The Secret of Positive Energy: The energies that teach you to live life happily

The Secret of Positive Energy: The energies that teach you to live life happily


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    How can I increase the positive energy in my home?

    Positive energy is everywhere. You only need to activate it. In this section, we will see the tips to increase positive energy in your home.

    When you buy a new house, and it is empty, you decorate it, set furniture, plants, and so on things. You do it as per your personality. So, it is not a denial that the house is your power source.

    Then, how can be let your power source be discharged? Right? So, whatever things you add to your housework as uplifting your morale and energy within you. And you need to pay special attention to these things.

    1. Include flowers at the house

    Adding plants and flowers to your house has several benefits. It doesn't only give your home a pleasant look, but it also makes the environment of your house nice.

    It improves air quality, enhances space, and adds beauty to your home. Adding this botanical beauty into your home gives your mental health a fresh and clean environment. You can recognize the time of being in a garden surrounded by colorful flowers around. You can see the effect of this beauty.

    2. Use cheerful colors

    Yes, the colors you use in your house play a vital role in making your life positive or negative. Psychologically, there are specific colors that are supposed to be pleasing mentally. They are red, pink, green, white, blue, purple, yellow, etc.

    Although not every study agreed with this technique still, some have proved that painting a room may fresh up your mood.

    3. Focus on natural sunlight

    We all know, natural sunlight is a source of Vitamin D that boosts your mood and makes you feel happier and stimulates the feeling of being healthy.

    Natural sunlight can give a depressive and lonely person a feeling of happiness. You can open up the windows or slide the curtain to welcome the sunlight. You also can clean out the windows that stop natural sunlight from coming into your house.

    4. Open windows

    Windows are the other door of your house. Even if it is not open for people to come in, windows welcome other essential things in your home, such as natural sunlight and breeze.

    When you keep your house windows close, you feel suffocated. Whereas the open window gives you a space to breathe fresh. As the sunlight is one way to make your house positives, windows are the source of that.

    5. Use hanging artworks

    Yes, the artwork you usually hang on the wall of your house can be impactful for you. It can successfully improve your mood, lighten your stress and give you a memory of your love.

    Hang the inspiring paintings, artworks, paintings made by your children, friends, and so on. These things may not sound like impacting your home's energy, but they are indeed working on your home energy. The cheerful artwork, the points around you are positive. Use nontoxic artworks. So they should be like fresh up your mind and not stressing it.

    6. Use home freshening fragrance

    You can also use the perfume that lightens and fresh up your home environment. Here you can relate it directly.

    When your home doesn't have pleasant scents, you can't stay at the place. Whereas, if your home has the fragrance of flowers, room fresheners, etc., you will automatically feel fresh and light. You will forget your worries. And the positive atmosphere maintains in your house.

    7. See the home lightning

    As with other elements in your house, the lightning that you use in your home also affected the energy that survives in your home.

    You can not feel fresh in a dark room or poorly lit room. If the room is well lit, has the required amount of brightness, you will feel better. On the other hand, insufficient laminated space may make you feel depressed.

    Allow sunlight to come in. Let it make your room fresh for residents and caregivers. Although just a lamp may don't seems to be effective, but you will see its impact when you implement it.

    8. Allow nature inside the house

    Let nature come into your house. Just like the sunlight and cool breeze into your house, you can also use a bird feeder near the big window of your home.

    Let the first bird start to visit your place, and then it will call others to see it with it. By doing this, you also can enjoy the natural environment at your home. And it becomes easy for you to enjoy nature and be positive.

    What color attracts positive energy?

    There is a science behind everything in the universe. Favorable energy attraction through colors is one of them. This is called color psychology, the science behind the impact of color on human life and behavior.

    Psychology mainly determines the impact of different colors on human nature, mood, emotions, etc. You can say what color makes you feel happy, sad, which color attract you the most, and so on.

    However, why does it happen? It is still the question. And the study is still going to see why it's working, which is an important topic.

    So, for now, let's see which colors are used to attract positive energy in your life.


    Blue is an ideal one for the bedroom and bathroom due to its sedative effect. This color is supposed to be considered as the cold and calm color.

    As per Feng Shui, this color is related to the regulation of negativity. Thus, it cuts off stress in life. Well, this color is also sensual for the eye.


    Yellow color is considered as the color of positivity as it represents sunshine. It is related to self-esteem, power, communication, optimism, and happiness.

    Your idea of painting your house with Pale Yellow is an excellent choice for you and your children, too, as it will help them be more focused.

    As per Feng Shui;

    the yellow color is fire, whose source is the sun. The shared of yellow gives flexibility, charity, adaptability to your house.


    Red is the color of love. Also, it is related to strength, energy, and fascination. It is one of the quickly eye catchy colors. Red can stimulate appetite, your organ and provide harmony. But, you need to be aware of the shades of the color. As the darker shared can reverse the effect.

    As per Feng Shui;

    The red color also represents the fire element. This makes this color perfect for the kitchen, dining room, and living room. As it is a very powerful color, could you not use it in your bedroom? Red gives you energy. So, you can use this color to feel energies. It would be best if you can combine this color with some calm colors to have better benefits.


    Purple color is made up of the combination of calm blue and fire red, making it perfect for quite a reflection. This color is being used for mediation and spirituality. The violet shade of this color is ideal for an adult's bedroom. It offers restful and soothing sleep.

    This color is also associated with power, wisdom, spirituality, luxury, and nobility. But, overuse of this color can cause frustration.

    The perfect amount and shade of this color is best to attract positive energy.


    Green is the best color for the kitchen, veranda, and bathroom. It is a fresh color associated with fertility. It is also considered an anti-stress color.

    Green is the perfect color to attract positive energy to your home. As it is related to wood elements. Thus, it has healing properties.

    This color is also associated with money and nature, health, generosity, and fertility, etc.


    White is the color of peace. The best part is when all the colors are mixed with each other, white color is formed. It represents purity, neutrality, and innocence. This color attracts peace and calmness to the house, which makes it perfect for a home.

    As per Feng Shui;

    This color is relegated with the metal element. So, never select the grey shade of this color. It may lead to a drop in your mood.


    As we all know, Pink is the color of Love and Affection which brings peace and harmony. Almost everyone likes this color as it makes you feel happy and cheery.

    As per Feng Shui;

    Pink also belongs to the fire element, and it creates calmness by fading away from the issues of sleep. Choosing light shades of pink is beneficial for you. Whereas darker shades can irritate.

    This color attracts a female. Pink is associated with unconditional life, immaturity.

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