How to start a powerful gratitude Journal

How to start a powerful gratitude Journal


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    To make an entry in your journal with the list of gratitude you encounter in life, you first need to feel thankful to them. You really need to feel it from the heart. You shouldn’t thank the other person just to mark his impression over you. Pull off the mask of the fake you and show to the world the real you. Express your feelings as-is, so long as they don’t hurt others.

    Apart from what has been stated above, here is an exhaustive list of diversified tips and ideas for practicing gratitude journal and making it a part of your daily routine.

    Mastering the art of gratitude journaling

    However, all these effects are specifically evident by mastering the art of gratitude journaling. Understand that it just takes about a few minutes of yours, but it does deserve to be taken every day. You will soon begin to feel ‘great’ from the mood of just about ‘okay’ at the moment.

      1. Choose to be generous to others, not necessarily in terms of money. Your acts of compassion, empathy, and accompanying others in their tough times, all of these matter and exhibit kind-heartedness.

        2. Download free electronic journal gratitude on which you can scribble your feelings of gratitude. You now don’t have to worry about the pages or ink or format, so on and so forth.

          “Gratitude changes everything.”— Anonymous

          3. Look back to where you were in terms of lifestyle on your last birthday. Now check where you stand in terms of your lifestyle on your present birthday. Note all the positive track changes and be thankful for them.

            4. Explain yourself the benefits of writing such a kind of journal gratitude. When you clearly understand the benefits, you will quickly jump into action.

              5. Understand the importance of gratitude and move on with your exhaustive list of gratefulness. By following to execute it every single day, you tend to improve the quality of your life.

                “Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.”— Aesop

                6. Understand that the moments you noted down in a very personal journal of gratitude helps you to look at the same thing from various perspectives. You truly understand what is important and what is worthy of appreciating in life. Thereby, you can define and design your life.

                  7. Be grateful to the almighty for blessing you with a physical body in a single piece, equipped with all the parts, like a physically fit normal human being.

                    8. When things don’t work as planned, and you are totally obsessed and cannot give time for making notes in your precious journal of gratitude, then simply read what is already written. Regulate your attitude to recollect finer moments that once again draw happiness in your life.

                      “Happiness is itself a kind of gratitude.”— Anonymous

                      9. Be thankful for all the needs and wants that you fitted your life with. By being ready with resources, you drive your life in meeting your requirements.

                        10. Set a reminder in your alarm or your phone that alerts you to pick up on gratitude journaling every day.

                          11. By spending time with nature, you reap immense happiness. Find out what exactly brings in that happiness to your heart. Be thankful for the same.

                            “May the gratitude in my heart kiss all the universe.”— Hafiz

                            12. You might have a person in mind, to whom you feel highly grateful in life. Answer yourself why you admire or why you are thankful to that person and explain the same in your gratitude journals in a nutshell.

                              13. Categorize the way your gratitude journal wants you to fit in the moments. Group your gratitude to understand whether you tried to lay importance on health or relationships or opportunities or non-materialistic matters or financials etc.

                                14. Identify the strengths in you that helped in your progress in various walks of life. Be thankful to them and inscribe them in your gratitude journals.

                                  “My day begins and ends with gratitude.”— Louise Hay

                                  15. When you have lesser grateful things to record, or you feel extremely excited about recording down something specific, add it a flavor by drawing a picture against it.

                                    16. A lot of gratitude journal apps are available for free over the web. Simply download them and keep recording your gratitude on the go.

                                      17. Take a jar and decorate it the way you feel pleased about it. Define it to be your gratitude jar. Whenever you find something grateful, write it in a slip and put it in this jar. Repeat it.

                                        “The essence of all beautiful art is gratitude.”— Friedrich Nietzsche

                                        18. Make sure that every entry in your journal for gratitude provokes positivity. Keep away the negativity to feel the gratefulness in you.

                                          19. You are always busy from the morning till night. Ascertain what acts and tasks keep you rejuvenated and rebalanced in life. Be thankful for them.

                                            20. To ease the way you journal for gratitude, download templates, and just keep filling it with your feelings of gratitude.

                                              “The more grateful I am, the more beauty I see.”— Mary Davis

                                              21. Flash into your mind the moment when you laughed out loud, intensely, and hilariously, in the recent past. Re-experience to once again thank that moment and, if possible, try to recreate it.

                                                22. Pick up your own space in terms of the format in which you would like to take up journaling gratitude.

                                                  23. The quality texts, chats, and conversations you exchanged with your loved one, for sure, give you a rewarding experience. Be thankful for all of these, and if possible, try to give a quick run-through over them.

                                                    “The root of joy is gratefulness.”— David Steindl-Rast

                                                    24. If you are too busy doing some or the other task all day long, and rarely find time to journaling gratitude, it is still okay, if you could do it at least once a week or even a month, for that matter.

                                                      25. Make a tree trunk with branches spreading apart. Write down grateful things in small papers cutout as leaves, and attach them to the branches. Term this to be your gratitude tree.

                                                        By making journalizing gratitude your daily routine, you will soon feel the fun. You would even want to unfold the creativity in you and tend to refine your gratitude journal in a unique way. You develop being accountable for your acts and enjoy happier days with positivity in mind.

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