the Apple iBook store. All the E-Books sold on the Apple iBook store has the iBook Format.

    Decide what kind of format you want for your E-Book.


    2. Where can I download free E-Books online?

    Here are 14 best E-Book sites where you can access and download free E-book PDF’s easily.

    Project Gutenberg

    Google E-Book Store

    Open Library

    Amazon Free Kindle Books

    Library Genesis

    Free book spot

    Get Free EBooks




    Open Culture


    Ebook Bike

    Apart from the above, we have Barnes and Noble eBooks through their NOOK Reading App. Through the App, you access to free eBooks and e-magazines from multiple genres. And it offers around 1000 free eBooks for Children.

    If you like to download free audiobooks, you can go to:


    Open Culture – Also offers free audiobooks



    If you like to download free E-books related to education, business, free research-paper PDF’s then you have sites like:

    Online programming – you can find E-Books and online books on App development, programming, computer science, web-designing, software engineering, networking, Information Technology. - Free E-Books on education materials, references, and studies related documents, reference materials.

    Free – You can find free PDF books on Computer science, Lecture Notes, Mathematics.

    KnowFree – Free E-books for professionals who can access free research white papers, reports, and case studies.

    Ebook lobby – Has E-books on the computer, arts, education, business.

    O'Reilly – If you like to access free e-books and PDFs on study books related to IT, Computer Technologies, etc.

    All these sites offer free eBook downloads for amazon kindle, smartphones, and such.


    3. List of good E-Book Writing Software:

    You need good document creation software to write a complete e-book with no hassles and troubles.

    Here are best, feature-rich, highly preferred, and more than 4.5 star-rated E-Book Writing software for you.

    ● Conga Document Generation – Conga Composer

    ● Dropbox Paper

    ● Microsoft Word

    ● Formstack Documents

    ● Smallpdf

    ● Google Docs

    ● Adobe Acrobat DC

    ● Foxit PhantomPDF

    ● Foxit PDF SDK

    ● PDFelement

    ● ZOHO Docs

    All the above software has reached the “Market Presence” and “high Performers” in the G2 GRID for Top Document Creation Software Products.

    If you don’t know what G2 is, here’s a small introduction. The G2 scores products and software vendors based on user reviews and data aggregated from online sources and social networks. Together, these scores get mapped on the G2 GRID.

    The G2 GRID shows data in both “Live” and “Trending” criteria. The G2 GRID is the best way to find top software products.

    If you are a professional E-Book writer or planning to be one, go for the above pro software.

    But, if you are new to e-book writing, you can start with free e-book editing the software’s like:

    ● Microsoft Word

    ● ZOHO Writer

    ● iLovePDF

    ● PDF-XChange Editor

    ● Easy PDF

    ● Inkspace – open-source vector editing program

    ● Epubeemaker

    ● Flipbuilder

    ● Visme

    They all have excellent features and facilities to support good e-book writing for you.

    We mentioned here (both Paid and Free versions software) are the most sought-after document creation software for e-books. They are compatible with Windows and Mac Users.

    Special Mentions:

    ● Scrivener – For writing novels and screenplays, type eBook.

    ● iBooks Author – eBook writing/editing software only for Apple iBooks.

    ● Adobe InDesign – an advanced eBook creating software, especially if you want graphics and all interactive style-elements for your eBook. By becoming good at Adobe InDesign, you can render an immersive experience to your eBook for sure.

    ● Beacon Plugin for WordPress – If you like to convert your Blog posts into eBooks, you can install and use this plugin.


    4. Why you need a cross-platform EBook Reader?


    Most of the eReading apps work only on specific operating systems.

    That is why; you need cross-platform eBook Readers. They will run on all operating systems, accepts many eBook file formats, and gives the user convenient reading features like bookmarking, highlighting, etc.

    5 Best cross-platform eBook readers are:

    Kindle – kindle eReader supports iOS and Android platforms. It supports AWZ3, Mobi, PDF eBook formats. The Kindle app offers interactive features for eBooks like bookmarking, highlighting, turning the page, making notes, and syncing eBooks.

    FBReader – a cross-platform eBook reader available for iOS, iPhone and Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. You can also read your eBooks on your Desktop and other hand-held devices.

    Bookari – This eBooks reader works on Android and iOS. It is compatible with PDF, ePUB2, and ePUB3 format along with Adobe DRM.

    Kitaboo – Is an interactive cross-platform eBook reader. It is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS. Kitaboo gives an offline reading feature. It offers interactive features like making notes, bookmarking, highlighting texts, reading aloud, turning the page, etc.

