how to take better care of yourself -self care practices

how to take better care of yourself -self care practices


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    You are the best person to take care of yourself. Until you were a child, you were taken care of by your parents and grandparents. As you grow older and age in life, you are again dependent on your kith and kin. This transition of life from a growing child to an aged person is all in your hands.

    It is good because you made it good, and it is bad because you are your own culprit. Put self-care on top of your priorities every single day. Because health is wealth, and it holds good for every single person on this earth.

    Self Care- Your daily routine

    If you are looking out for some kind of help that offers you with a list of behaviors that gradually align you to take care of yourself, then the below traits should help you recover. In no time, you will percolate them to your family and friends too.

    Self-Care tips to improve your mentality

      1. Plant a new tree in your garden and watch it grow every single day, by allowing the erupting ideas for self-care.

        2. Pay attention to things that you otherwise do with your subconscious mind.

          3. Park your vehicle in a slot in a reverse manner.

            4. Sit in a public place, doing nothing, and just observe the people and things around.

              5. Do an unplanned activity multiple times during the day for about a few minutes.

                6. Wake up early to buy time from the universe.

                  7. Meditate to master your senses every morning. Continue this every day, cheering up for more of such ideas for self-care.

                    8. As you begin your day, do something that brings about happiness in your heart, without hurting others.

                      9. Spend 15 minutes every day alone for yourself. Be selfish and outburst your inner feelings and do just what comes to your mind, without causing trouble to others or objects.

                        10. Declutter your stationery items and sharpen all your pencils.

                          Self-Care tips to improve your physical health

                            1. Self-care tips like feeling the hot steam of the vaporizer and clearing your nose and throat certainly help you in terms of your physical well-being.

                              2. Regularly clear navel with oil. Also, clear your eyes and ears using eye and ear drops. Do it at least once a month.

                                3. Drink a minimum of 3 liters of water every day. Every morning, immediately as you wake up, gulp at least half a liter of warm water to flush out the impurities resting in your body.

                                  4. Give breaks to your eating habit. Break for at least 18 hours, and do this once a week. This way, your digestion system takes rest and activates your recovery system, healing any problem areas inside your body.

                                    5. Go for regular health checks as part of routine self-care tips. Get full body checked up by medical practitioners, once a year.

                                      6. Choose your favorite second skin. Dress up in your favorite attire. Appreciate your looks by looking in the mirror. Go around for a walk to present the new you.

                                        7. Expose yourself to the rays of the sun. Absorb the natural source of vitamin D, which is the sun. Sit and feel the warmth of the sun for 10 to 15 minutes, especially in the early hours of the day.

                                          8. When a bad habit chases you, and you feel the carving for taking a smoke break, replace it with lemon water or have yogurt to curb down the feeling.

                                            9. Have one or two cups of green tea every day to cleanse off the toxins from your body.

                                              10. Involve yourself in at least one outdoor sports activity every day.

                                                Self-Care tips to improve your personality

                                                  1. Ask yourself what that one thing is good that you did new or different or extraordinary today, which really made you feel happy at heart.

                                                    2. Spend for charity by working out tips self-care strategy over your own self. Give away money or money’s worth to those who are in real need of the same.

                                                      3. Remind yourself of that one person who tried to rub over you the thoughts of pessimism and negative energies. Take care by identifying them, holding back from all such kinds of people every day.

                                                        4. Spend time alongside a river or a sea. Relax by the coastal side, and play with the sand on the beach, look around and feel the cool breeze.

                                                          5. Provide a tip-off of a penny or an ounce, to the server who offered you meals in the restaurant.

                                                            6. Gift a reward to the security personnel who has been taking care of your vehicle parked in the backyard.

                                                              7. Invite feedback from others by explaining to them your efforts and results. Positive feedbacks give you energy. Take the negative feedback in a constructive manner and work them out effectively next time.

                                                                8. Spend time with your friends in whose company you feel like sharing almost everything in life.

                                                                  9. Walk into your lawn as part of tips self-care and water your plants. Watch them grow and gift you with flowers and fruits.

                                                                    10. Create a party time with your loved ones. Share the moments of celebrations for no cause. Keep organizing such get-togethers often to connect people and strengthen the bonding.

                                                                      Succeed in your daily life

                                                                      Overall, without being healthy, you cannot define the direction of life. When you place yourself in a healthy ambiance of being fit by mind and body, you will certainly progress in life. An energetic body and a strong mind make you feel emotionally and psychologically balanced in life.

                                                                      You feel the dynamism in you that probes you to face and accept challenges in life. You add meaning to your life and promote the well-being of your family, too, by spending your invaluable time to take care of yourself for a few moments every single day in your life.

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