5 Essential traits to get the desired job

5 Essential traits to get the desired job


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    In this competitive world, if you want a job, you must stand out from the rest. It is believed that it is just not enough to be a good candidate. The hiring companies search for extraordinary candidates. Exceeding the hiring manager's expectations is an obligation.

    Do you want to surprise the hiring managers? Then you are in the right place as we spoke to some of the top hiring managers around the world.

    How to get a quick job

    Following are the top 5 factors that you must consider to get a job quicker-


    1. Be confident to sell yourself

    Being humble during your job interview by selling your accomplishment short minimizes your chances of getting selected. As by not praising yourself with your own earned achievements will eventually generate a sense in the hiring manager's mind that you dint have anything. Selling your strength and depicting your experience will play a crucial role in achieving the position in your hand surely.

    2. Keep someone who refers your work

    One of the most powerful aspects of today’s rapidly developing world is networking. Hiring managers love candidates who are engaged in the industry and the market of organizations. Also, because of the network, you can build a strong connection that eventually will lead to referrals.

    Thus when you are at the interview because of your name and referral work in the market your candidature will be praised by someone in your network as a professional. This praising will lead to gaining additional attention from the hiring managers. Over 60% of the hiring managers say that candidates with a referral are recommended easily as compared to the candidate with no reference.

    3. The similarity between the resume and job description

    The resume made by you must have adhered to the job you are opting for. It is recommended for using an accounting resume if you are opting for a financial analyst role. A resume is one of the most crucial things that will decide your recommendation and selection. It is always recommended to tailor your qualification with the job description and with the resume as it will be a sharp touch that will move you 1 step closer to the job.

    4. Preparation of thoughtful questions

    This is one of the biggest aspects that is overlooked by the candidate. If you are asked the accurate question in the interview, you have prepared. Then surely, you will give the precise answer expected by the hiring managers. Make your-self pre-prepared with thoughtful questions.

    5. Know your strengths and weaknesses

    It is believed that over 75% of candidates know the strengths but do not know the weaknesses. Many candidates provide some answers to the hiring managers when the strengths are asked.

    For Ex – They are a very hardworking candidate. It may be true, no drought. But it definitely won’t help you to get the job as hundreds of candidates tell the manager the same strength. Similarly, for the weaknesses, don’t tell the common weakness as your main goal in the job interview must be of standing out from the crowd.

    Where to get a quick job

    Now since you have acknowledged the top 5 factors that you must consider to get a job quicker. You must also know where you can use these aspects.

    In this era of internet and online employment, a candidate is highly recommended to opt for online jobs and interviews. In these mediums, the interview is conducted through Skype or any other video call medium or platform.

    Online job availability so increasing day by day. Due to which the scope in online jobs is increasing at a rapid speed. Online jobs will connect you to hiring managers all over the world from your home without any inconvenience.

    Online platforms to find a job

    Following are the places where you can get a quick job (Online)-

    1. Indeed jobs

    Indeed it is one of the most popular job sites in the world. With every second hiring manager uploading a job on this site, the success rate is quite high. Jobs can be chosen according to your needs and location requirement. Upload your resume with just one click and get a quick interview with the hiring manager on Skype.

    2. Zip recruiter

    Another best online employee hiring website is a zip recruiter. The site is believed to boost over 8 million jobs regularly. With just one click, you are open to over 8 million different job offers. You can easily customize your resume and get interviews with hiring managers all over the world.

    How to get a job quickly with no experience

    One of the most common questions asked by candidates all over the world- how to get a job quickly with no experience?

    Don’t worry; we are here with the most appropriate solution to your problem. There are some ways listed or acknowledged below. That will easily help any candidate to achieve the job without any experience.

    The following ways will help you to get a job quickly with no experience-

    1. Email companies that are not hiring any candidates

    Yes, you read it right email companies. These companies are the perfect place for the candidate with minimum experience. The candidate is required to spend over 20%-30% of the job consists of searching time sending emails to the companies that are not advertising the perfect-fitting job.

    It is always observed that many companies recruit recent graduates and people without any experience. If the company stooped the recruitment, they always look into the one mail they receive from an eager candidate.

    2. Properly organized structure

    A candidate must always track the resume send or the application mailed to the company. If you didn’t receive any updates or reply from the company in 5 business days. Then it takes over 11% time to follow up the mail as it will remind the hiring manager that you eagerly require the job, and you are passionate about working with them.

