Practical Ways To Improve Yourself

Practical Ways To Improve Yourself


Improving self or self-improvement is rather self-explanatory. Self-improvement primarily is the process of making yourself better day after day, in terms of knowledge, skills, personality, mind or character, or any other specific desire you have in mind.

You have something in mind that you want to flip over. Certainly, you have a desire to change something about yourselves.

Whatever your area of improvement is, three obvious steps drive the process.

  1. Identify your target area that you want to improve.
  2. Enable change and work out ways in which you can arrest your pitfalls leading in that path.
  3. Learn from failures and curb them to move forward for a better yourself.

Irrespective of whatever your desire is to improve, there are a couple of ways in which you can handle them.

75 of them are mentioned below for you to run through. All of these may not necessarily synchronize with your target area of improvement. So choose wisely.

  1. Learn how to effectively communicate, negotiate, and influence your target audience.
  2. Work towards managing your time effectively.
  3. Arrest your stress causing areas.
  4. Set aside all your worries that hurdle your progress towards improvement.
  5. Be more sociable.
  6. Keep yourself abreast of times.
  7. When entering a relatively new conversation, do the groundwork to understand the topic better.
  8. Be emotionally balanced.
  9. Manage your finances wisely.
  10. Do not spend where you are not required to.
  11. Never play the role of a debtor.
  12. Invest safely and securely after a well thought out plan in place.
  13. Enjoy nature and the environment.
  14. Contribute your part to society.
  15. Inculcate friendly nature.
  16. Maintain robust relationships.
  17. Spend more time on the areas that interest you.
  18. Exercise regularly.
  19. Take good care of your health and immunity system.
  20. Have a great sleep.
  21. Partner your time with friends, family, and loved ones.
  22. Spend enough time with your pets as well.
  23. Try to spend time cooking multi-cuisine.
  24. Wear your favorite outfits.
  25. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  26. Listen to your favorite music.
  27. Read a lot of literature.
  28. Learn something new every day.
  29. Spend time with elderly people to basket up life skills and wisdom.
  30. Get rid of bad habits that worry you a lot.
  31. Address people by their names.
  32. Display pleasant body postures.
  33. Do not let your actions shout over your voice.
  34. Always carry a smile on your face.
  35. Offer help to those in need.
  36. Forgive the mistakes committed by others. Help them learn from their mistakes.
  37. Try to be a good mentor.
  38. Read a lot of fables.
  39. In times of despair, imbibe the ‘take it easy’ policy.
  40. Be a good listener.
  41. Be empathetic. Care for the feelings of others.
  42. Be a time traveler.
  43. Play an instrument.
  44. Learn arts and crafts.
  45. Take more of your selfies.
  46. Be kind and express gratitude to others.
  47. Attend personality development workshops.
  48. Have a sense of spirituality.
  49. Think positive.
  50. Have clarity in your thoughts.
  51. Aspire for becoming big and work towards it.
  52. Prioritize your tasks and work along, every single day.
  53. Keep yourself and your surroundings organized.
  54. Set future action plans, 1 year from now, 3 years from now, 5 and 10 years from now, etc.
  55. Seek regular feedback. They help you improve a lot.
  56. Invite ideas for improving grey areas.
  57. Do hard work as well as smart work, as the situation demands.
  58. Be in the company of those whom you feel are leading an improved lifestyle over yours.
  59. Accept new challenges.
  60. Talk to specialists and professionals, and consider their help.
  61. Be strong psychologically.
  62. Increase your focus on the roads that take you to the desired improvement path.
  63. Speak to your inner self.
  64. Wear your favorite accessories.
  65. Relax and be comfortable even when interacting with strangers.
  66. Habituate diary writing.
  67. Cherish your favorite memories.
  68. Appreciate others for a good job they have done.
  69. Look back at your merits and self-motivated to improve yourself better.
  70. Demand integrity for yourself.
  71. Be loyal to those who really rely upon you.
  72. Be honest with yourself.
  73. Express yourself clearly.
  74. Don’t wait for an opportunity. Create an opportunity.
  75. Do not care for what other people think of you, just be ‘your better’ yourself.