    Cool Reader – It is an open-source eBook reader software supporting Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS X. It supports a wide range of eBook file formats like ePUB, CHM, PDB, MOB, FB2, TXT, RTF, Doc, TCR.

    Scribd, BlueFire reader, Libby, and Lucidor are other preferred cross-platform eReading apps.


    5. What is eBook DRM? Why we need DRM for eBooks?


    DRM stands for Digital Rights Management.

    Digital Rights Management uses technology to protect your eBook copyright of the content. You can avoid losing your revenue share by adding DRM protection to your eBook.

    If you want to protect your EBook from illegal downloads, sharing (instead of buying) eBooks for free, and stop losing revenue, you need DRM strategy.

    If you are planning to write an eBook;

    ● Select the digital publishing platform that offers DRM encryption to protect your eBook against piracy.


    6. How to sell eBooks on Amazon?


    Amazon offers KDP – Kindle Direct Publishing where you can self-publish and sell your eBooks for free and earn money.

    When you use KDP:

    ● Your eBook appears in the Kindle Store within a Day.

    ● From Content to eBook pricing, it is all up to the book writer.

    ● It will be available to readers worldwide.

    ● You can earn up to 70% royalties on the list price you set for your eBook.

    ● You can retrieve the money from eBook sales in your preferred currency.

    ● You can create your author page.

    The KDP gives access to

    ● Real-time data on your book sales worldwide.

    Also, Enroll in KDP Select and earn money through Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.


    7. Where to buy eBooks?


    The 10 best places to find and buy eBooks are:

    1. Amazon Kindle

    2. Barnes and Noble Nook eBook Store

    3. iBook

    4. KOBO

    5. Google Play Books

    6. SCRIBD

    7. Playster

    8. Smashwords (independent eBooks)

    9. Total Boox ( only pay for the % of the book you read)

    10. Springer (individual eBooks on education)


    8. How to buy eBooks?


    To buy eBooks:

    ● Signup with any of the eBook stores like B&N Nook, Amazon Kindle, etc. You can install respective reading apps.

    ● Explore different genres of books, best-selling eBooks, new releases, pre-orders, classics, etc.

    ● Pick your choice of eBook.

    ● Select the eBook version will have many versions like paperback, hardcover, audiobook, audio CD, etc.

    ● If you have reading apps, the layout can be a little different, but the procedure will be the same. Pick the book, add it to your cart, and finally make the payment. Your choice of eBook will be in your eReader.


    9. Where to sell eBooks online?


    If you are looking to sell your eBooks online, you have 11 best platforms. They are:

    A. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

    You can earn between 35% to 70% royalty of your eBook sales. You can self-publish your eBook for free. Reaching millions of people and marketing your eBook is easy for you.


    You can host and sell eBooks. This website allows you to host your eBook, create promotions, affiliates, and brings bloggers and marketers to promote and sell your eBook. Payhip takes 5% of your eBook sales.

    C. Nook Press

    It is by Barnes & Noble. You can publish your eBook here for free.


    It provides options to sell and promote your eBooks easily. You can sell your eBook directly on their platform. Or, you can also do it in Amazon, B&N platform, and Apple iBook stores. The Blurb takes 20% per sale of your eBook.

    E. The E-Junkie

    It offers wonderful ways to sell your eBooks like creating sales pages, multiple payment support, affiliate programs, protected storage, discounts, Google analytics, and more.

    F. Google Play

    It is another best place to sell your eBook on android platforms easily.

    G. Feiyr

    They charge you with a one-time fee. After that, you can start publishing your eBook and earn up to 90% of sales. They also give promotional features for your eBook.

    H. Apple’s iBooks Author

    If you want your eBook to be available to Apple users, you can pick this platform. The iBook royalty rate is flat 70%.

    I. Kobo Writing Life

    Their royalty rates are 70% and 45%. Kobo is a growing platform to sell your eBooks.

    J. Draft2Digital

    This is an aggregator platform to sell eBooks, i.e. they will convert your eBook and distribute it across famous platforms like iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and other ebooks stores.

    K. INscribe Digital

    It provides eBook subscription services. Upload your eBook. The sale of your eBook will be across hundreds of websites.

    To sell your eBooks online and gain revenue, go for good E-Publishing platforms we mentioned here. They are trustworthy, legal, support different OS platforms, and are accessible to millions of people online. Besides, you get affiliate programs, promotions, royalty revenue, and other convenient features.


    10. How to sell eBooks on your own Website/Blog?


    You can sell eBooks from your own blog/website in two ways.

    Method 1:

    If you have substantial followers for your website/blog, you need not worry much. You can go ahead by adding different plugins like PayPal, Shopify, etc. on your site.

