The Secret of Positive Energy: The energies that teach you to live life happily

The Secret of Positive Energy: The energies that teach you to live life happily


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    Sending positive thoughts and energy

    The Universe work on the energies that you emit. It can be positive or negative. The entire game is of the frequency that you generate through your points.

    We all know that energy can not be destroyed. It can be transferred from one form to another. Even if you feel a lot of negative energy around you, you can not destroy it. You will have to work on it and convert it into the positive one and transfer it. But the question is, how to share these energies and thoughts with others?

    Positive energy starts with your nonverbal or body language. Like, your smile. It also says many things about you. Those who can read your body language can know what energy you emit through your body language.

    A genuine smile gives a pleasing feeling when the fake smile makes others feel uneasy and give negative vibes. So, never pass on a negative smile to anyone. Instead of this, you need to feel relax physically and mentally, think about loving memories and let your smile be authentic and natural.

    Pay attention to your mind. If it goes to the negative side often, you need to retrain your brain with good thoughts and make you feel up and lift your mood. For this, you can try speaking affirmations.

    “Focus on the ocean of positives, not a puddle of negatives.” says Kevin Ansbro.

    Always take an opportunity to encourage others. Never compliment someone when you don't mean it. You can just use some decent words to pass on your feelings about them, and they don't feel hurt by your opinion. Always value others. And tell them you appreciate the time you spend with them.

    You can use phrases such as, 'you are right, 'Thank You,' 'what a wonderful idea,' 'your suggestion is amazing,' etc. These words will say that you genuinely care about someone's feelings. Your actual being is always passed on your positive energy to others.

    Well, everyone wants to and likes to be with the people who cheer them, motivated them, make them feel unique, meaningful, and pleasant. Being one of the givers makes other people happy, but you also feel good and successful. After all, when you spread happiness to others, you also feel so glad.

    How to channel your energy?

    Almost every one of you knows someone whose attitude leaves you stunt that how can they be so positive in unexpected situations. Well, I would say everyone has that ability to act positively in a bad case. But, you often prefer to react negatively as you don't have control over your emotions. Or, you couldn't channelize your energy on a proper track.

    You need some help to channelize your energy in the right direction to deal with your problems. So, here are some easy ways to do it.

    1. Prioritize Yourself

    If I ask you, what are your priorities, hardly one may say, I'm my priority. Maybe, no one may list their name in their priority list.

    We make external sources our priority. And forget the essential thing that is very valuable for us. Which is 'YOU.' Along with the family, career, love, etc., you should be your first priority. Unless it, you will not learn to take your energy correctly.

    2. Work towards your goal

    No one lives without setting up a goal. And everyone works towards accomplishing it without stopping. No doubt, you face many obstacles in between your way to achieve your goal, but you need to invest your energy into achieving the purpose only.

    Never invest your energy in the opposite direction to your goal. It will help you indeed.

    3. Be kind

    Kindness is a very kind trait you can show to others. And it is good to show kindness to others, as it gives different happiness. But, do you ever be kind to yourself?

    Thinking, right? I know when you read the bold letters, you might have considered being kind to others. But I want you to be kind to yourself. Don't be harsh with yourself. Love yourself. Accept your flaws and make them your strength. Once you learn to be kind to yourself, your kindness will automatically reach other people.

    4. Practice gratitude

    Did you ever said yourself, 'Thank you?' Never, right? It's time to say it. Just say it to yourself.

    Right after waking up in the morning, till going to bed, your body works for you. But I don't think you appreciate it. Thank others for being in your life. Thank your parent, thank everything that gives you pleasure.

    You need to be grateful for everything that you have. Because, what you have today, might be the dream for others to have it too, and they don't have it.

    5. Know the fact and thought

    I know many people who are upset because they think something terrible is going to happen. But, they don't know what and when. So, basically, it is just their thought.

    If you are sad because of something which has happened in reality, it is natural. But, you need to know the difference between facts and your thoughts to invest your energy in the right place.

    If you are stuck with your thoughts, you are negative. And you are channelizing your energy in the wrong directions.

    6. Live in the moment

    Before understanding the importance of life and living in the present situation, I used to be sad about my past and worried about my future. And it was ruining my present. Whereas you can not change your past and don't know about your future.

    Then why worry about those things that had no impact on your life but only ruining your present. Learn to live in the moment.

    7. 5 Min Meditation

    Meditation can be one of the best ways to channelize your energy in the right direction. Meditation is an ancient practice and is a neat treatment too. Start your day with mediation.

    Meditation makes you feel relaxed, fresh and gives you a positive sense. Well, you can not find any other way to channelize your energy in the right direction rather than this one.

    8. Be generous

    Well, try out be a generous one, and see the magic on yourself and on other people too. You will feel happy.

    Being generous don't only for other people's happiness, but when you know other people are happy because of you, you feel light-hearted, comfortable, relax, fresh. You have all these skills, but you need to identify and channelize them correctly.

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