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  • dhritikesh
    Dhritikesh Nath
    287 pts
    Quick Learner


    Why do you want to improve yourself? The only reason for the improvement is dissatisfaction. However, there is nothing bad about it. To evolve is an idea of the wise. Only the foolish ignore the idea of improvement. The practical ways to improve yourself article, you'll learn how to work on yourself. Take a step forward and make the efforts.

    So, these are 8 practical ways to improve yourself.


    Ego is mankind's biggest enemy. You have to conquer it before it conquers you. Don't let it evolve beyond a certain level. Think about it as a barrier that separates you and knowledge. You'll have to break this barrier to be available for knowledge.

    However, you may wonder how to break the barrier. Well, it's not as simple as it seems. Assuming your knowledge to be negligible is a great way to start. Well, you might have an immense memory. But, that's like a bucket of water from the ocean. So, to better yourself, leave your ego. It will show you how to better yourself.


    Never make excuses. If you aren't prepared for the job, prepare yourself. Making excuses will leave you as a coward. Well, you don't want to be that. Don't you? It doesn’t let you realize your limitations. A mental satisfaction hiding from the truth is all that it provides. People can guide you towards the path. But, it is you who must make the effort.

    However, fear is the major reason for making excuses. Working on yourself will fend off all fear. So, learn to control fear to never make excuses.


    Always try to be forgiving. We may have several losses in the past due to some people. Forgiving them is the best way to remove the bitterness within. This bitterness will haunt you in your worst nightmare.

    Besides, many religious scriptures also directs is to forgive. After forgiveness, your status will be like God. For ages, your forgiving nature will make you remembered personally. Forgive but don't ever forget. You must know the difference between them. To prevent such a situation again, you must never forget what just happened. So, learn to forgive to work with yourself.


    Listening is a rare art. One who masters this art can lay the foundations for improvement. Never think that only you know the truth. Well, others may know it better than you. Remove your crown of ignorance and widen your mindset. Ignoring other’s opinions is an injustice to yourself. Some individuals have the blessing of the listening memory. Like the visual memory, listening memory is significant too. Well, this skill can be developed by listening. At times, it will prove to be beneficial.

    However, some don't have the patience to listen completely. They acquire half the information and skip the rest. Since half the information is dangerous, you must listen completely. So, learn to listen to work with yourself.


    Anger is a consequence. Usually, we get angry when things don’t happen as we wish. In this case, expectation gives rise to anger. The most foolish decisions are made when we get angry. After cooling down, we realize the mistake we have made. But, it will be too late to realize it. Then, we have the only choice of remembering.

    Anger can also be evolved when we give too much privilege to others. Then, their acts make us turn red. Controlling our emotions, such as a form of slavery. Well, controlling anger is not as easy as it seems. There is an entire process dedicated to anger-management.


    There may be many people in your life, who truly love you. In that case, you must be one of them. Yes, you must love yourself. In life, there will be many instances where people won't like you. To handle these types of situations, have a soft corner for yourself. This quality will benefit you in many ways you didn’t imagine.

    So, before anyone else, love yourself. There might be a time when your loved ones will leave you. At that time, love will be the most important thing you would need. Self-love will be the only option left behind. It is an important tip on how you can develop as a person.


    It is important to love the things you do. There may be many obstacles in life, but we mustn't tremble. Move on with your daily life resisting all difficulties. Never be too attached to any incident. All you have to do is just move with the flow. Doing this, a new sense of self-respect will grow within you. Everything will be simple and you'll feel better about yourself.

    However, evolving is the essence of life. Anything that doesn't evolve is termed as dead. Therefore, move on by being alive. Try this way of living your life. It will teach you how to develop as a person.


    There will be many instances where you won't see a ray of hope. Your life may see lifelike a living hell for you. But, all you have to do is to believe yourself. This is the main key to success. If you don't believe in yourself, you can't resist problems. Also, self-belief has the power to turn the impossible to reality.

    However, it may sound fictional, but it is true. A belief is so strong that it can alter the fabric of reality. The strength multiples if you believe in yourself. So, how to improve yourself? Well, belief is the ultimate answer.