    ● You can try the “PayPal for Digital Goods” plug-in. Link the Plugin to your PayPal account (if you don’t have one, you can create one). Upload your eBook into the media library. Add a “buy now” button for the eBook you want to sell. You can place the button in your word press/blog pages, posts, sidebars, or just anywhere on your site.

    ● You can embed Payhip directly into your website. Or, you can use Payhip’s storefront to sell your eBooks.

    ● You can use Shopify. It offers over 50 responsive themes to sell eBooks. The Shopify POS app will help you sell your eBooks online from your website or blog easily.

    They all give step-by-step guidance to set up a selling front for you on your website.

    Method 2:

    If you are a growing blogger and want to reach a wider audience, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing can be an excellent platform for you. You can link your Amazon KDP to your social media pages in your blogs.


    11. How to transfer my eBooks to Kindle?


    To remember:

    a. Have a proper file format for your eBooks.

    b. If you have your eBook as PDF, then no problem. Amazon Kindle automatically converts PDF’s into Kindle formats.

    c. If your eBook is in Mobi format, they are perfectly compatible with Kindle. Just attach it and send it to kindle email.

    d. If your file is in ePUB format, covert it into Mobi format to sync with Kindle. You can use the software called Calibre. Or, you can do it from the document creation software you are using to create your eBook, etc. You can use a website called “” It is a free site to convert your eBooks to Amazon Kindle compatible.

    Transferring eBooks to Amazon Kindle:

    Method 1:

    ● Connect your Kindle to your computer with a USB cable.

    ● Your Kindle the device will appear in the same location as an external USB Drive appear

    ● Open the Kindle Folder

    ● Open the Internal Storage Folder.

    ● Find the eBook you have. See what format it is in. your eBook should be in PDF, ePUB, TXT, PRC, DOCX.

    ● Remember Kindle-friendly file formats. They are DOC, DOCX, RTF, PDF, MOBI, AWZ, PNG and BMP.

    ● If you don’t have any of the above file formats, covert them (preferable to MOBI format) first.

    ● Drag and drop the file into the Kindle folder you selected.

    ● Once the file is copied, you can disconnect Kindle form your computer.

    Method 2:

    ● There is an app called “Send2Kindle”. It is available for windows and android platforms.

    ● Install it and configure it to your needs.

    ● Select the file from your PC. Right-click and select the option “Send2Kindle”.

    ● When you run the Send2Kindle app, it will create a window. Drag any compatible file from your PC into that window.

    ● The file will be automatically sent to Kindle Cloud.

    Method 3:

    ● Connect your kindle devices to Wi-Fi without fail.

    ● Open your web browser from your computer or laptop.

    ● Go to the amazon official page. Log in to it.

    ● After logging in, you will find an option called “Accounts & Lists.” Click it.

    ● From the drop-down menu, select the “Your Content & Devices” option.

    ● You will see a fresh set of menus and options.

    ● From them, choose the “Preferences” option.

    ● Select “Personal Document Setting” from the list of options you see.

    ● “Enable” the Archiving option if it is in a 'disabled' state. Enabling the archiving option will support sending files and documents to your kindle.

    ● Next, click on the “Add a new approved e-mail address” link.

    ● You will now get a pop-up window with a prompt saying “Enter an approved email address” with a text bar.

    ● If you have an email address here, check if it is valid, and you use it frequently.

    ● If not, add your preferred e-mail address (the email address that you use for Kindle) in the text bar and click on the “Add Address” button.

    ● Open your Gmail or whatever mailing system you use.

    ● Compose a new email.

    ● Add the kindle’s email address in the “To” area.

    ● Add your eBook via the Attachment option.

    ● Make sure the eBook you are adding to the Kindle has a compatible format.

    ● “Send” your email.

    ● The eBook will be received and downloaded in your Kindle Device.

    Apart from these methods, if you like to add an Amazon eBook to your Kindle via USB, follow these simple steps.

    ● Go to your amazon official page.

    ● Sign in to your account.

    ● Select “Accounts & Lists”

    ● Select “Your Content & Devices”

    ● You will find the list of amazon eBooks you have downloaded for free or paid.

    ● Click to the Left-side of the book (Three Dots)

    ● Select the option “Download & Transfer via USB.”

    ● From the drop-down list box, select your Kindle Device

    ● Click OK.

    ● If your eBook is not in the Kindle compatible format, convert it using the site. You can do it by opening a new tab. Enter the converter site address. The page will appear before you. Do the conversion work.

    ● Once done, you can copy the file from the site.

    ● Now, connect your Kindle charger cable to the USB port of your laptop or computer.

    ● Unlock the Kindle if you have any password.

