How to Forgive yourself and live your fully

How to Forgive yourself and live your fully

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    10 Best ways to forgive yourself and live your life fully

    Let’s begin with a wonderful quote here.

    “Of all the people I’ve hurt, I’ve hurt myself the most; I owe myself an apology.” – Faraway

    Self-forgiveness is a wonderful process. It doesn’t happen instantly. The right way to forgive yourself starts with ‘realization,’ ‘acceptance,’ and ‘apologizing.’ If you’re struggling with the concept of self-forgiveness, we can help you with that.

    Here are 10 best ways to help you forgive yourself and live your life fully. We are sure it will give you some valuable insight.

    1. Have you apologized?

    How sincere is your apology? Have you realized what you did?

    Or, is your apology just a reflex of mistakes you did?

    Extending a self-realized apology is the right path to take if you are looking for how to forgive yourself.

    2. Don’t rush for Forgiveness!

    Genuinely extended your apology? That’s great. Leave it at that.

    Don’t rush for forgiveness. Give time for people to take what you said.

    Let them take their time to forgive.

    Meanwhile, don’t bite your nails over “Why they haven’t responded for my apology.” This will add more mental burden.

    Realizing your mistakes and extending a sincere apology is how you forgive yourself gracefully. Do it, and don’t worry about the rest.

    3. The guilt is good. Shame is not. Know the Difference!

    With guilt, there comes a purpose. Guilt will help you realize what you wronged, why you made a mistake and what you can do to amend the mistakes.

    With shame, it is different. With shame, it is difficult to think forward and find a solution. You feel like you are stuck somewhere.

    Can you understand the difference here?

    A Pro tip for you is "Guilt is acceptable but shame is not!"

    Next time you feel shame for what you did, overcome it!

    You have to realize that a bad decision doesn’t make you a bad person. This is a way of offering self-forgiveness.

    4. Don’t change people’s mind:

    We don’t just stop with saying an apology. Do we?

    We demand instant forgiveness.

    We try to make other people feel bad for not offering forgiveness.

    You should not demand or make other people change their minds to accept your forgiveness. Don’t change people’s minds to align with your self-forgiveness process.

    If you know that you have done what you can to amend the the situation, move on.

    5. You are better than this, aren’t you?

    Deep down, we know we are better than this. Somehow, we make mistakes. We break bonds and breach trust. That’s fine.

    To err is to the human right?

    What you can do here is, be brave enough to accept the mistakes. Be strong enough to take responsibility. And, show utmost self-compassion in forgiving yourself.

    Don’t be hard on yourself and judge yourself for mistakes.

    6. Forgive like you want to be ‘Forgiven.’

    There is a famous saying, ‘Practice what you preach.’

    The same goes for forgiveness.

    If you like to be forgiven, do the same to others who say sorry and apologize to you.

    If you want to be forgiven quick, do the same for others.

    7. Stop ‘Pseudo Self-Forgiveness’:

    Pseudo Self-Forgiveness is:

    You have done something wrong but you discount the negative impacts of the mistakes. You convince yourself that the mistake-impact is not that much. And, you got to the next step of blaming others for making it big. You try to divert the blame.

    In short, pseudo-self-forgiveness means “you know that you made a mistake. But you justify saying, “this is just a minor mistake. It’s nothing big.”

    If you want to forgive yourself completely, avoid this pseudo-self-forgiveness.

    Accept that you made some mistakes. Don’t downplay the effects. Take responsibility. Convey an apology. The size of the mistake doesn’t matter.

    If you follow pseudo self-forgiveness, you are convincing yourself with temporary ‘feel good’ and ‘I didn't make it big. This person did. I am relieved from this mess’ mindset.

    So, to forgive yourself, stop this kind of pseudo self-forgiveness.

    8. Forgive yourself Physically:

    So, how to forgive yourself completely?

    Is it okay to just balm the thought process alone?


    Forgive yourself physically too.

    Not just mentally, guilt manifests physically also. We worry about our appearance. We feel guilty for eating a heartfelt meal. We demand a better version of ourselves by looking at an Instagram profile. We try to meet standards that are not a reality with physical appearances.

    If you want to forgive yourself and live fully, forgive yourself mentally and physically. Taking good self-care is the right way.

    Tend to your body needs. Aim to stay fit instead of looking like a particular body shape that the media impose. Eat healthy foods. Build an active lifestyle.

    9. Do Little Amendments:

    Some people expect to make it up to them as a way of granting forgiveness. They could use a little more than sorry.

    The best way to find out will be to ask the person you’ve wronged what they want. Ask how to make it up to them.

    Repairing the damages, replacing a new one, offering support financially, etc. depending upon the situation are ways to make amends.

    Apologizing for your mistakes is good. You can also try to make little amendments like this. This is also a wonderful way of forgiving yourself.

    10. How to forgive yourself when you did a terrible mistake?

    We have all been in a place where we made terrible mistakes, terrible judgments, and we don’t know what to do.

    Our terrible mistakes would have caused us money, friendship, relationships, etc.

    So what to do?

    First, look for a silver lining.

    There’s always a silver lining. If you look harder, you will find it.

    Second, learn from it. Learn the lessons.

    The third and most important one is, you will recognize what you value and what you need in life.

    You ruminate life and its value.

    You will start assessing life with all its trials. You become humble. You understand the value of people in life. You become more mindful and positive.

    These three realizations will help you forgive yourself when you made a terrible mistake in life.

    We, as humans, are susceptible to making mistakes. We misinterpret facts. We make bad calls. We judge. We make errors.

    This is entirely different from people committing mistakes in the notion that saying a sorry would suffice. In no way, we can support it.

    The article about 10 ways to forgive yourself and live your life fully will help people who are looking to move forward from their own mistakes. And to help them make their life a better place.

    We hope you find our “ways of forgiving yourself” is easy, relatable, and practical for applying it in real-life. Make peace with the inner ‘you’ and your life! Self-Forgiveness is the Starting point.

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