    Improvement is a spontaneous process. It is continuous and effort must be made regularly. Many want to improve to better than their competitors.

    However, that isn't the way to approach. The entire way of improving is about being better than yourself. You might not know the weaknesses of your rivals. But, you know about yours' to the fullest. There are several tips for self-improvement. These 8 tips will help you with how to get better. So, follow these sincerely.

  • pooja
    Pooja Pandit
    96 pts
    Rising Star

    As humans, we are not perfect. No one is. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. However, a person should always try to improve yourself no matter what. You may wonder how to work on yourself or how to better yourself?

    8 Ways To Improve Yourself

    This article will show you some practical ways on how you can improve yourself and be a better version of yourself. Read on to know more.

    1. Help when you can

    In life, you always receive what you put in. When you bring about a positive change in others' life, that is when your life notices a change. Hence, it's pretty simple. Help others in need as and when you can. Love and kindness go a long way in improving yourself. There is no better way than this in bettering yourself.

    2. Have a positive attitude

    Having a positive attitude can change a lot of things in your life. It is known to change your perspective as a whole. Your mind should believe that it can achieve great things in life before you actually do it. This is one way to work on yourself. We always have thoughts in our minds. Keep a close watch on that.

    Sometimes, your mind is highly impacted by how you think. Hence, listen to your thoughts. If you have any negative thoughts, immediately distract yourself.

    3. Accept problems a part of life

    Let's face it. No one ever leaves this world without experiencing their share of problems. As discussed earlier, your mind plays the main role in your thought process. A positive mindset will take problems as part of growing and learning.

    On the other hand, if you are a negative person, such problems can impact your life to a great extent. Each one of us faces problems. However, simply remember, it is just a way to make you stronger. Accept them and learn to face problems.

    4. Practice a new skill every week

    It is always a great thing to indulge in some self-love. This is one way on how to improve yourself. It is important to give your needs a priority. Learning new skills can be exciting, as well as fun. It keeps you engaged and productive too.

    Additionally, when you practice new skills, you better yourself as a person or individual. You become more equipped when you learn new skills.

    5. Avoid procrastination

    Procrastination is one of the major reasons which puts a pause on improving yourself. The day you let go of procrastination, is the day you will change your life.

    Often delaying tasks can lead to them never getting done. This will prevent you from bettering yourself. It is important to be disciplined and avoid procrastination as much as possible.

    What you delay today, will again be delayed tomorrow. This will end up never getting the work done. Hence, keep your laziness aside and get things done today itself.

    6. Learn the art to forgive

    When people hurt you, don't live on with the hate. Investing in hate will only spoil your peace of mind and stop you from enjoying life to the fullest. Besides, living with hate has negative impacts on your mind.

    Hence, the best way to improve yourself is to learn the art to forgive. Leave the past behind and learn to move forward.

    The less you hate people, the more time you will have in hand to love yourself and others. Similarly, the art to live a positive and happy life is to be forgiving. This will help you as a person.

    7. Be grateful for the little things

    People are sometimes never happy with what they have. They are greedy and want more of everything. Take a minute to appreciate the little things in your life.

    Be grateful for what you currently and learn to express gratitude. It is important to remember that happiness lies in simple things. When you are content with yourself, is when you improve the quality of your life. Additionally, being grateful will help you in tough times.

    8. Smile often

    This is one of the simplest ways you can improve yourself. It does not matter if you are having a bad day, simply take the initiative from your end to smile. When you smile, your brain is forced to think that you are happy.

    Similarly, when you are happy, you can change the quality of your life. Such simple things have the power to change your life. A study found that smiling releases feel-good endorphins.

    These are some self-improvement ideas that will go a long way in helping you out. Try these out and notice the changes yourself. If you need to improve your life, you will have to take the initiative for the same. Work hard, and with time, you will get disciplined.

    Improving yourself is a great way to explore and inculcate good values. Initially, you can start by doing some of these on a daily basis and then get consistent. Make sure you follow them to witness changes. Put your heart and soul into bettering yourself, and nothing in this world will stop you.

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