    ● Open the “Internal Storage” folder from the Kindle. It can also be in the name of “books” depending upon Kindle Versions.

    ● Now, press Ctrl+V or do the right-click and “Paste” option.

    ● Once copied, eject the Kindle from your system.

    Your eBook is now copied to your Amazon Kindle.


    12. How to Make Money with eBooks?


    To make money from eBooks:

    ● Come up with an eBook idea that suits your niche writing area or topic.

    ● Use good eBook writing software.

    ● Start Writing.

    ● Edit, proof-read and correct errors and mistakes.

    ● Create a catchy eBook cover design. Front and back eBook cover design is a plus for you.

    ● You can give your final eBook to your friends, family, colleague, or a few of your target audience and get some feedback. Make changes you feel are right.

    ● Don’t forget to write a crisp and sharp eBook Description. This will attract your target audience easily.

    ● Complete your eBook.

    ● Price your eBook. It depends upon the platform in which you sell. If you plan to sell your eBook from your website or blog, you can price it a little high. If you plan to sell it on Amazon KDP, price it low to compete with similar eBook topics available for free.

    ● You can pick the best-value and good-return ePublishing platforms. Apart from selling eBooks through your website or blog, ePublishing platforms are a great way to make money from your eBook.

    ● You can choose affiliate programs.

    ● Use social media to promote it.

    ● Initially, you can offer your eBook for free to promote it. A good marketing strategy will help you.

    For starters, eBook publishing platforms are a great way to make money from eBooks.


    13. Where can I read free eBooks online?


    The top 11 websites that allow you to read free eBooks online without any hassle are:

    ● Open Library

    ● Google Books

    ● Blurb

    ● Smashwords

    ● ManyBooks

    ● BookRix

    ● Authorama

    ● Project Gutenberg

    ● 24Symbols

    ● BookBub

    ● Bookboon

    ● Reddit free eBooks

    Few websites here act as a digital library to you. You can borrow eBooks and return. All you have to do is signup, and you are ready.


    14. How to select the right eBook publishing platform for my eBooks?


    The best eBook publishing platform will have these 10 key features.

    ● Your eBook publishing software should be compatible with different operating systems, browsers, eReaders, and multiple devices.

    ● The ePublishing platform should offer an “easy to use” interface. Video tutorials, demo videos, easy interfaces, easy menu options, no complex technical elements, interactive widgets, simple drag/drop/ buttons, and icons will all be a big plus.

    ● Customizing options i.e. White-Labelled platform, where you can have the right to design and customize your logos, templates, and designs.

    ● You need good “Analytics”. An eBook Publishing platform providing in-depth data to publishers is a big advantage. Analytics will help the publisher see real-time data, user patterns, and help build eBook Sales.

    ● DRM protection is a must. DRM protection will ensure safety for your eBook at all levels. It will protect you against data thefts, piracy, sharing without paying, along with strong encryption.

    ● Access to different eStores will become an extra credit to ePublishing platforms.

    ● Compatible with EPUB3 version of eBook. All latest eReader devices and eReader software support ePUB3 format.

    ● The ePublishing platform should provide facilities to add images, videos, audios, text highlighting, interactive elements, annotations, etc. to make the eBook interesting.

    ● Go for an ePublishing platform that offers affordable, license-based plans for your ePublishing software.

    ● Make sure you don’t put too much money one time. If you don’t like this platform, you should be able to switch to another ePublishing platform with no hassle or money loss.


    15. How to Market your eBooks?


    Marketing your eBooks can be a challenge. Here are some strategies that you can try to market your eBooks effectively.

    ● You can use your social media to the fullest to reach a wider audience for your eBooks.

    ● You can open a separate social media page for your eBook.

    ● You can create an Author Page to make people get to know you.

    ● Bring in affiliate programs.

    ● Work with good ePublishing platforms as they offer promotional programs.

    ● Create a mailing list of close-circle people. Send them your eBook copy and ask for suggestions and feedback. Excellent reviews promote your eBooks easily.

    ● You can create a blog/website for your eBook.

    ● Create video snippets.

    ● Promote your eBook with keywords to drive traffic.

    ● You can bring in “Pre-Order” strategies.

    ● You can create an anticipation strategy like sending promos, eBook cover reveals, snippet pages/few lines of texts.

    ● You can bring in bloggers related to your eBook to support your eBook.

    ● Design a stunning eBook cover design.

    ● If there is a reading circle, join in. Introduce your eBook to people there.

    ● Discounts, offer pricing, pre-order price slash are excellent strategies to try.

    ● Reach out to good eBook subscription services to promote.

    These are few best working strategies to market, sell, and promote your eBooks easily.


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