What do you want in life - 13 ways to find out

What do you want in life - 13 ways to find out

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    How to get what you want in life

    When we enter working life, we have big dreams in our eyes. We hope to achieve our life-long goals. We want to get famous for our work. We want to impress our seniors. Then we plan to work so hard that we can inspire our juniors. We also want to gain some new skills. In the beginning, we are so keen to learn new things at our workspace. We love to build relations, i.e. professionals and personals.

    But after some years, we all become low energy moderate working professionals. We lose the glory that we have at starting. This all happens because we will lose the path of our career goals.


    Here I have discussed a strategic plan to be on the right path of our careers. Then we will achieve everything that we want in our lives.

    High salary:

    Money makes a difference. Though I believe that money can’t buy happiness. But without money, the problem of our regular life increases in multiplications.

    Some of us get their well-fitted jobs. Even though they might get lucky, you can have a sporty and friendly environment at the office with a supportive boss. But if you are not happy with your current salary, then you might not feel satisfied.

    Some cities have high maintenance of living. Imagine you are a working professional in such cities with an average salary. Then you feel not saving enough money at the end of the month. This can become a regular story.

    Also, if you have a student loan, then you need a specific salary to pay for all the bills. These are those points when you feel the importance of a high salary job.

    Action plan:

    In these points of time, you can make lots of moves.

    1.) You can request a salary hike. It may happen that you are working in the same company for many years. Then you can request your boss a little increment in your salary. Describe to him how efficient you are. Also, do not forget to make your achievements count.

    2.) Try for promotions. Work hard and work exceptionally well. That’s how there will be no chance to miss the next promotion. With the new promotion and a hike in salary, some of your needs will surely get fulfill.

    3.) If you are finding new jobs, then go for those with that certain salary to pay all your bills. As a beginner, this is the only brownie points you get. Know what is your most desired things in life. Then estimated how much you need to earn annually. After that search for jobs, those offers that much salary.

    Desire to learn:

    In this high-tech world, reality is continuously changing. According to that, our desires also change with time. For achieving success, it is very much crucial for working professionals. These days the desire to learn has been one of the most valuable skills. The company loves to hire such people who have a passion for lifelong learning. A person who learns can improve oneself. Society demands this learning desire for professional development.

    Action plan:

    1.) Only a person who rectifies mistakes can improve in life. To identify your mistakes and admit them. It is the first step of the desire for learning. Always take feedback positively from every person around you. Their feedback also points out their views. Then you get a golden chance to compare that with yours. By doing this, you will learn more with time.

    2.) When you are with highly intelligent people, you will get the vibes to learn more. So read about successful people and their struggle. Meet more inspiring people. Try to learn from their stories and their mistakes. They will open a set of new doors to your desires.

    Eliminating fears:

    Fear is the biggest barrier in our lives. Both in personal and professional lives, we experience fears in every crucial moment. This eventually drags us behind our success. Average humans love to be in their comfort zone. They resist every small change around them. But in professional life, it is not a good sign. If you have to sustain and succeed in work, then you need to change according to the situation. This is where our fear makes the scenario even worse for us.

    Action plan:

    1.) Do not showcase yourself as someone else. Some people get scared thinking about what others might think about them. If you are not as ambitious as your team leader, then it’s perfectly fine. You need to learn your values and respect that. You should accept yourself as you are. Only then you will not fear about what other people might think of you.

    2.) Fear of failure is a common fear among working professionals. It stops them from even attempting new challenges. It makes every path of success with failures and mistakes and experiences. No one ever can be successful in every challenge at the quick try. We ask ourselves, “What if I fail?”

    Without thinking, the worst that could happen, you should focus on reality. Try to assess how much damage can happen if you fail. Most of the cases, the damage could be far less than our imagination. Only focusing on reality rather than imagination can help you eliminate the fear.

    Set goals:

    The goal provides clarity in critical thinking. This is crucial for working professionals. Clear vision or desire becomes easy when you know what the required action to take is. Setting goals does not always mean that you want to be that kind of person. Setting goals define your life and your talent. When you are stuck in your career, or maybe you get bored with the work you do, your goals will help you to make decisions.

    Action plan:

    1.) On which level do you want to work? That could be your professional goals. If you're going to be the CEO of your company soon, then your actions have to be accordingly.

    2.) You may have some financial goals. If you want to buy your dream home, then you have to take care of your finance and accounts.

    3.) Put some deadlines for these goals. Also, calculate the time limit to finish every step.

    Career advancement:

    Many of us are not happy with our career choice. Career advancement is one of the most critical factors in an employee’s work life. It motivates people to work hard. People stay focused on. Even in your choice of career, you may lose your focus at a certain point at the time. That time you do not get a vision about your future goals. This makes your career path non-existence. You feel uncertain about your choices and get demotivated. As a result, you lose your productivity and efficiency. The less promising employee of your company gets the promotion. Then you get depressed.

    People can have a different perspective on career advancement. Some people want to be the CEO of the same company they have joined. Some want to work abroad for a certain company. Some want to try different fields and test their skills. They want to evolve as an upgraded version of themselves.

    Others want to open a start-up and make it some million dollar worth. Different people have a different perspective on advancement. But they all want success, fame, recognition in their selected fields.

    Action plan:

    1.) Find sponsors.

    Sponsorship works a step ahead of mentorship. Sponsors take employees under their surveillance. Their skills and achievements get promoted. For this favor, they want their employees to perform exceptionally well.

    But for grabbing a sponsor, work out of your comfort zone. You should have a clear vision of your goals and dreams. Also, you need to have concrete strategies before finding sponsors. Be very tactical. Your idol is fine to get motivated. But in terms of sponsorship, they provide little efficiency. Find someone in your field who is working in your dream position. He can be the best influence of your life.

    2.) Join some professional organizations.

    In this high rise culture of the digital world, this might have gone out of fashion. But, this has its charm.

    3.) Build your network.

    You should give some importance to build a network. Those people should acquire advanced working skills. They can be helpful to grow in your career. You will get to know about new opportunities. Also, they will always motivate you to work beyond your limits. You will get new goals to achieve seeing their previous achievements.


    Without creativity, you will get bored at work. No matter how much they pay you, you will not find any course to go to work. In our childhood, we think creativity is singing, dancing, or painting. But not anymore.

    We consider creativity as an important skill to achieve our goals. Though in a different profession, creativity implies a different set of skills. Creativity is the ability to think differently. A creative person is more of a solution-focused person. They can find unique solutions to even the toughest problem. They see hope when others are amidst the darkness of pressure.

    Action plan:

    1.) Work in such environments, where you can challenge your skills. Not every company offers to learn and develop as a professional. You should find what to want most in your life. Satisfaction can be your utmost importance in your career. Then you should choose some field according to that.

    2.) Some people love to work beyond their limits. And there are some companies and organizations that love to hire them. In our time, technologies have highly infiltrated our daily lives. If you want to sustain in this competitive world, then you need to work and polish your skills.


    Having big dreams is the foremost thing to achieve goals. You can’t achieve goals when you do not have desires. An all-rounder person wants every bit of happiness in his life. With our guidance, now you know how to make your desires true. As long as you have the inner vision to see your faults, you will always try to rectify it. And that’s how you will satisfy yourself with your work.

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