Feeling not good enough and how to overcome

Feeling not good enough and how to overcome

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    The feeling of not good can erupt out of the lifestyle you are leading, or it can be the feeling infused from an external source upon you. If you would like to attempt to bring out the feel-good factor in you, simply make your own commitments.

    Come what may just give your best by acting mindfully even when your best is not good enough for display. Don’t try to enact perfectionism, because everybody knows that nobody is perfect. Merely stop thinking about those that make you feel bad and reroute the thoughts that drive the motivation and inspiration in you towards good.

    The feeling of I m good enough might sound morbid, but it stings and hampers your growth. Therefore, be wise to pick up yourself when you fall, by adopting the below course of action.

      1. Imagine worse, to live in better.

      If you want to lead a good life, you first need to have the courage to face the bad phase of life. Imagine being in a worse situation, rather than assuming I m good enough. Then you will no longer feel the bad situation to be really bad. Try to pull out the hidden peace resting deep inside and act wisely with an educated mindset.

      Let go of the worries from your mind. Of course, it is easy said than done. But if you are in a damaging situation, then just recollect from your own experiences, of an even worse scenario that you cracked out well. This will give rebirth to the positivity in you.

      Appreciate where you are now rather than not feeling good enough. Learn to understand that situations are bound to change with the lapse of time. But because you cannot wait for the right time to come, just use your energies to control the situation, by regulating the time to the extent possible.

        2. Join them if you can’t beat them.

        Feelings are very much controllable. The primary reason being, they erupt out of place called to mind, which is very well a part of your whole. Therefore, work out different ways to give the best possible by controlling your senses that, in turn, control your feelings.

        Don’t worry about the results, because the incredible amount of efforts that go into it matter most. So, don’t setback when your best is not good enough.

        When you fail to gain control over your feelings, and you firmly believe that you can’t beat them anymore, better to join them. Set an ambiance of negotiation and compromise with your work for now. Devote time to think about what your mind is thinking. Keep the rest of your work aside and spend time thinking about your feelings for a little while.

        Do this uninterruptedly for about 15 minutes instead of not feeling good enough. Now communicate them that you had already given enough time. Express clearly to your feelings and inner thoughts that you now have other important works to attend to. Close the discussion quickly by bidding them sayonara.

          3. Cross over the speed breakers.

          Understand that obstacles are part of life. When your inner voice says, ‘I feel like I’m not good enough today,’ then simply compare it to a gorgeous rose plant. How common it is for a rose plant that has prickles to its stem, so much so common it is for a beautiful life to have challenges in its path. Hence, to invite happiness, you should be equally prepared to face the hurdles that come pre-packed.

          If you like a flower, you will be tempted to pluck it. But if you love that flower, you will ensure that nobody plucks it. Treat your life too to be a garden of such flowers. Don’t set yourself into a depressive state of mind because of the confrontations that you come across.

          Rather, domesticate them and allow them in your life by saying I’m enough. Now, burn down these obstacles into ashes and keep moving in life. Understand that speed breakers on the road are meant only to pause and find a better approach, not to halt down there itself.

            4. Be determined to tune your life.

            You feel bad because you are not good at everything in this world, and yet keep convincing yourself saying I’m enough. At this juncture, accept the fact that every other person in this world is similar to you.

            Moreover, it is the general human tendency in the sense that no individual is perfect in an all-round sense. You have your own strengths and weaknesses too.

            As per the need of the hour, inculcate new habits and skills in your life. Build up levels of self-esteem. Nurture and take the best possible care of yourself. Carve a remarkable picture of your philosophies and present yourself to the world. Change your life to keep upgrading every day.

            As part of feeling good, you have to feed yourself with all that you like, and yet it is good for your health. Don’t feel bad that you were never good enough and don’t need to care for yourself. Ensure to stay fit and healthy, by both mind and body. Check if you are really sleeping enough. Practice self-care works and revamp your life for good things to flow in.

            Lastly, understand that if you are not feeling good, that’s just because you are unhappy with your mind that keeps taunting, ‘I feel like I’m not good enough.’ So, first, you need to identify the reason which is erupting out the unhappiness in you and causing you trouble.

            Before you react to a moment, and much before you feel unhappy saying that you were never good enough, there will be one or more underlying triggers. Identify these triggers because of which this entire vicious circle is rolling out. Spot all such triggers. Soothe them by bringing to practice the above-quoted behaviors and lead a life the way you want and foresee it to be.

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