    We highly recommend maintaining an excel spreadsheet with the following columns-

    1. Company name
    2. Applied date
    3. Medium of application
    4. Follow up
    5. Response (No response or declined)

    How to get a new job quick

    If you are the one who wants to make a move rapidly and soon, then you must wonder if there is anything you are doing wrong. Don’t worries we have acknowledged the aspect that you must do to get the job quicker than before.

    The following aspects will help you to get the job quicker than anyone-

      Get specific

      Time is one of the main aspects and things you must not waste it, and since you want the job fast, you can't afford to waste time. Take time to differentiate and figure out the position for which you want the job. Don’t be semi-interested and manipulated on the positions that you are not sure about.

      You have to be specific and particular to only one position. Because filling the resume and opting for the interview may be more tedious to you as you are semi-interested in that job. It will not only waste your time but will drain your energy surely.

        Don’t fake yourself

        None of the hiring managers all over the world want a fake employee who lies and shows a fake personality in front of the hiring managers. They require trustworthy and truthful employees that will reach their demands. Therefore being honest is the best way to show your skills to the hiring managers. This will surely maximize your chances of getting hired for the company.

          Turn your weakness into strengths

          You first have to accept that everyone has some weaknesses, and no one is perfect. You must always believe that a weakness can be turned into strengths. As it is observed that many candidates have the weaknesses of procrastination. However, despite proclamation, candidate tends to make deadlines and produce excellent work in the pressure.

          Similarly, whenever you experience, downfalls, use them as your advantages work hard, and show that even downfalls can produce strengths and success.


            The confidence of a candidate can be checked by a handshake or even a quick response to the question. It is observed that over 33% of the hiring managers eliminate candidates due to less confidence and bad posture in the interview. It's hard to believe that such a small aspect could lead to rejection, but it indeed can.

            The hiring manager wants a confident, positive attitude, and a highly-skilled candidate. A non-confident candidate can lead to depict this personality that you are not a qualified candidate.

            How to get a part-time job quick

            While pursuing an academic’s earning money can be highly motivating and useful. Getting a part-time job is the best way to build a resume, business relationship, referrals, and motivation eventually. You can easily find a part-time job in school, online, or in companies.

            The following aspect will help you to get a part-time job -

              Job listing

              It is the best way to get a part-time job to create a job list of the job available around your city and state. Search for jobs all around you and make a list as this will help you to send a resume to most workplaces. This will also help you to maintain the record of the jobs that declined your resume. And the jobs that accepted your resume and are looking forward to hiring you.

                Contact a friend

                You can contact a friend or a senior for listing jobs as they know the locality better and can help you to get you the ideal job. Sometimes you can also get to know a friend who is already working and could work as a referral to get the job for you.

                  Online jobs

                  I am discussing again; online jobs are the modern trend. Online jobs portals like monster.com, fiveer.com, and flexjobs.com. These online sites can provide you with the best ideal part-time jobs that can help you to earn more in less amount of time.

                    Contact stores & restaurants

                    Another effective and affordable workplace is stores and restaurants. As there is no specific experience requirement and regular working hours are provided to the candidate. Corresponding to the high wage for work, this is the best option for a part-time job.

                    How to get a job as quickly as possible

                    How to get a job as soon as possible? Probably the most common question asked by candidates all over the world. Candidates must learn some crucial aspects that will get you a job quickly. It very easy to get a job, you must know a few aspects. That will eventually lead you to the dream job without any difficulty and comfortably.

                    The following aspect will get a job as quickly as possible-

                      Dress well

                      It is well said, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” It is true while going to the interview, don’t dress as a regular day. Dress like a senior management professional dress for the position you are opting for. The first impression is everything, as you have only 30 to 45 minutes to prove yourself. And these minutes will decide whether you will get selected or not. Thus you must always dress well for the interview.

                        Share stories

                        One of the most effective ways to steal the position is by sharing experiences or stories. Your past life stories and experience can attract the hiring manager. Due to the stories, various skills and qualities could be depicted to the hiring manager easily.

                          Stand out

                          You must have always noticed that only a few candidates are selected in an interview. It is so because every other candidate gives common answers due to which an extraordinary personality is not depicted in front of hiring managers.

                          You must always present a cover letter about your personality. This will help the hiring managers to remember you and your work. Do the things that sow your unique qualities and showcase your skills.

                          If you have any queries regarding “Important factors to get a quick job” or any suggestion/s, please feel free to comment below and let us know.

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