Why do we need to create a positive self-image?

Why do we need to create a positive self-image?


A positive self-image is something a person cultivates as a result of what life teaches them. It can reflect your real self to the outside. On account of the character, a good self-image will reveal what other people think of you and how they perceive you. In the end, having a positive self-image and good self-esteem will bring in a sense-of-confidence in everything about you. It’s a lesson no one can teach you but you.

The importance of having a good self-image

The more you develop your positive self-esteem and self-image, the more productive you will become. The importance of having a positive self-image will help recognize your potential as well as gain confidence. It ensures your mental, emotional wellbeing as well as analyzes faults and things to be changed. If you start focusing on positives and change the negatives you have, you start to feel good about yourself. In many ways, a positive self-image will help you gain the needed confidence to face whatever comes.

How to create a positive self-image?

A positive self-image is not something that’s fixed on a scale. Constant self- improvement from your side boosts your self-image. You should nurture the positives you have and try changing the negatives. On the contrary, a good self-image does depend upon qualities that are constant and not prone to changes. The characters like loyalty, friendship, trustworthiness, respect to others and self, and empathy are all basic traits that build a positive self-image. Take a look at some of the best steps you could take to build and improve your self-image. It can help you focus on what’s important.

12 Best Steps to Build a Positive Self-Image

Accepting Inputs:

If you like to develop good self-esteem, change the habit of ‘being right’ all the time in your workplace. The same applies to life as well. You cannot improve your self-image if you get comfortable with ‘No, I’m right’. Accept inputs from people around you. If it’s good, take it.

Give Space:

Listening and giving space to others is a good personal trait that many people don’t develop fittingly. Good self-esteem should give the same feeling to others. It should not make others feel low. It should not make other people feel that their self-respect is being tested. Give equal space to everyone besides you.

Being Humble:

Felt like you’re the only intelligent person in the room? Think again. A super-intelligent person could be right behind you. The habit of ‘I’m better than everyone else here’ will not reflect positively over time. It eventually clouds you with ego which hinders positive self-image. On the other hand, being humble in spite of your intelligence and performance will take you places. Being humble is the best way to boost your self-esteem and self-image.

Being humble doesn’t mean being quiet:

Being quiet when there’s a need to speak could go worse and affect people. Extend your support when there’s a need for it. Playing a safe-game is not right always, it could put people in difficult situations too. If you could, support people and extend your hand whenever possible.

Basic traits:

Learning from mistakes and improving yourself is essential in addition to having basic good traits. Loyalty, Trustworthiness, friendship, the capability to show affection and compassion, treating others the same as you are very important qualities. Developing these qualities and never compromise on them enhances your self-image and trust.

No Comparing:

Comparing yourself with others is not how you develop your self-esteem. It’s bad. Get rid of the habit. Everyone is different. The good and bad vary from every individual. On the contrary, you will have a lot to learn from the people. You can learn good behaviors and qualities that you never had before from people. The bad personalities in people should wake you up about how you should never cultivate these kinds of habits in life.


There’s a thin line between confidence and over-confidence. In addition to being confident about yourself, you should also become aware when the line’s being crossed due to your ego. Ego brings no good to anyone. Tread carefully in this path. High Self-esteem is not about having an ego, don’t confuse them.


You need a self-analysis of yourself to see what goes wrong. Rather than denial, accepting that you have some negative habits to change will speed up the process of improving significantly. You should be able to analyze your characters and behaviors that are likely bad in addition to focusing on good ones. Furthermore, for a good self-image, the self-analysis should not get into negative self-criticisms.


It becomes hard especially when there’s room for comparison with others. The feeling of ‘I don’t have this’, ‘I’m not like this’ and most importantly the feeling of low self-esteem about appearances is where people go wrong. If you are not being kind to yourself, if you don’t commit yourself to input good things, positive self-image goes in vain. No one is perfect. Nothing is perfect. Better people are the ones who understand and accept their flaws. That’s where the room for improvement comes which boosts your self-image positively.

Don’t obsess with self-image:

If you obsess yourself with looking good and doing well, it often leaves you in difficult situations, no matter if it’s work or life. Obsessing over things will deprive your physical and mental health together.

Take Care of yourself:

For that, you need good food, good sleep, good friends, an active lifestyle and a positive mind. Let go of fear, anger, and hate for the sake of your wellness. Comfortable and essential things are important compared to fashion-forward things. Dress to impress yourself. Enjoy the things you love and follow your passion. Treat how you wanted to be treated. Maintaining a personal journal to record things at the end of the day will give a chance to reflect on yourself. As time goes by, life teaches you good things and bad things that shape your self-image.


Sometimes you have to look back to see how far you made the journey. It gives an edge over gaining positive affirmations to challenge the troubles that come your way. Look back and see how successfully you made this so far to just quit in the middle.

Final thoughts:

Projecting a positive self-image will help people get a sense of their potential and capabilities. It might seem impossible to focus on self-image at the start, but when you do you can find considerable positive changes. You can identify what went wrong. You can improve yourself and most importantly your self-esteem will grow. Analyzing your self is different from bad self-criticism so understand it. On the other hand, make sure that your self-image is realistic as well as positive. Make changes that are possible one step at a time. Maintaining an active lifestyle and healthy food habits will help improve your body self-image whereas, good traits will improve your self-esteem. In the end, it all comes down to one thing! A positive self-image is something that takes self-improvements without compromising good qualities.

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